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					         Masterful Negotiation
by Joseph Plazo

 Let's play a little fun experiment. Get a friend to stand next to you and without warning,
begin pushing against her. What do you expect her reaction to be? Of course! To
maintain balance, she'll heave back.
But don't stop there. Push harder, even harder. Observe how she returns exactly the
same force (maybe she'll even throw in a slap if you push in the wrong place).
What's the moral of the story? Every push merits a counter shove. Newton's third law of
thermodynamics eloquently states the principle, "For every force is an equal and
opposite force."
In real life negotiations, this simple fact is often overlooked to the detriment of both
parties. Someone would raise a controversial point to which the rival party disagrees. The
opposing team then launches a vigorous contradiction. In response, the proponent
staunchly defends his position. Voices rise and tempers flare. Productivity spirals. If no
one has the sense to realize the futility of direct argumentation, the negotiation ends in a
In my seven years of spearheading real estate negotiations for the family company, I've
learned one valuable lesson: when presented with a viewpoint opposite to yours, NEVER
argue right away. You simply invite retaliation. The harder you disagree, the deeper your
opponent digs in. This is a battle of egos-- no one desires to be proven wrong!
Fortunately, there is a powerful technique that savvy negotiators deploy in order to
defuse tension and quickly channel support to their side. Already eager to unleash it?
Here's your simple three step plan: 1) acknowledge the other party, 2) show partial
agreement with their stance, 3) then suavely insert your views. This formidable method
allows to to avoid presenting an "opposing force" which invites retaliation. Master
negotiators call this the FEEL, FELT, FOUND Technique. Commit this to memory and
you can easily and naturally recover from any objection or argument!
 Let's see how this technique allows you to defuse any tension:
Buyer: I don't think I'll take your product. Your price is too high
You: I can understand exactly how you FEEL because others have FELT exactly the
same way. But you know what they've FOUND? We offer the widest array of free after-
market support and unparalleled warranties. They keep coming back, as I'm confident
you will.
Buyer: We've heard disturbing rumors that your company cannot deliver supplies on
time. For us, timely delivery is mission critical. How can we do business with you if this is
the case?
You: I understand your concern because I've heard that rumor before as well and our
other clients FELT the same way. You must understand that we've long resolved that
issue by expanding our supply network with a fleet of new Boeing 747's. Today, we've
already garnered the business of fifteen Fortune 500 companies. They've FOUND our
services incomparable.
Buyer: There is no way the Board of Directors will authorize the release of $3M for
building materials that your competitor can supply for $2.8M
You: I understand how you FEEL about cutting your costs. All our other buyers FELT the
same way. But here's what they FOUND: our materials are class triple A and boast a
lifespan three times that of any other building material on the market. If its longevity and
quality you want, we have the best products for you. I'm fully aware that your company
has an image of prestige and quality to maintain. With us, we can readily help you
provide your customers the best.
Observe how the FEEL FELT FOUND technique quickly defuses the potential for
disagreement. As you stop and realize it now, the technique is very much akin to verbal
aikido: you gently take your client's argument, nullify it through acknowledgment, and
      quickly turn it inside out with your counterpoints. He'll never know what hit him as
      he signs your contract!

      Taking Your Life for a Wild Ride
       Joseph Plazo
       What can truly kill a spirit more than BOREDOM?
For me, there is nothing else worse than being locked in a tiny, dingy jail cell with nothing
to do. Most folks I know would rather slave at a high pressure job than rot in isolated

What makes boredom so appalling? So hideous?

First of all, it's the way it’s worded as if boredom is an object. We don’t jump into a tub of
boredom and then end up bored for the rest of the day. Boredom isn’t a thing. Boredom
is a mental process of thoughts. Stop and think about that a second.

*If you’re ever bored, it’s because you’re boring yourself.* Okay okay, here's where you
can begin laughing at yourself-- and maybe at me for coming up with such heresy.
Finished laughing? Good. Let's get serious now and finally exterminate the boredom bug.

Boredom doesn’t occur as a result of external events. It’s an internal state of mind that is
labeled by a person as “boredom”.

Realize this: we have complete control over our minds. We run the theatre of our lives.
So if we wallow boredom, we’re the ones who bumped ourselves down that path. So
who's at fault for boring you? YOURSELF. Come on, and be a man. Admit it.

If you catch yourself boring yourself, remind yourself that you're *allowing it.

