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									                                                      Healthy Active Kids 2009
                                                           Request for Submissions

                                                   Deadline: October 19, 2009

Healthy Active Kids Grant Program:

The George Weston Limited and Wonder + Healthy Active Kids grant program supports
charitable organizations across Canada that are working to increase access to high-
quality recreational activities for children in Kindergarten to Grade 8. Funding of up to
$15,000 is available for programs that meet our criteria, which are offered to children

George Weston Limited through its Healthy Active Kids initiative grants support to after-
school programming including structured sports, fitness and outdoor education, cooking
and nutrition classes. Priority is given to those programs which increase access,
encourage diversity, develop leadership and are located near cities where Weston
Foods Inc. operates. (see below for exact locations).

Healthy Active Kids grants invest in high-quality recreational programs for young people
that help them improve their fitness levels, connect to their community, interact with their
peers, and develop their skills and leadership abilities.

Granting Priorities:

   1. Increasing Access: Recreation programs that are year-round and enable
      participation by children in Kindergarten to Grade 8 who otherwise might not
      have access to programs that improve their physical fitness levels and health due
      to cost or other barriers.

   2. Encouraging Diversity: Organizations that provide inclusive recreation programs
      and engage a variety of ethno-cultural communities.

   3. Developing Leadership: Programs that encourage leadership and mentoring of
      older youth by engaging them in program development and/or implementation,
      and/or provide opportunities for young people to gain paid employment.

   4. Located near Weston Foods operations: Preference will be given to initiatives
      that are located in the general vicinity of one of Weston Foods Inc. operations.
      These are located in: Delta and Langley, B.C; Calgary, AB; Regina, SK;
       Winnipeg, MB; Brampton, Cobourg, Concord, Etobicoke, Kingston, Kitchener,
       Mississauga, Sudbury and Toronto, ON; Gatineau, Longeuil, Montmagny,
       Napierville, Ste-Foy and St Thomas-de Joliette, PQ; Amherst and Kentville, NS;
       Mont Pearl, NL.

Who can apply?

The Healthy Active Kids program is open to any Canadian registered charitable
organization offering year-long programs that directly benefit children in Kindergarten to
Grade 8.

What is the application process?

The application must be complete for consideration. All applications received by the
deadline will be acknowledged by e-mail within two weeks. Short-listed organizations will
be asked to submit further information about their program and will be requested to
provide digital photos of the program/ project illustrating action and impact.

What is the decision-making process?

Staff of George Weston Limited will review all initial applications. Staff will contact by
phone and/or email only the short-listed applicants in November, 2009. A volunteer
Selection Committee will deliberate on the short-listed applications in December.

What is included in the application?

   1. Cover Sheet

       ONE PAGE signed and approved by your organization’s Executive Director or
       Chair of the Board with the following information:

      Name of organization
      If your organization is not a registered charity, please provide the name of your
       charitable partner
      Name of program
      Amount requested
      Lead contact (Executive Director or Chair/ President of the Board): Contact
       name, position, phone number and email
      Program Staff contact (in case of questions): Contact name, position, phone
       number and email
      Location of nearest Weston plant to proposed program
2. Application Letter

To help us understand how your program fits with the Healthy Active Kids grant
priorities, please address the questions below in a letter of no more that 3 pages in

Please use plain language and highlight the potential impact of the program, your
organization’s history working with youth, and your credibility in the neighbourhood or
with other groups.

I.     Organization Impact

          History of organization
          Programs and activities
          Accolades and accomplishments
          How does your organization work for social change through education
           and/or advocacy?
          How does your organization inspire participants or end-users to become

II.    Program Impact and Quality

          Program Description: Please provide the name of the program, a brief
           description (including how long it has been running, how often it is
           offered, and where it takes place), and how you are addressing gaps in
           service/needs, and how is your program unique in the area?
          Target population: Give us a snap-shot of who you serve. Please include
           the following:
                         A)      Children who participate in program
                         B)      The geographic area(s) the program will serve and
                                 nearest Weston Foods plant.
                         C)      Communities (ethnic, cultural, demographic, etc.)
          Program impact: Demonstrate how children in your program benefit—
           provide a description of the program’s impact and past successes (use
           statistics, quotes, and anecdotes to back up your statements).
          Program Results: Provide information on the measureable targets
           reached in the past (if your program is currently running) or will reach if
           it’s a new program (e.g. number of activities offered, number of children
           served, how long the same children stay in the program, number of youth
           involved as volunteers/advisors or employees (if appropriate).
          Diversity: Tell us about the scope of diversity in your community.
           Demonstrate how you increase access to young people reflective of your
           community so they will participate in your program.
          Belonging: Demonstrate how you are currently reaching or plan to reach
           young people in your community who do not necessarily participate in
           your programs.

III.   Giving Opportunity

          Amount requested & brief description of how the funding will be used.
          Impact statement: a one sentence description of the impact of the
           potential funding will have on the program (for example “With funding to
           hire a coordinator, organization ABC will be able to increase access to x
           number of youth, ultimately serving x number of new participants.”)
          Brief budget

3. Attachments

Please provide a copy of the charity’s most recent 2 years of audited financial

How to submit the Application:

The application must be received by 5:00PM EST on Monday, October 19, 2009 at
George Weston Limited, Community Affairs office by e-mail only. Submissions will
not be accepted by fax or by mail.
     Please e-mail the application to:

All applications received by the deadline will be acknowledged by e-mail within two

For more information:

If you have any questions about the Healthy Active Kids program of George Weston
Limited or need advice before applying, please contact Tamara Rebanks, Director,
Community Affairs, George Weston Limited at

Reminder: Deadline for applications is 5:00pm EST, Monday, October 19, 2009

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