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					                                            MedcomSoft Record
                                            And PBF Online Case Study

                                            Medical Practice Improves Operational
                                            Efficiency with Faith in Technology

Overview                                    “With an EMR solution we knew we could work more
Industry: Health Care
                                            efficiently with retrieval and filing of charts and that we
Customer Profile                            could improve legibility and consistency of
A growing primary care group servicing a
rural location 60 north of Pittsburgh, PA
                                            documentation while saving costs on transcription.”
currently average xxx patients per day      Dr. Allison Angott President of Covenant Family Medicine

Business Objective                          In a time where every industry is feeling the effects of an
Implement an EMR / Practice
Management solution for the sake of         unprecedented technology movement the practice of medicine is
building a more efficient and cost          on the brink of a significant paradigm shift with respects to its
effective medical practice.
                                            practices. The common medical practice has traditionally
Solution                                    operated and relied on a paper media with human effort to
MedcomSoft Record EMR Software
Windows Small Business Server system        organize, manage, locate, and administer patient files and data.
Microsoft SQL Server 2000                   Although these methods have stood the test of time they are on
Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server
SonicWall TZ170 Wireless AP/ Firewall       the verge of becoming obsolete at the hands of a new trend
Fujitsu Fi-4120 Scanners                    called Electronic Medical Records or EMR.
Benefits                                    As the name suggests EMR couples computer hardware and
 Operational efficiency                    high end software to produce a completely digital, readily
 Improved management
 Increased employee productivity
                                            accessible library of patient data including patient chart history,
 Reduced cost of business                  information about patient visits, and integration to labs, tests,
 Quick Return on Investment
 Increased data security and
                                            and medications. The software coupled with server/desktop
  manageability                             hardware, and a high-end scanner can easily transition any
 Data Portability
                                            medical practice into a new era of data management that will
                                            revolutionize health care practices.
“With MedcomSoft we are             Objective                          software. Analysis identified a
                                    The objective with Dr. Angott      need for two desktops, two
able to help our clients            was to remove the current          tablet PC‟s and a new server.
reduce future expenses              inefficient billing service and    The second step of the
                                    the useless paper run charting     solution was to assess
on expanding the office             system. Dr. Angott decided         workflow and paper flow
because of the need to              that using PBFOnline and           management that would be
                                    MedcomSoft software she            driven through a Savan
store physical files. And           could complete both tasks at       networked duplex scanner and
now that the technology is          once while saving time and         an additional Fujitsu Fi-4120
                                    money. Building a codified         scanner. The Fujistu was
embraced the providers              based medical practice would       installed to handle the front
have instant access to              also allow for a reduction in      window paperwork and the
                                    the time spent managing,           insurance cards scanning.
patient data from                   maintaining, and updating
anywhere in the world.”             information regarding patient
Shawn Long, President, PBF Online

