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									 The Clover                                                    January 2009


 LOOK INSIDE FOR…..             IOWA COUNTY 4-H IN 2008
                                As we begin a new year of 4-H in Iowa County, let’s take a few moments
 2009 4-H Calendar             to reflect on some of the accomplishments of our members and leaders:
 Leader Information
 4-H Horse Project             ☼ 528 youth participated in the Iowa County 4-H program
  Information                   ☼ 182 leaders volunteered to assist 4-H youth
 Re-enrollment                 ☼ 56 adults served as general leaders of 18 4-H clubs
  Information                   ☼ 10 members attended 4-H and Youth Conference
 Achievement Day
                                ☼ 2 members served on the State 4-H Youth Leader Council
                                ☼ 1 adult volunteer served on the State 4-H Adult Leader Council
 State Fair Beef ID
                                ☼ 13 members of the dairy and livestock judging teams participated in
 Dog Agility Workshop
                                the State Judging Contests
 County Fair Steer ID
                                ☼ 4 members of the Livestock Judging Team participated in a National
                                Judging Contest
                                ☼ Junior Horse Bowl team was named Reserve Champion at the State
                                ☼ 2 members attended National 4-H Congress in Atlanta
                                ☼ 4 members attended Citizenship Washington Focus in Washington,
                                ☼ 1 member placed 1st in the National Dairy Judging Contest in
   This newsletter was          Louisville, KY
        mailed on               ☼ 3 members received 4-H Key Awards
                                ☼ 6 graduating members received 4-H scholarships
      January 5, 2009          ☼ 4-H Camp was cancelled because of Flooding.
                                ☼ 4 members traveled to Mackinac Island & Chicago on the Quad
                                County Trip
                                ☼ 5 youth and 6 adults served as members of the 4-H Leaders Council
                                ☼ 16 older 4-H members served in leadership roles as 4-H

                                Congratulations to all Iowa County 4-H members and leaders for a great
                                year in 2008. Looking forward to an even better year in 2009!

Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                        Page 1
Dear 4-H Youth and Adults:

Periodically, UW-Extension takes steps to assure that our partners know and understand our policy of
nondiscrimination. This letter is to remind or notify you that the University of Wisconsin-Extension does
not discriminate in the treatment of individuals, in the admission or access to its programs and activities,
in the provision of services, or in employment.

Further, UW-Extension will not participate with organizations or in activities which discriminate on the
basis of any of the legally prohibited categories of discrimination. Categories of prohibited discrimination
include race, color, gender/sex, creed, disability, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation,
pregnancy, marital or parental status, arrest or conviction record, or membership in the national guard,
state defense force or any other reserve component of the military service.

Consistent with the Americans With Disabilities Act, a person who need materials in alternative format or
other accommodations must write or call the UW Extension contact person for the specific program or
call the main telephone number of the Iowa County UW -Extension Office (608) 935-0391, at least 10
working days prior to the event.

Individuals who need TTY access may contact the UW -Extension Iowa County office by calling the
Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay System, 1-800-947-3529 or 711.

On behalf of the Iowa County UW -Extension Office and the University of Wisconsin-Extension, I want to
thank you for collaborating with our faculty and staff in their many educational endeavors. We appreciate
your support and working relationships as we provide educational programs designed to empower the
diverse citizens of Iowa County.

                                                  Deb Ivey
                                        4-H Youth Development Agent

Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                                 Page 2
1             4-H Re-enrollment Forms due in the Extension Office
3             4-H Club Officer Training, Courthouse, Noon to 3:00 p.m.
15            State 4-H Team Applications Due
8, 15,22      Horse Bowl Practices
15,26         4-H Volunteer Orientation, Extension Office 1-3 pm or 7-9 pm
19            4-H Leaders Meeting, UW-Extension Office, 7:00 p.m.
30            4-H Community Service Grant Due
31            Iowa County Fair Steer ID, Mineral Point, 9-11 a.m.
31            State Dog Agility training, LaCrosse
31            Youth Adult Partnership training, Spring Green

