Journal Guidelines for OLS 388 by mmm3


									                            Journal Guidelines for OLS 388.
                                Instructor Linda Kelly

A journal is used so that the learner can express ideas and thoughts in writing to cause
self-discovery and therefore deepen the individual learning experience. One of the key
objectives is to encourage you to think critically about the diverse issues of teams, your
personal interaction and potential for growth toward leadership and teamwork abilities.
You should feel free to express your ideas, thoughts, self-discoveries and conclusions in
your entries. The entries are private between the student and instructor. However, some
entries may be referenced in class. The instructor WILL NOT reveal the author at any
time for privacy.
A journal allows the learner to reflect on new material and your experiences in your
journal writings.

- All pages typed, 12 point font and double spaced. Do spell check and proofing, points
will be subtracted for errors.
- Journal entries are to be placed in a folder provided by the instructor, most recent entry
on top.
- Entries are to be made weekly as assigned and turned in weekly.
- Each student is responsible for keeping a detailed list of the assignments and due dates
on the inside cover of the folder. Each student is responsible for asking teammates of
assignment if class is missed. No late journal entries.

Structure for each assignment
Where appropriate…
       Describe your reactions and team interactions in reference to the terms in the
       glossary at the beginning of the chapters. What was your experience in reference
       to the terms; how did you feel?
       Analyze your responses and team interactions, both yours and others.
       Form conclusions that confirm or disprove what you already know.
       Discuss how your experience will guide future decisions; look at concepts.

Grading scale (pts.) for each entry
       5 - All guidelines met and structure followed
       4 to 1 - some guidelines met / lack of effort towards structure is clear
       0- not turned in or extremely poor effort towards both the guidelines and the

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