                                    Solution                           To handle faxing, Microsoft
                                                                       software based fax server was
                                    The first step of the solution     installed. The software
                                    was to assess the current          provided inbound and
                                    hardware and connectivity of       outbound fax routing with
                                    the office. Covenant has some      integration to Exchange and
                                    basic desktops with a simple       Outlook making all fax
                                    DSL service which they used        contacts available at the click
                                    to connect to an outside billing   of a mouse.
                                    service. PBFOnline then            The third step for this office
                                    outlined what current              was to fully integrate the
                                    hardware could be used and         patients‟ encounters into a
                                    what additional hardware           paperless solution. To
                                    would need to be purchased to      complete this function each
                                    facilitate the new EMR /           doctor was assigned a tablet
                                    Practice Management                PC with wireless network
connection. Using tablet PCs,        patient data and records is
doctors found the learning           simplified with MedcomSoft
curve shortened in achieving a       Record codified data. The
level of fluency that supported      digital library can be searched
the goal of making operational       and presented in a shorter
processes more efficient.            span than traditional means of
To complete the paper to             human effort.
digital transition the billing had   Having all data in a digital
to be brought up to date.            format also allows doctors the
MedcomSoft allows patient            luxury of accessing patient
data to be stored and found          data from anywhere; allowing
according to CPT and ICD-9           doctors to make more
codes. Claims are built              informed real time decisions
automatically after each visit       when situations arise that do
and then arranged in a queue         not afford time for a trip to the
to be sent for batch processing      office to view a physical file.
in an ENS clearing house.
Statements are then                  Increased Employee
generated in digital format          Productivity
completing the digital office        By maximizing work
puzzle.                              environment efficiencies,
                                     employees will not have to
Benefits                             spend as much time
The expected return on               performing traditional data
investment was identified as         maintenance duties.
the achievement of a
quantifiable set of practice         Opening up time slots in an
benefits including:                  employee‟s day allows for
    Increased operational           more time to see more
       efficiency                    patients, resulting in
    Improved practice               increased revenues without
       management                    the expense or inconvenience
    Increased employee              of making a patient feel rushed
       productivity                  or pushed through as „just
    Reduction in cost of            another case.‟
       doing business
    Increased data security
       and portability               Reduction in cost of doing
    A quick return                  business
                                     As many doctors will attest,
Increased Operational                the maintenance of patient
Efficiency and Improved              data is not just a human
Practice Management                  resource headache but
Obtaining increased                  physically storing patient data
operational efficiency is a          becomes a logistical problem
primary goal of any EMR              when it comes to office space.
implementation. Searching for
For More Information   Moving a traditional medical
PBFOnline              practice to a digital medical       MedcomSoft Record
98 Pennzoil Drive      practice saves money by             MedcomSoft Record is a
Johnstown, PA 15909    allowing doctors to require         cutting-edge EMR (Electronic
800-699-5533 ext 301   less physical space to run their    Medical Record) designed to
                       practice. Hours spent looking       automate the job of recording
                       for misplaced charts are also       medical data in addition to
                       reduced.                            producing detailed and well-
                                                           managed medical charts on
                       Increased Data Security and         demand.
                                                           MedcomSoft Record includes
                       The big buzzword still is           MEDCIN, a robust medical
                       HIPAA; protecting patient           vocabulary that includes more
                       information and data. This is       than 250,000 clinical data
                       handled as a three stage            elements.
                       defence. First, protecting data
                       from all outside attacks            Medcomsoft Record was built
                       through the use of a TZ-170         with the common end-user in
                       Sonic Wall Firewall with built-     mind. Its simplified and
                       in wireless access points and       intuitive “point and click”
                       the use of SonicOS enhanced         design and dynamic decision
                       services adding system wide         support tools allow users to
                       virus protection, intrusion         quickly learn the system. The
                       prevention and web content          application was built around
                       filtering to improve productivity   the goal of “improving the
                       and control spy ware                quality of patient care,
                       infestation. Secondly, patient      reducing time and effort
                       data was controled and              required to produce and
                       protected through Windows           maintain compliant
                       domain settings in group            documentation, while
                       policies that set high level        streamlining workflow.”
                       password requirements
                       combined with a short life          MedcomSoft is committed to
                       cycle password change policy.       empowering the health-care
                       Then, at the application level      industry by delivering leading-
                       in MedcomSoft, there is user        edge medical software
                       based access to specific            solutions that enhance
                       functions and reports by user       operation efficiency and intra-
                       or group.                           community communication.
                       Thirdly, there is high level        The software is developed to
                       encryption for all in office        help medical practices enrich
                       wireless communications in          the quality of patient care
                       conjunction with 128-bit            while delivering a lower total
                       protection for all remote           cost of ownership to the
                       access connections using            practice partners. Doctors can
                       High RDP settings.                  expect to see a quick return on
For More Information                    investment with higher             data on the secure network.
PBF Online info… or medcomsoft record   revenues achieved as a result      Running on Windows Server
info…..                                 of information systems             2003 the data transferred                       processes that simplify daily      between client and server can                              practice management                be encrypted using 128-bit
                                        requirements                       encryption technologies, a
                                                                           common standard for data
                                        Microsoft Windows Small            transfer in even the highest
                                        Business Server 2003               security situations, such as on-
                                        Small Business Server 2003         line banking.
                                        provides a secure and reliable
                                        server platform upon which         Hewlett-Packard (HP)
                                        small businesses can architect     HP hardware was selected for
                                        an infrastructure to support       this installation for three
                                        their needs. SBS 2003              primary reasons. HP‟s Tablet
                                        Premium Edition offers small       PC model TC 1100, is a very
                                        businesses an affordable           complete wireless tablet
                                        feature rich solution that         computer. Secondly, HP
                                        includes:                          servers are designed and built
                                             Exchange Server 2003         completely based on HP‟s
                                             SQL Server 2000              requirements, providing
                                             ISA Server 2000              outstanding reliability and
                                             Windows Share Point          performance. Lastly, but most
                                               Services                    importantly, Critical Care
                                             Outlook 2003                 Services (CCS) through
                                             Shared Fax                   included Care Packs can
                                                                           handle mission critical
                                        Though SBS 2003 sets a 75          hardware downtimes with 4
                                        workstation limit, it still        hour onsite hardware tech
                                        provides small business with a     support anywhere in the
                                        complete network solution.         United States.

                                        The Terminal Server feature
                                        functions as a critical piece of
                                        the puzzle as it allows for a
                                        centralized and simple way for
                                        remote users to access data
                                        without the vulnerabilities of
                                        transferring data to the user‟s
                                        local client system. Using the
                                        Remote Desktop Protocol,
                                        (RDP) Terminal Server offers
                                        a built-in data access tool that
                                        only transfers graphics calls
                                        related to keyboard, video,
                                        and mouse information
                                        thereby keeping all sensitive