1             Camp Counselor Applications Due
1             4-H Ambassador Meeting
5             4-H Equine Board Meeting, Extension Office, 7:30 p.m.
7             State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl
7,28          State Fair Steer ID
12,19,26      Horse Bowl Practices
15            Informational Horse Meeting
18            4-H Volunteer Orientation, Extension Office
21            State 4-H Meats Contest
28            4-H Foundation Scholarship Applications Due

                           NEWS FOR LEADERS
The next meeting will be held on Monday, January 19, 2009 at 7 pm in the UW-Extension
Conference Room. Agenda items will include dates for 2009 4-H activities, Project Learning Day
planning, leader training plans and coupon books.

2009 4-H Theme – 4-H ……….Go Green
Volunteer Orientation is required for you to be registered as a 4-H volunteer. With this training comes
liability protection which is purchased for all registered leaders. Any adult youth, parent, grandparent or
friend interested in becoming a 4-H Leader will need to completed a Leader Enrollment form and attend
one of the following volunteer orientation programs:
       Thursday, January 15                        1-3 p.m. or 7-9 p.m.
       Monday, January 26                          1-3 p.m. or 7-9 p.m.
       Wednesday, February 18                      1-3 p.m. or 7-9 p.m.

Contact the Extension Office at 935-0391 or to register for this orientation.

Ann Nelson would like to visit your club! This winter have Ann Nelson bring an entertaining club
recreation program to your club’s general meeting. Contact Ann at the Extension Office or by e-mail
Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                              Page 3
( to set up a meeting and to discuss your clubs interests and educational

If you are holding project meetings and are willing to include members of other clubs, please let us
know. We have youth who may need more support in their project then their club may be able to
provide. If you have a meeting, let us know in the Extension Office and the information will be publicized
to project members and families who can learn from the experience. Share your wealth of knowledge
around the county!

ADULTS NEEDED FOR 4-H CAMP Any interested adults who would like to attend 4-H Camp this
year at Upham Woods please contact Deb Ivey at 935-0391 or Camp dates are June 10-12. 2009.
               rd                  TH
                               th             th
Mark your calendars for June 10 through the 12 for three days of Hawaian Adventure at Upham
Woods with campers from Lafayette, Green and Iowa County. Watch for camp application information
in next month’s newsletter.

PROJECT LEARNING DAY, March 14, Dodgeville Elementary School
Planning for Project Learning Day is starting. Would you like to offer a program? Do you have an idea
for a program that could be offered? Volunteers are also needed to help with registration, to assist
members or leaders, and to help with snacks. Call the Extension Office if you have an idea for a
session or would like to help!

Applications are available for Adult Advisors and Group Coordinators for the national and international
4-H trips for 2009. Trips include:
1) Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) bus trips to Washington, D.C. (June – July);
1) National 4-H Dairy Conference in Madison (end of September);
3) National 4-H Congress in Atlanta (late November);
4) U.S. Space Camp bus trip to Huntsville, Alabama (late April), and
5) International trips to Australia, Finland, Norway, Japan, Korea or Mexico (summer of 2009).

All group leaders must be over 21 and be certified Wisconsin 4-H leaders. Contact the Extension
Office for an application or call 4-H Outreach at 608-262-1557. Applications are due March 1.

4-H MEMBERS INTERESTED IN ASTRONOMY - These two sites have some great info for 4-H
This is a wonderful website for kids interested in interactive games, discovery and science:

Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter    CONGRATULATIONS                                           Page 4
Congratulations to the following 4-Hers who were selected to represent Iowa County. They submitted an
application and participated in an interview with the Leaders Council. Thank you to the Leaders Council for
making the selections from the many qualified candidates.

