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        Arthritis is a condition that affects many people, especially older persons. Arthritis causes swelling and
    inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Arthritis is a painful condition that affects about 46 million Americans.
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                                                            Crohns And Arthritis
                                                            By Sharon Dobson

   We have covered the long-term effects of Crohn’s disease is the previous entries, but maybe the
worst side effect is the onset of arthritis. There are three different kinds of arthritis that are common
among long-term Crohn’s sufferers, two that affects the spine and another type that affects large joints,
such as the knees.

Arthritis is broadly defined as a group of conditions that affect the joints of the body. It is the leading
cause of disability for people over the age of 65. It causes swelling, nagging pain and a reduction in
flexibility that can turn into a complete loss of flexibility. In Crohn’s patients, arthritis will be a reality for
about 25 percent of sufferers.

In most cases, the arthritis begins to manifest itself after the onset of the other intestinal and
gastronomical symptoms, but there have been rare cases where the arthritis actually happens first.
What makes this form of arthritis so devastating is that once it has begun, there isn’t any real way to
contain it, even if you are able to contain your Crohn’s flare-ups.

The joint-oriented arthritis is the least sinister of the three and usually flares up at the same time as the
associated Crohn’s does. The joint arthritis doesn’t normally lead to permanent deformity, but damage
to the joints over a long period of time is common. This form of arthritis targets the elbows, wrists,
knees and angles. The arthritis is said to be “migratory”, which means that it moves from joint to joint to
joint as time goes by. X-rays and blood tests are common ways to diagnose the existence of this form
of arthritis. The best way to treat this predator is with medications and the advice of an experienced

The first kind of spinal arthritis causes pain and stiffness in the lower spine and the joints in the lower
back. Studies have shown that with younger sufferers of Crohn’s, this type of arthritis can show up
months or possibly years before the more traditional symptoms. Unlike the joint arthritis, permanent
damage to the bones of the spinal column can happen if left untreated, requiring the vertebrae to be
fused. This results in a severe loss in the range of motion in the back. Luckily, this form of arthritis
tends to go away after age 40.

The final common form of arthritis associated with Crohn’s also affects the spine. This rare form (2-3
percent of Crohn’s suffers) not only causes the aching and possible deformity if left untreated in the
spine, but also inflammation in the eyes, heart valves and lungs. It’s believed that this form of arthritis

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is genetic, but there has been little study on the subject. Therapy has shown to help stave off the
affects of this form of arthritis, but it appears that a fused spine is an inevitability.

The best way to treat these forms of arthritis is to treat the gastronomical symptoms that are more
widely associated with Crohn’s disease. Ending a flare-up isn’t guaranteed to lessen the arthritis
symptoms, but it’s the best method doctors have at the moment. Consult your doctor to find out what
treatment methods are best for your particular case.

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                                  Common Arthritis Myths And Other Misconceptions
                                                                   By Jeff Foster

Common arthritis myths have the potential to do harm to those actually living with this trying disease.

Arthritis is a collection of over 100 different diseases all with varying symptoms and when common
arthritis myths and misconceptions abound; it often makes it difficult for those suffering with this
disease to get the attention and even understanding, particularly from their family and friends that they
really need while dealing with this lifestyle challenging disease.

One of the most common arthritis myths is that arthritis is a disease that only affects the elderly.

Only older people get arthritis? This is an absolutely, positively incorrect. Arthritis affects those of all
ages including the very young, the very old and all ages in between.

Arthritis is simply the aches and pains that everyone gets as they get older.

So basically it's something that we all have to learn to live with and something that we all can expect to
deal with at some point in our lives. Again, this is a common arthritis myth. Don't buy into it.

Another common arthritis myth is that it really is not that serious of a health issue. Another myth

Arthritis is a major cause of work disability in the workforce today.

When you take the combination of all arthritis and rheumatic diseases those conditions make up the
most common chronic health problem in the United States today.

Some estimates indicate that the cost associated with arthritis total more than $65 billion each and
every year. Seems like a pretty serious health issue!

All arthritis is the same.

Wrong again!

There are more than 100 varieties of arthritis all which deserve individualized attention and care.

The different types of arthritis also have varying prognosis and treatment plans. All arthritis diagnoses
are most certainly not the same.

Some arthritis is a direct result of trauma to the joint with arthritis developing in the subsequent years
following the initial injury. Some arthritis is thought to be genetic.

Common arthritis myths still abound but you must take the time to dispel the myths from the truth if you
are going to get the best arthritis care around.

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