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The meeting was called to orde at 445PM with Jean Fuller-Stanley


									     Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society
                       Board of Directors
                    Northeastern University
                   James Flack Norris Room
                          May13, 2004
Members in attendance: S. Buta, M. Chen, J. Fuller-Stanley, T. Gilbert, W.
Gleekman, D. Gloster, M. Hearn, M. Hoffman, P. Mabrouk, P. Nagafuji, J.
Neumeyer, J. Piper, D. Rickter, M. Simon, J. D. Smith, M. Strem, M. Singer, R.
Tanner, A. Tapper, A. Viola, G. Weisman, L. Wolf, D. Yesair.

The meeting was called to order at 4:45PM with Jean Fuller-Stanley in the Chair.

The minutes of January 2004 were approved as presented.
The minutes of February 2004 were approved with minor typographical
The minutes of April 2004 were approved with minor typographical corrections.

Chair Report: J. Fuller-Stanley
   Still need one person to volunteer to be a Teller for the 2004 NESACS
      election. It needs to be a person who is not on the 2004 ballot. The
      counting will be at McLean Hospital on June 1, 2004.
   Thanks to Lauren Wolf and the YCC and the German Exchange
      Committee for an excellent week of activities.
   A letter was received from National ACS to renew the NESACS
      contribution to the James Flack Norris Award for 2006-2010 inclusive for
      $6300 plus a travel stipend per year.
   The NESACS Board action in 2000 was to raise the award from $3000 to
         o Need to refer the issue to the Trustees to see if the Trust Fund can
             support the increase. This will be brought up at the September
             Board meeting under old business.
   Thanks to the Northeastern Student Affiliates Chapter for organizing the
      local arrangements for the Board meeting and tonight’s dinner meeting.

Chair-Elect: A. Tapper
   118 people are expected for tonight’s meeting. One ACS Scholar will be in

Secretary: M. Singer
No report

Treasurer: J. Piper
    The April 2004 treasurer’s report was presented and accepted.

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Archivist: M. Simon
No Report

Trustees: M. Strem
    Consolidated account is almost even with the beginning of the year value.

No Report

Chemical Education: R. Tanner
   Research Scholarships
   The Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS)
     established the James Flack Norris and Theodore William Richards
     Undergraduate Summer Scholarships to honor the memories of
     Professors Norris and Richards by promoting research interactions
     between undergraduate students and faculty. Research awards of $3250
     have been given for the summer of 2004. The student stipend is $2750
     for a minimum commitment of ten weeks of full-time research work. The
     remaining $500 of the award goes to the research advisor to use on
     supplies, travel, and other items relevant to the student project.
   This year, the Scholarship Committee received 30 applications from
     colleges and universities in the Northeastern Section. The 2004
     scholarships have been awarded to:
         o Cara Pattern, Stonehill College, The Effect of mut-2 on
             Recombination Frequency in Caenorhabditits elegans; Dr. Craig
             Almeida, Advisor
         o Sarah Fischer, University of Massachusetts Lowell, The Scope and
             Limitations of the Reaction of Potassium Hydride with Thiones; Dr.
             Edwin Jahngen, Advisor
         o Yehuda Edo Paz, Harvard College, Determination of the Structural
             Basis for HIV-1 integrase Substrate Recognition; Prof. Gregory
             Verdine, Advisor
         o Christopher Gilmore, Boston College, The Synthesis of 4(R)-
             Hydroxy-L-Proline-Glycine Alkene Isosteres; Prof. Scott Miller,
   Award winners are required to submit a report of their summer projects by
     November 2004 for publication in The Nucleus. They are also required to
     participate in the Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference
     (NSCRC) in April 2005.
   The 6th Annual Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference
     (NSCRC) was held on Saturday, April 24, at the Photonics Center at
     Boston University. The NSCRC is sponsored jointly by the Education
     Committee and the Younger Chemists Committee. The undergraduate
     students who received 2003 Grants-in-Aid to attend the national ACS
     meeting in Anaheim, California, some of whom were the recipients of the
     2003 Norris Richards Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships,

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     presented posters detailing their research. Two of them, Pasha Mirazimi
     from Boston College and Elisa Miller from Boston University presented
     oral reports; Pasha on the Development of Models for the Dynamics of
     Oligomeric DNA through Solid State Nanopore Channels: Prospects for
     Ultrarapid DNA Sequencing; and Elisa Miller on the Chemical Dynamics of
     High Energy Molecules.
    The Brauner Undergraduate Book Award was given to Elisa Miller from
     Boston University.
    30 Richards Award applications have been received. 4 awardees have
     been selected.
    NSRC Brauner book award will be given out tonight.