Washington Focus                             National Congress                      4-H Youth Conference
Tony Weier                                   Jon Osterndorff                        Amber Wagner
                                             Taylor Fritsch                         Collin Steffes
                                                                                    Todd Tibbits
Key Awards                                   Quad-County Trip                       Stephanie Walrack
Darlene Dochnahl                             Doreen Dochnahl                        Molly James
Melissa Doyle                                Erin Sincox                            Emily James
Loren Daentl                                 Dillion Bowser                         Anna Schmit
                                             Jessica James                  Katy Jinkins
                                             Heidi Williams                         Robert Jinkins
                                             Carissa Tolzman                        Lara Daentl
                                             Jon Osterndorff                        Nathan Spink
                                             Tony Weier                             Morgan Pittz
                                                                                    Misty Whitford

                              4-H CLUB NEWS

Does your 4-H club have a great idea for a community service project? The Wisconsin
4-H Foundation, in partnership with WE Energies, is now accepting Community
Service Grant applications. The 4-H Community Service Grant Program is looking to
support 4-H club’s community service projects. Your club can ask for as little as $50
up to $500 for your community service project, however, the grant can’t cover the entire
cost of a project.

Applications are available in the Extension Office or by downloading a copy from the Wisconsin 4-H
Foundation website at Applications are due
on January 30, 2009.

We are putting together a listing of countywide project leaders (adult and youth) willing to assist youth in
specific project areas if there is not a project leader in their club. Please call Deb, Ann or Karri if you
would like to be added to this list. Copies of this list will be sent to each club in late January or early

On December 14, 2008, the Cobb Busy Badgers 4-H club held their meeting at the Cobb Community
Building, Taylor Liddicoat led the pledge of allegiance and Bailey Fritsch led the 4-H pledge. We have
$1,103.60 in our savings account and $562.47 in our checking account. If you want to enroll in 4-H for
2009 your enrollment sheets are due A.S.A.P. We elected new officers for 2009 and our president is
Brett Johnsen, Vice President is Shaun Brown, Secretary is Lara Daentl, Treasurer is Carissa

Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                                  Page 5
Tolzman, Reporter is Lyrica Daentl, and Sunshine Leaders is Kaleb Liddicoat. The club went caroling
in Cobb and wrapped presents for their adopted family. Submitted by Reporter Megan Thomas.
Rockwell Mills 4-H December Meeting - Our December meeting was held on December 6 at Stone
Field Apartments. We have new leaders and they are: President—Tony Weier, Vice President—Erin
Sincox, Secretary—Katie Price, Treasurer—Tayer Bowser, Reporter—Jake Brokish, Historian—
Elizabeth Watrud, Sunshine Person—Kari Brokish We also have 4 new assistant leaders: Theresa
Watrud, Dee Culp, Sherry Brokish, and Cindy Lawinger. Mary Dolan and Dorothy Gullickson have
resigned. We thanked them for all their help. Each 4-H family brought in cookies and fruit to make up
bags to give to the elders or people alone for the holidays. Dee Culp gave a demonstration on ―how to
give a good demonstration.‖ She showed how to make cookies. Our next meeting is January 10 at
Stone Field Apartments starting at 7:30 P.M. Submitted by Reporter Jake Brokish.

                         COMMUNITY EVENTS
WINTER WEAR Coats, boots, mittens, hats, scarves, snowpants, vest, and other winter clothing are
being distributed free in December at Grace Lutheran Church in Dodgeville. If you have any of these
items and would like to donate them to Winter Wear you can drop them off at the Iowa County
Courthouse in the UW-Extension Office or Grace Lutheran Church. If you have questions, please
contact Donna in the UW-Extension office for more information.

Heart of the Farm - Women in Agriculture in Belmont in January
The Heart of the Farm – Women in Agriculture conference will be held on Tuesday, January 20 from
9:30 am to 3:00 pm at the Belmont Convention Center, located just off Highway 151 (Exit 26) between
Mineral Point and Platteville.

Heart of the Farm- Women in Agriculture workshop series is a UW -Extension program that is
committed to addressing the needs of farm women by providing education on farm business topics,
connecting them with agricultural resources and creating support networks. Topics for the Belmont
workshop include: Farm Tax Update, Farm Financial Record Keeping and Payroll Record Keeping,
I.D. Theft: Don’t Be a Victim, Health & Wellness Info for Your Family. Visit the Heart of the Farm
website and look for one-day conferences to download a brochure.

