Free Tuition for Stanford Students

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					Free tuition for Stanford Students and other top schools like 
Harvard as well for who are eligible for “need blind” admissions.
The following schools while not totally, notheless offer “Need Blind Admissions”. This means
that if you apply and are accepted to these schools, you will only have to pay for what the college
or university determines you can pay. In other words, if you are accepted and fill out your
financial aid forms and the college determines you can only pay $500 dollars (even though it
costs $30,000 to attend), they will award you scholarship and grants to cover the amount you
owe - in this case $30,000-$500=$29,500 is what you would be awarded in scholarships. As for
the $500 most of these schools allow you to take out loans for the amount that you would owe
(in this case $500). So, while these schools are not tuition free, they still provide the option to
attend a school that you would normally not be able to afford.
• Amherst College
• Beloit College
• Boston College
• Bowdoin College
• Brandeis University
• Brown University
• California Institute of Technology
• Claremont McKenna College
• Columbia University
• Cornell University
• Cooper Union
• Dartmouth College
• Duke University
• Emory University
• Georgetown University
• Grinnell College
• Harvard University
• Haverford College
• Lawrence University (96% of need met)
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• Middlebury College
• Northwestern University
• Pomona College
• Princeton University
• Rice University
• Stanford University
• Swarthmore College
• University of Chicago
• University of Pennsylvania
• University of Richmond
• University of Virginia
• Vassar College
• Vanderbilt University
• Wellesley College
• Wesleyan University
• Williams College
• Yale University
NOTE: Only these schools offer need-blind admissions for non-US citizens.

• Wesleyan University
• Williams College
• Harvard University
• Middlebury College
• Princeton University
• Williams College
• Yale University.