Ricky, feeling dull and bored after a long golf afternoon at the Ayala Heights Country
Club, might moan: “Hey Rickyboy, I’m boring myself. This is MY FAULT. I better revitalize
my mind and sidetrack to something else so I can achieve a more stimulating emotional

Good friends, sandwiched between your ears lay the greatest computer ever created. Do
you realize that its powered down 90% of the time? That's what scientists say. Geesh.
The human race is lazy indeed.

Use your brain, especially if you find yourself bored! Kick boredom's ass from the inside-

Now here's the real secret to truly pump-priming your life: Much of what you do
throughout the day is so habitualy routinary that you meander on a dazed auto-pilot. Your
activities go on without conscious thought. This does wonders for simplicity and makes
our lives less daunting. BUT YOU RISK BOREDOM by going down such a safe route.

Novelty seduces the brain like Mata Hari. The mind relishes new and stimulating
experiences. The key to killing boredom and all its ghosts, therefore, is to *begin to do
things differently. RIGHT NOW.

People, what I’m suggesting is to hunker down and engage in activities so varied, you'd
feel disoriented at first. Scan your mind for for possibilities and force a new program of
behvaior into your powerful brain.

Remember, your rallying cry against the tides of boredom is this: “Do things *differently.”
Let me ask you: Did you awaken and freshen up your dull routinary way? Did you cook
the same old meal, chug down that same old coffee? Did you drive the same ole way to

I’m betting heaven and earth you did.

From now on, boredom is offlimits on *your mental territory... for *as long you do things

Explore new hobbies. Go bungee jumping. Collect exotic pets. Vary your route to work.
Change marital partners. (gotcha! just checking if you were listening)

You do all this because trying new things ignites your mind and readily allows you to
experience STIMULATION. Do it now and feel what it's like to perpetually soar to the

Gentlemen, from now on, make it a habit to vary your activities. Avoid the rut of routine.
Check yourself each day. If you see a damning repetition of some endeavor, kill it and
look for something new... otherwise you're a candidate for debilitating boredom.

So this is your marching order for the day: take charge of your mind and enjoy life. You
deserve it

Ignite that Image... NOW
by Joseph Plazo
Find a mirror. Gaze in. Run your eyes across your face...
your body... your posture... Are you pleased with what peers
back at you? Be truthful; no one would know ... are you
satisfied with your appearance?... the way you carry
yourself?... the expression on your face?... How you see
yourself now possibly reflects how others perceive you.
As you look on, you immediately realize how your projected
image largely determines your fortunes. Is that a frown... a
grimace? Maybe that's why everyone in the office avoids
you. Or do you shine like the sun with that dazzling smile
and upbeat poise? It explains how easily you get along with
your boss and win promotions rapidly.
Should you find your reflection any less devastating than a
full ten points, heed the following suggestions now:
1) Recognize what you want. Clearly defined goals, both
of the long term and short term
infuse direction in your life.
Walk through life with a                                     purpose. You will feel
important and others will hold                               you in esteem. Observe how
your very outlook and poise                                  changes when you have a
defined PLAN.
2) Delegate responsibility.                                  Maybe your haggard
appearance spawns from                                       juggling too many tasks
simultaneously. You are only                                 human and with finite
abilities. Gather your trusted                               friends and enlist their help.
Focus your action on the most                                important. You will have
more time for more significant                               things.
3) Attack objectives one at a                                time. Never diffuse your
energy. Even when you have                                   identified your list of
priorities, take each one at a                               time. Remember, your
  actions must be consistent with your current focus.
  4) Project positive thoughts. Avoid thinking of the things you can't do; focus on what
  you CAN. Every failure is to be appreciated as a stepping stone to improvement. When
  you sense a negative thought creeping in your skull, squash it and replace it with a
  positive one. Do you want nasty critters overwhelming you?
  5) Be as Buddha... eternally patient. Each time you lose patience, your blood pressure
skyrockets. Your countenance turns hideous. Your compromise your performance with
sloppy work. And people flee from you. Whenever you feel like climbing the wall, breathe
deeply ten times before doing anything rash.
6) Make others feel needed and important. Smile at people like you've been missing
them. Remember their names. Greet people wherever you go. You may be the ugliest
thing on the earth, but if you make others feel good, they will worship you as a god. Learn
when to acknowledge others' skill and authority. We all have our own expertise, so give
credit where it is due. And people will admire you.
7) Make others dependent on you. When you manifest genuine admiration and regard
for others, they will go against all odds to support your quests. When you lend a helping
hand, even when not asked, they will volunteer in your hour of need. Give favors
frequently... the Law of Reciprocity demands that the favor be returned.
8) Radiate enthusiasm like a supernova. PERK UP!!! We love people who walk with a
bounce and jump with perk. Feeling low? Pull up that chin and wipe that growl! Unless
you're a bouncer, frowning kills your image. Look how these two adjacent photographs
9) Watch your voice. Keep the "uhms" and "ahhs" locked in a vault. Stuttering, lisps
and bad grammar tarnish your image. Modulate your voice like a radio announcer. Here's
a tip: prior to giving a long speech, hum loudly and in private for at least a minute. Allow
your chest to reverberate. You will happily discover your voice acquiring a deep, mellow
timbre. You'd confuse yourself with Sean Connery!
10) Observe poise. Rein in those galloping emotions! Breathe deeply and slowly. Allow
your gestures measured movements. Move with great deliberation. Think of what you say
and do before you do it. Sudden outbursts make you look unstable.
Gaining Instant Rapport
by Joseph Plazo
Stop a moment and ask yourself this: has a new employee ever passed you up for a
promotion? How can it be, you query yourself, that the new upstart was promoted when
everyone else in the company tells you that you deserved the promotion? The new
employee did not have your track record for success, did not have the necessary
credentials, and wasn't even close to matching your company loyalty!
Frustrated with the lack of answers, you attempt to obtain answers from management,
which only ignites more frustration because they cannot explain it logically. Perturbed
and discouraged you resort back to your old patterns of long work hours and hard work,
in the hopes that one day all your hard work will be noticed, while you watch the new
employee move up the company ladder with tremendous ease.