                         OLDER YOUTH

STATE 4-H TEAMS AND GROUPS Welcome to the exciting, creative 4-H Art World! The Extension

Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                         Page 6
Office has a packet of information about all of the state teams that come to the Wisconsin 4-H & Youth
Conference: Art Team, Drama Team. Press Team, and Showcase Singers. To be part of this awesome
opportunity, you need to fill out the ―YOUTH Application‖ and the application for the state team. If you
are applying for more than one team, you need to fill out the ―YOUTH Application‖ for each team AND
attach it to the state team application. All applications are to be postmarked by January 15 and sent to
the address listed on the respective applications. Applications are available in the Extension Office or at See the brochure at the end of the newsletter for more details about
these State 4-H Teams.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROJECT Did you sign up for the Youth Leadership project? If you want to
help younger members in a 4-H project or if you want to lead an activity in your club, add youth
leadership to your 4-H projects. You will have a chance to learn new leadership skills and expand your

The Wisconsin State Fair will award 3 $1,000 scholarships for use during the second semester of
2009-2010 for third or fourth college students pursuing dairy related or food science degrees at one of
Wisconsin’s 4-year universities. Two additional $1,000 scholarships will be made available to high
school seniors pursuing dairy related or food science degrees at one of Wisconsin’s 4-year universities
or studying in a two-year technical college related to dairy or food science. Applications are due April 1,
2009 and are available at or in the
Extension Office.

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation awards several scholarships to students who will be or are
attending a university, college or technical college during the 2009-2010 school year. Current
and past 4-H members between the ages of 17 and 21 are invited to apply. Scholarship
applications and a listing of available scholarships are available in the Extension Office or online at Call the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation at 608-
262-1597 or email the 4-H Foundation at if you have questions. Completed
applications must be postmarked by February 28, 2009.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES for Dairy and Livestock Youth can be found at

              Counselors in grades 9 –12 are needed for Summer Camp (June 10-12.) Iowa County will
                 be camping with Green County and Lafayette County 4-Hers this year and older youth
                 who enjoy kids and the outdoors are encouraged to apply. An application is available at and at the           UW-Extension
Office. Applications are due on February 1. All counselors, even those who participated last year, are
required to submit an application. Camp Counselor training will be held on Saturday, March 7 from
9:00 am to 3:00 p.m. in Darlington and on Monday, May 11 from 6-8 p.m. in Darlington.

Fair is looking for groups, clubs and/or anyone interested in assisting with Fairtime operations during the
2009 Fair. Responsibilities may include being a show-ring attendant, livestock changeovers, and other
show related projects. Stipends ranging from $25 to $250 per day will be given to each volunteer group
based on the number of volunteers and the amount of time worked. This is a great way to earn money for a
specific Youth Group, Club or Chapter and see the Fair! If you have any questions, are interested, or know
of Youth Groups/Clubs/Chapters who may be interested please contact Brian Bolan at
Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                              Page 7 or 414.266.7050.

My name is Loren Daentl, and this November I attended National 4-H Congress held in Atlanta, Georgia. This
event took place November 27 through December 2 in downtown Atlanta staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It
was the last trip I will be taking with 4-H, and I am glad I saved it for last!
        At National 4-H Congress, I was able to attend many seminars, hear great speakers, and meet a lot of
new people! I went on a tour of the CNN Headquarters and also got to see some of Atlanta’s famous sites.
Wisconsin had the largest delegation at Congress with 80 delegates. I was glad to get to know many of these
delegates. A couple of the delegates also attend UW-Platteville along with me, and it was great getting to know
them and to still hang around them at UWP.
        One highlight of the trip for me was when the Wisconsin delegation donated $1,321 towards the 4-H
Habitat for Humanity house. I was proud to be from Wisconsin when that was announced.
        Another trip highlight was my selection as Wisconsin’s Youth Delegate Advisor. To be selected for this
position, interested delegates had to submit an application to the state office and then be interviewed by the
state 4-H staff. I led the evening meetings and helped the chaperones and delegates by answering questions
and taking care of problems and concerns. By being youth advisor, I was given a great opportunity to really
meet all of the Wisconsin people on this trip.
        This trip really opened my eyes and made me realize
how glad I am to be a 4-Her. Thank you to the Iowa County
Leader’s Association for your monetary support for this trip,
too. Without 4-H, I would have missed so many
opportunities, and I would not be the person I am today.