Board of Publications: J. Fuller-Stanley
   Discussion only of current Board of Publications issues.
          o The Board of Publications is currently over budget.
          o Vince Gale has been conducting the Nucleus Editor search.
          o Need better communications with the Board of Publications.
          o Request the NESACS chair to directly follow-up with the Board of
             Publications for the current status of the Editor search and plans for
             the Nucleus and Nucleus budget.
          o By-law requirement is at the May meeting the Board of Publications
             is to recommend to the NESACS Board candidates for Editor and
             other positions for advise and consent.

Local Arrangements: M. Burgess
    The very successful Esselen Award Dinner Meeting was held at the
      Harvard Club on April 15,2004.There were 95 attendees.
    The May 13 meeting will be held at Northeastern University in the Curry
      Student Center. We expect 115 persons for the dinner meeting

No Report

Membership: M. Chen
   129 new member letters have been sent out.
        o 51 are new members to the ACS
        o 58 are transfers from other ACS local sections.

Continuing Education: A. Viola
   The ACS short course on Experimental Design only had 7 paying
      attendees. Anticipate barely breaking even on this course.

Corporate Funding Committee: J. Fuller-Stanley for D. Phillips
    2 booklets on the NESACS are completed
    A CD presentation has been prepared.

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    Volunteers to make corporate presentations should contact J. Fuller-
     Stanley or D. Phillips.
    September meeting will have a vendor fair and career workshop. Both of
     which will be advertised in the Summer Nucleus.

Medicinal Chemistry Group: P. Nagafuji
   The September 9th topic has been set and speakers are being contacted.
   The May 27th meeting is on schedule and was advertised in the Nucleus
      and the NESACS website.

NERM 204: M. Hoffman
   Abstracts are open for submission. See NERM website.

Speaker’s Bureau: S. Buta
   5 speakers have signed up to date. Target is 20 speakers.
   Another ad will be placed in the Summer Nucleus.

Summerthing: W. Gleekman
   The 3 Red Sox games were completely sold out.
        o Cost to section: $2078.
        o Income to section $210.

YCC: L. Wolf
German Exchange Program (April 18-25, 2004)

This year’s weeklong exchange between the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker-
Jungchemikerforum and the Northeastern Section Younger Chemists Committee,
held during the week of April 18 in Boston, was a great success. Thirteen
German Ph.D. students and three delegates participated in the week’s events,
arranged by the YCC and Steering Committee. Day-by-day events were as

Sunday, April 18: Check into hotel, The College Club on Commonwealth Ave.,
visit the top of the Prudential Center, and have dinner with YCC officers, past
program participants and some of the steering committee at Durgin Park in
Faneuil Hall.

Monday, April 19: Attend the Red Sox-Yankees game with a group of younger
chemists at Fenway Park. The Red Sox won! Break up into groups to watch the
Boston Marathon and cheer on our own Chair-Elect, Amy Tapper, as she headed
towards the finish line.

Tuesday, April 20: Morning tour of the chemistry department at MIT. Lunch at
the Border Café in Harvard Square. Afternoon tour of the Harvard campus and
chemistry department.

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Wednesday, April 21:        Morning bus trip to Pfizer in Groton, Connecticut.
Lunch in Pfizer cafeteria, presentation on drug discovery, tour of laboratories in
the new Drug Discovery building. Bus side trip to Newport, Rhode Island. Brief
walk along the oceanside cliffs near the famous mansions. Dinner at Christie’s
on the bay in Newport. Evening bus trip back to Boston.

Thursday, April 22: Morning trip to the Museum of Fine Arts. Presentation on
authentication and preservation of art and artifacts. Tour of authentication and
preservation laboratories with connection to chemistry and analytical tools.
Lunch in the MFA cafeteria. Guided tour of certain pieces of American art in the
museum’s collection. Students have afternoon free time in the museum.
Evening meeting by the German and NESACS steering committees at the
Armani Café to discuss the future of the Exchange Program. Many interesting
points were brought up and we have been invited to again send students to
Germany in 2005. The Euregionale will be taking place in Berlin next year.
Evening Boston Symphony performance (attended by many NESACS members).

Friday, April 23:  Career Fair organized by the YCC held at the Brookline
Holiday Inn. (See Career Fair for details.) Evening dinner sponsored by
Genzyme at Jacob Wirth’s. Four Genzyme representatives, YCC officers and Dr.
Charles Casey and his wife attended and mingled with the German students.