What do these "fast-tracking" employees have that lands them promotions, allows them
to negotiate obstacles with ease, and charms the boss into giving them whatever they
want? Do these employees hypnotize their supervisors by waving a watch in front of his
or her eyes? Well, in a way...yes! A few employees have learned subtle communication
methods that cause their supervisors to be instantly suggestible and receptive to covet

The subtle communication skills that fast-tracking employees use don't influence their
supervisors on the conscious level as much as on the unconscious level. Need proof that
fast-tracking employees can influence their supervisors on the unconscious level? Here's
how to do it. When the opportunity arises, simply ask a supervisor who has just given an
employee a promotion, a raise, or special role within the company his rationale for the
decision. If the supervisor can give you three good reasons for his decision, he probably
has not been influenced at the unconscious level; this boss did his homework truly
evaluated the various candidates for the job. However, if he cannot give you bona fide
reasons for his decision or if he gets mad at you for questioning his judgment-it is likely
that he had been unconsciously influenced by the charisma of the lucky person he had
just promoted.

Now ask yourself: do you already want to learn what these fast-tracking employees
know about unconscious communication? Are you desirous to learn the secrets of charm
and charisma that can get you that job or promotion? Then check into Neuro Linguistic
Programming (NLP), developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. They combined
different theories of language and neurology to form methods that have the potential to
influence people at the unconscious level. I have summarized a few of the many amazing
techniques that NLP has developed.

1.) Weaving Rapport: Building rapport with your supervisor is more than talking about
the same movie you saw over the weekend. Rapport building includes matching all your
supervisor's body posture, facial expressions, energy levels, humor, styles, words, and
gestures. It can also include matching breathing, inflection voice tone, and language
patterns. At the advanced levels it also includes matching values, beliefs, and objectives.
Matching is not mimicking your supervisor's behavior, matching involves adopting similar
patterns into your own style so that they appear natural versus mimicked.

One of NLP's theories is that the mind and body are all part of the same system;
therefore, if you match your supervisor's verbal and non-verbal communication patterns,
you are matching his or her thinking patterns-the highest form of rapport that you can

Rapport is extremely important in business because business decisions are rarely
reached on the value of technical merit alone; more often than not, favorable business
decisions are developed between those who have developed a great deal of rapport.
Remember this overriding rule: we like those who are like ourselves. We trust those who
exude similarity with ourselves. The cliche "opposite's attract" has never been farther
than the truth. Let me prove it to you. Think of your best friend. Call to mind his many
qualities. Examine them well. Give yourself a minute to do this.
Done? What have you observed? Of course!!! Your best friend shares many of your
habits, mannerisms, dreams, ambitions...! Now you have the secret of getting along with
anybody (not just your best friend!) Build rapport, now, by creating an apparent similarity
between you and the other person.