My name is Melissa Berning and I chose to go to the 2008
national Congress because it’s a great trip to end my 4-H
career as a youth. This trip is a great opportunity because I
was able to travel to another state meet other 4-H youth from all
over the country, and participate in several educational
sessions. I attended leadership, teamwork and staying healthy
sessions. These sessions taught me more about working in a group setting as both the leader and a team member.
 The highlights of this trip was touring Atlanta and getting to visit the World of Coke, the world’s largest aquarium,
and Martin Luther King Junior’s Memorial. My favorite part of the trip was the International Dinner and Dance.
There was food from all over the world, Hawaiian and Puerto Rican dancers, and games. I also really enjoyed all of
the inspirational speakers throughout the trip. Another part I enjoyed was volunteering at a local Atlanta nursing
home. A group of us from all over the U.S. went and sang Christmas carols and talked with some of the residents.
Many of the residents don’t have visitors so being able to visit with them was a great experience for all. An idea I
would like to bring back to our community would be to volunteer at local nursing homes. Bringing in youth from our
community to perform musically or even to just talk with can really make a residents day. This trip was one of my
best 4-H experiences that I recommend to everyone that’s eligible, by filling out the application and interview.

                       COMMUNICATON ARTS
Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                                       Page 8
2009 4-H SHOWCASE SINGER AND DRAMA COMPANY Do you like to sing and dance and act? You
should consider the WI 4-H Showcase Singer or Drama Company. Auditions will be held in December at
Arts Leadership Lab and in January. A video/DVD in place of a live audition will also be accepted.
Showcase Singers and Drama Company perform at the 4-H and Youth Conference in June and at the
Wisconsin State Fair in August. Application Deadline Date is January 15, 2009. If you are interested,
contact the Extension Office or for more information.

The Iowa/Lafayette County Day in the Arts program will be held on Sunday, April 26 at the Mineral Point
High School. Start writing those speeches, practicing those demonstrations, singing those songs, and
creating those art pieces.


EQUINE BOARD MEETINGS The 4-H Equine Board meets on the first Thursday                               of
each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Extension Office Conference room. Youth in the
Horse Project, parents and leaders are invited to attend these meetings.
                                                          nd   rd    th
PRACTICES FOR HORSE BOWL held at 7 pm on the 2 , 3 and 4
Thursdays of most months in the Extension Office. Contact Lorrie Schriefer
after 6 pm at 935-2313 with questions.

from 1–3 pm on Sunday, February 15 at the Dodgeville Elementary School. Plan to attend to pick up
your paperwork, learn about all the opportunities in the 4-H Horse Project, and meet some of the 4-H
Horse project leaders.

                             SMALL ANIMALS
                                    4-H Dog Agility Leader Training, January 31, 2009
                                             LaCrosse Family Dog Center

              Workshop is for Leaders who will return to their counties and teach Dog Agility – not just
              for those who want to learn agility themselves. This will be an all day session and the
              registration cost will be $10 per person for lunch. Registration Deadline is January 3. For
              a registration form and more information, go to

                         SHOOTING SPORTS

Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                           Page 9
Richland County is hosting a 4-H Shooting Sports Certification Workshop February 6 & 7, 2009. All
disciplines will be offered. Please let Don Kruel or Doug Digman know if you would be interested in
becoming certified in rifle, archery or other parts of the 4-H Shooting Sports program. Check out the
Shooting Sports web page at: for the
registration form.

