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Double the comfort and environmentally friendly

Efficient and Dynamic – The LuK Double Clutch
HERZOGENAURACH, September 15, 2009. The success story of the LuK double
clutch began at the beginning of 2008, with the start of production of the first
transmission with a dry double clutch (DC) at Volkswagen. Representatives from
the media unanimously praise the new generation transmission               as “highly
dynamic”. The new transmission was able to impress from the outset due to
significant advantages in terms of efficiency and fuel consumption. This is made
possible by the dry double clutch in the automatic power train. This LuK product is
particularly suitable for automatic and hybrid transmissions up to the medium
torque range. It offers a technical solution which reduces fuel consumption and
emissions and meets the high requirements for safety, comfort and driving
dynamics. Meanwhile, other automobile manufacturers have been convinced by
the advantages of the LuK DC. It will soon be used in further volume production
runs. The volume production startup at Fiat will begin in the coming year.

The LuK double clutch combines the comfort of a conventional automatic planetary
transmission with the efficiency of a manual transmission. As the central element of
the double-clutch transmission, it has made a considerable contribution to making
the annoying "nodding" of the passengers during gearshift operations a
phenomenon of the past. The working principle of the double clutch is simple. It
consists of two clutches which are arranged on two different drive shafts. One
clutch is used for the “uneven” gears, while the second controls the disengaging
and engaging of the “even” gears and reverse gear. During acceleration in second
gear, for example, the third gear stage in the other sub-transmission is already
preselected. As a result, the gear is shifted practically in the blink of an eye;
particularly quickly, and sportingly and without interrupting the tractive force.
Control is carried out electronically and gearshifts are performed by means of
hydraulic actuators. The gearshift process is hardly perceived by the driver due to
torque   handover    during   gearshifts   and   split-second   disengagement      and
engagement of the individual clutches.

In comparison to well-known “wet” double-clutch solutions, the double clutch from
the hot-bed of innovation in Baden is designed as a so-called “dry” clutch. While
torque is transmitted using disks running in oil in the wet version, the friction lock-
up in the dry double clutch is achieved using the friction linings of the clutch disks.
The elimination of the hydraulic support systems and the high efficiency of the dry
clutch enables significant savings in fuel consumption of more than ten percent in
comparison to the wet clutch and up to six percent in comparison to manual
transmissions. The potential for reducing CO 2 is between 12 and 18 percent in
comparison to conventional automatic transmissions.

The benefits of the LuK DC are clear: The dry clutch DSG transmission from
Volkswagen weighs 20 percent less in comparison to the wet version. The
innovative transmission weighs exactly 70 kilograms. However, it provides high-
performance and efficiency. The high requirements placed on the system are
fulfilled, above all, as a result of low drag losses, low energy requirements for
actuation and precisely matched shift strategies. The result speaks for itself:
Double-clutch transmissions with dry double clutches enable increases in efficiency
of between five and 15 percent in comparison to conventional automatic

Uwe Wagner, Head of the Transmission Technologies Business Unit at LuK, is
proud of the innovative ability of his team: “Driving comfort and low fuel
consumption are at the very top of the customer’s list of priorities when making a
decision to purchase. As a pioneer in the development of a dry double clutch, we
are making a decisive contribution to meeting these objectives. Our achievement
has been honored both by specialists and customers. Evidence of this is also
provided by awards, for example, the ADAC’s “Yellow Angel“ award for “Innovation
and Environment” and the renowned PACE Award which we were honored to
receive in the USA this April.”

The LuK dry double clutch is now available in various Volkswagen models. The
upcoming start of volume production at Fiat demonstrates the quality of the LuK
DC. “The double clutch combines driving comfort and enjoyment with
environmental compatibility", sums up Uwe Wagner. “It is a forward-looking product
which will be used in a wide range of vehicles. Further applications are already
being prepared.”

The Schaeffler Group
The LuK Group, based in Bühl/Baden, supplies customers all over the world with
systems and components for vehicle drive trains. Georg and Wilhelm Schaeffler
founded LuK in 1965 with the initial aim of supplying diaphragm spring clutches for
the successor to the VW Beetle. Today, one in four cars worldwide has a LuK
clutch. Nearly all major automobile manufacturers benefit from the excellent system
knowledge of LuK engineers. The ground-breaking innovations include – alongside
the development and manufacture of significant components for the dry clutch DSG
transmission – the dual mass flywheel, components for the continuously variable
transmission for high torques, the automation of manual transmissions and high-
performance torque converters. In addition, LuK is a major supplier for clutch

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