Saturday, April 24: 6th Annual Northeast Student Chemistry Research
Conference organized by the YCC held at the Photonics Center at Boston
University. (See NSCRC for details.) Evening farewell banquet held in Boston
University’s Management Building. In attendance were members of the German
exchange steering committee, the NSCRC organizational committee, NESACS
officers, Dr. Charles Casey and wife, Dr. Stephen Lippard and wife, as well as
the German students and delegates.

Sunday, April 25:    Depart for Germany.

An article about the week for both C&EN and the Nucleus (summer issue) is
currently being prepared by the steering committee

Career Fair (April 23, 2004)

This event was the first of its kind ever to be organized by the YCC. Held at the
Brookline Holiday Inn, it began with a set of morning workshops on resume
writing and interviewing. These workshops were hosted by Daniel Eustace of
ACS Career Services. Mr. Eustace engaged the ~80 attending students in
discussion about searching for a job and even held a mock interview to illustrate
good and bad interviewing behavior. During the afternoon job fair, Mr. Eustace
also gave private resume reviews to students that signed up during registration.

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After the workshops, a buffet luncheon was held for all of the attendees in the
upstairs Esplanade of the Holiday Inn. Immediately following the luncheon,
representatives from 12 regional companies made themselves available for
greeting and discussing employment with ~120 attending younger chemists.
Companies that attended include Strem Chemicals, Inc., AstraZeneca, Novartis,
Genzyme, KForce Scientific Staffing, Wyeth, Cubist, Immunogen, Pharm-Eco,
Amgen, Degussa, and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Many
beneficial contacts were made through the Fair. One representative from Wyeth
said, “We have identified from the applicants an excellent candidate and
invited her for an on-site interview. Looking forward to another job fair next year!”
Surveys will be sent out shortly to students that participated and the YCC will
definitely plan the event again in 2005.

NSCRC (April 24, 2004)

The sixth annual Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference was held at
Boston University’s Photonics Center this year. Approximately 120 participants
joined us for the event, almost doubling attendance from last year. Of these 120,
80 presented posters during the afternoon poster session.
The conference began with an address from Dr. Charles Casey. Dr. Casey
welcomed the younger chemists attending the NSCRC, talked about his
research, and asked students for their opinions and concerns for the future of
chemistry. Six research talks by selected students followed these welcoming
remarks; two were given by German visitors. After the oral presentations, a
buffet luncheon was served to the attendees and the poster session began.
This year, we had 10 judges at the NSCRC who walked around and questioned
students about their posters and research. Among these were Dr. Casey, our
very own Chair, Dr. Jean Fuller-Stanley and our Immediate Past-Chair, Dr. John
Neumeyer. After the poster session, Dr. Stephen Lippard of MIT gave an
excellent Keynote Address entitled “New Fluorescent Sensors to Study
Biochemical Zinc and Nitric Oxide and to Monitor Mercury in the Environment.”
Awards were then given out to the students for the best oral and poster
presentations. Strem Chemicals Inc. gave a monetary award for the Best Oral
Presentation, which went to Christian Ducho of the University of Hamburg.
Genzyme gave monetary awards for the Best Poster Presentations. These went
to Christopher Dicesare (Tufts University), Supratim Datta (Boston University),
and Jamie Ryan (Boston University). The Brauner Undergraduate Book Award
went to Elisa Miller of Boston University. Kluwer also donated books as prizes
for the conference. These prizes went to William Neeley (MIT), Frank Sischerl
(University of Konstanz), Lourdes Pia H. Lopez (MIT), Melanie Schnell
(University of Hannover), Nathan Maugel (Merrimack College) and Aaron
Gregory Schmidt (Emmanuel College).
Surveys will be sent out shortly to students that participated.

A few notes: The NSYCC helped to raise money for most of these events to help
defray the cost of the program. We charged extra money for the non-student

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Red Sox-Yankees tickets and raised ~$1000. We also charged each company
participating in the Career Fair $500 to attend. This helped to pay for the costs of
the Holiday Inn. In addition, we charged a $5 registration fee at the NSCRC this
year for the first time.

ACS Scholars: M. Hoffman
The NESACS scholar for the ACS Scholar program is Gillian Smith of Boston. A
freshman at MIT and a Chemical Engineering major.

Old Business:

New Business

Respectfully Submitted

Michael Singer
NESACS Secretary

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