                   DAIRY AND LIVESTOCK

                     COUNTY FAIR STEER ID
                      Steer ID for the Iowa County Fair is scheduled for Saturday, January 31 at the
                     Mark Steffes Barn west of Mineral Point from 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. This is the same
                  location as last year. Steers to be shown at County Fair will need to be identified at
                    this time. Steers identified at one of the State Fair ID sites may submit a copy
                    of the State Fair ID form to the Extension Office by March 1 and this will
             identify the steer for the Iowa County Fair. If an exhibitor wants his/her animal in the
County fair Rate of Gain contest, it must be weighed on January 31 at the County Fair Identification.
No recent castrations, steers must be healed over – NO BULLS!! Contact Greg Tonkin (574-2674) or
Paul Yager (574-3226) with questions about Steer ID.

2009 DAIRY QUIZ BOWL COMPETITION The 2009 Wisconsin 4-H Dairy Bowl competition will be
held Saturday, February 7 at the Portage High School in Portage. Dairy Bowl is a quiz competition in
which all the questions are about dairy topics. Junior, Senior and Mixed teams compete in a double
elimination format by giving oral answers to questions posed by a moderator. Contest rules are
available from the UW-Extension office or at the Wisconsin Dairy Youth web site,

Angela Brown (935-3814) is coordinating Dairy Quiz Bowl in Iowa County, but she would welcome the
involvement of other volunteers. Participation in Quiz Bowl qualifies as an educational program for the
Fair Auction.

To exhibit at the 2008 Wisconsin State Fair, youth must be 12 years of age on January 1, 2009 and a
member of 4-H, FFA or a junior breed organization. To show Dairy cattle at State Fair, these rules must
be followed:
 All animals must be registered with respective breed associations.
 Cows cannot be shown as a managerial project. The cow must be transferred into the youth’s
    name before January 1, 2009.
 Calves or yearlings are considered owned by the youth exhibitor if the animal has been transferred
    into the youth’s name by June 1, 2009.
 A signed agreement between the owner and exhibitor is required for managerial animals. These
    managerial agreements are due in the Extension Office by May 25, 2009.
The Wisconsin State Fair will award 3 $1,000 scholarships for use during the second semester of
2009-2010 for third or fourth college students pursuing dairy related or food science degrees at one of
Wisconsin’s 4-year universities. Two additional $1,000 scholarships will be made available to high
school seniors pursuing dairy related or food science degrees at one of Wisconsin’s 4-year universities

Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                           Page 10
or studying in a two-year technical college related to dairy or food science. Applications are due April 1,
2009 and are available at or in the
Extension Office.

Fair is pleased to announce a new performance class for Junior Beef exhibitors. This new class
replaces the traditional carcass show and emphasizes an exhibitor’s ability to select and raise steers
that will be evaluated on rate of gain, visual appraisal and carcass merit. Steers in this class must be
identified and weighed in at one of the Wisconsin State Fair regional identification sites on February 7 .
 The steers will be brought to the Fair, weighed in on August 10 , evaluated live and then harvested at
the completion of the junior beef shows. Steers in the performance class will be eligible to show in both
the performance class and the traditional market beef shows during the Fair. Contest results will be
announced after the 2009 Wisconsin State Fair. The top 10 Overall and top two steers in each
performance contest component will receive cash awards. For more information on this new and
exciting class go the Wisconsin State Fair website at or contact Brian Bolan at

BADGER DAIRY CAMP is a summer youth activity for dairy youth that focuses on fitting, showing,
judging of dairy cattle and dairy science related workshops. The 2009 camp is scheduled for Sunday,
June 14-Tuesday, June 16 on the UW -Madison campus. More information and on-line registration will
be available at Participation in Badger Dairy Camp
qualifies as an educational program for the auction.

ALL exhibitors selling in the auction will attend one educational program and notify the Extension Office
prior to August 1. This applies to those selling poultry, rabbits, beef, swine, sheep, goats, and cheese
(top 6 Dairy animals.) Below are educational programs that will apply to this requirement.

