Guidelines for Journal Club by mmm3


									ME208 Biomechanics II
Spring 2008
Prof. JC Iatridis

Guidelines for Leading Journal Club Discussion in ME 208
   1) Choose article and get approval approximately 2 week prior to presenting
   2) You will be master of your article. This will include reading extra papers, electronic
      resources, texts, and/or contacting the corresponding author
   3) Make copies for class and distribute at least 1 week prior to presenting
   4) Present for the entire class period leaving ample time for Q & A.
          a. Powerpoint and/or overhead are required.
          b. Lecture notes/handouts are required
   5) Presentation suggestions
          a. In general, summarize information and emphasize the most important details. It is
              not necessary to state all specific information, but you must include enough
              information to adequately explain what was done and why.
          b. Introduction
                   i. State significance of research question
                  ii. State hypotheses and/or aims
          c. Methods
                   i. General description
                  ii. Help explain anything that is particularly complicated or not explained well
                      in the text.
                 iii. Do background reading of extra papers as appropriate to summarize the
          d. Results
                   i. Synthesize and describe important results
          e. Discussion
                   i. Summarize most important findings
                  ii. Did the authors address hypotheses
                 iii. State limitations of the paper
                 iv. State anticipated impact
          f. Discussion Questions
                   i. Is this work significant?
                  ii. Is this work new?
                 iii. Writing quality
                           1. Is the manuscript well-written?
                           2. Are the figures clear and well-chosen?
                           3. Could this work be replicated based on paper?
                 iv. Any other relevant question(s) specific to the work.

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