Dairy Quiz Bowl                                             February
Project Learning Day I and II                               March and July—selected sessions
Livestock or Dairy Judging Team Practices                   May, June
State FFA Judging Contest                          Spring
                                                                   th          th    rd
MAQA Certification                                     June 25 and July 7 , 23
Badger Dairy Camp                                      June, UW-Madison campus
Youth Livestock Show Camp                              June, State Fairgrounds, West Allis
County Project Meetings                                Summer, as scheduled
National Breed Association Shows                   Summer, as scheduled

Watch future newsletters for dates and registration information about these events.

All Swine exhibitors must attend MAQA or test out to sell at the Iowa County Fair.


Wisconsin State Fair Park officials have announced the locations and times for the
2009 market steer identification. All juniors wishing to exhibit market steers during
                                           th            th
the 2009 Wisconsin State Fair, August 6 – August 16 , are required to identify
Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                              Page 11
their steers at one of these regionally located sites. This identification process allows officials to
accurately identify steers through use of DNA testing. Wisconsin State Fair officials feel this system
strengthens the security and integrity of the show, and its champions.
Beef Check-in Guidelines:
       -      All junior exhibitors interested in exhibiting steers at the 2009 Wisconsin State Fair
              MUST identify them at one of the Wisconsin State Fair centralized identification sites.
       -      No intact males will be identified.
       -      On site steer identification will include:
                              1. Issuing of official Wisconsin State Fair ear tag
                              2. Collection of DNA sample for accurate identification
                              3. Weight recording for performance class steers on dates of
                                              st                th
                                  January 31 and February 7 only.
       -      Exhibitors will be charged $10.00 per steer to cover the cost of DNA identification.
       -      Identification forms are only available at the identification site and must be completed
              and paid in full before steer(s) will be identified.
       -      Identification does not replace or over-ride Wisconsin State Fair entry guidelines enforced
              by your local county extension office.
       -      Steers need to be identified in the exhibitor’s name or immediate family name only
              (brother/sister). Steers cannot be cross identified in non-immediate family members’
              names. Breed steers do not need registration papers at the time of identification.

2009 Check–in Sites:

       Equity Auction Market, Richland Center, WI, February 7, 2009, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
       Contact Person: Neal Anderson 608.585.3092 or 608.647.6151
       Arlington Public Events Center, Arlington, WI, February 28, 2009, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
       Contact Person: Kermit Rhiner   608.635.4683 or 608.445. 1279

For further information exhibitors should contact Wisconsin State Fair or the contact persons listed
above. 2009 Wisconsin State Fair entry information, rules and regulations will be available on in spring. All junior fair entries must be submitted through your local county
extension offices.

                        CLOVERBUD CORNER
Milk Jug Bird Feeder

Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                           Page 12
    Recycle a milk jug and make new feathered friends with this creative nature craft.
    What you'll need:
          Gallon milk jug with lid

          Sharp pointed scissors

          Pencils

          Bird seed

          String, optional
    How to make it:
1.         Rinse out an empty plastic gallon milk jug with lid.

2.         Dry thoroughly.

3.         Cut a window in the front of the jug, and make two small poke holes for the perches.

4.         Insert pencils for perches and fill the bottom of the jug with bird seed.

5.        You can either rest the bird feeder on a ledge or punch holes near the top, add string, and hang
      from a branch.

    Pine Cone Feeder
    Children of all ages can help make this feeder. Preschoolers learn to spread with a knife and to tie the
    ribbon on to the pine cone.
    Birds and squirrels of all ages also like this craft.

    You will need:

    pine cone                                   ribbon or strong string
    wax paper                                   1/4 cup peanut butter
    1/4 cup bread crumbs                        1 cup bird seed
    large bowl                                  wooden spoon

    Tie the ribbon or string near the top of the pine cone so it can be hung. Lay the pine cone on wax paper.
    Measure the peanut butter and bread crumbs into the bowl. Mix with wooden spoon until smooth.
    Spread this mixture on the pine cone. Roll the pine cone in bird seed. Press more seed between the
    scales of the pine cone. Hang the Pine Cone Bird Feeder outside where you can see it from a window.

    Iowa County 4-H Family Newsletter                                                             Page 13

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