2.) Advanced Rapport: Want to take that charisma the extra mile? Let's talk about the
arcane art of ANCHORING.
Anchoring involves placing a positive feeling into your supervisor's memory about you.
By definition anchoring is the association of something seen, touched, heard, smelled, or
tasted, with a specific memory or sensation. When you hear an old love song you and
your 1st girlfriend shared, strong emotions come rushing back... even though a decade
may have elapsed. This is anchoring: you anchored that specific melody with fond old
memories of love.
Now let's bring this to the business environment.
We all have people in our workplaces that cause us to cringe each time we see them or
come into contact with them in meetings. People who cause us to wince have created a
negative emotion anchored in our unconscious memory. As a fast-tracking employee,
you cannot afford to create a negative emotion in your supervisor's memory. It is your
goal to anchor positive emotions of yourself in their minds. In other words, you want your
supervisor to associate you with favorable emotions.
In order to anchor, you simply use two very special gestures when you converse with
people: gesturing away from yourself, and gesturing towards yourself. Gesture away from
yourself whenever you mention something negative. Examples would be a death in the
family, a salary cut, losing a job. On the other hand, whenever you discuss something
positive, gesture towards your chest. For instance, you may be discussing a recent
golfing victory of your supervisor, and as you praise his achievement, you subtly gesture
                     towards your chest. In both cases of gesturing away and towards
                     yourself, ensure that every movement is natural and spontaneous.
                     Here's how it works. On the subconscious level, the mind hears
                     something positive and sees the subtle self-pointing gestures. It then
creates an association of positive emotion with you. Over time the positive emotions
associated with you will be anchored into your supervisor's unconscious memory. Your
supervisor will think you're such a swell guy to be with and won't even know why. Try
this with strangers and observe how quickly you draw them in!

The aforementioned methods should help you to hypnotize your supervisor without using
a watch on a string. If you would like to know more about NLP and unconscious
communication, I recommend joining our forum (it's free) and reading up on all the

The Magnificent Pillars of Leadership
Joseph Plazo

As we are all readily aware, the strongest-known shape in the world is the triangle. Its
three sides rest upon the other,counterbalancing all forces, internal and external.

 The power of this three-sided shape is evident throughout the world. Observe how many
crystalline structures at the subatomic level are essentially units of three sided molecules.
On the macro scope, observe how a stool or any object with three legs is inherently more
stable than that with four or more.

 From my readings of superior Chief Executive Officers like John D. Rockefeller, Bill
Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell, the magical number three is also present in the
pillars of savvy leadership. A visionary CEO acquires many unique traits, but of those
characteristics, three specific attributes must always exist to buoy him above the rest.

 A Savvy Integrator. Leaders sit at the lofty helm of their corporations. Like a captain
steering a gargantuan ship, the CEO plots a course towards definite locations. Without
integrating the various functions of the corporation, the ship flounders like a dying whale.

 As an integrator, the leader sets goals, defines priorities, allocates resources and
formulates policies. These serve to establish critical operating parameters to keep that
corporate ship afloat and ahead of the race. Integration of all corporate functions is the
prime mandate of the CEO.

 An Insightful Coordinator. No man can accomplish Herculean tasks alone. The best
leaders avoid doing everything themselves because they know that their primary role in
the corporation is to strategize and set direction. Hence, he coordinates the various
activities of the corporate ship by delegating tasks and dispensing information to key
personnel. A careful coordinator easily cuts back wastes and costs while skyrocketing a
company’s efficiency, thereby leveraging competitive advantage.

 Motivator. People. They’re the CEO’s prime asset. Take away the people and the
corporate ship becomes a ghost ship, regardless of how high-tech the equipment and
state-of-the-art the established systems. People make things run. People bring action!
CEOs naturally realize this and understand that motivation is a key directive. He is
responsible to keep those under him happy and therefore productive. The CEO
judiciously monitors performance levels while implementing a strict code of reward and
punishment. The carrot and the stick worked aeons ago. It still works today.
          Integrating, coordinating, motivating. These prime directives allow a CEO to
         weather any storm and take the corporate ship home to port. They are the three
         pillars of magnificent leadership.

         Unleashing the Power of Chi & Mind Control
         by Joseph Plazo

What is Chi?

Chi is the etheric energy that pervades all
livings things. Chi comes in all color types
and can be utilized for healing, thought
projection and psychic assault. White chi
is the most complex form. Individually
colored chi serve as the components of
complex white chi. Properly harnessed, chi
can be accumulated and transformed into
psychic maces, ethereal surgical
implements and thought carriers. The
possibilities reach infinity. Keywords: advanced
mind control techniques w/ chi

The use of chi transcends millenia. As early as 2000BC, accupuncturists discovered the
vital bodily chi flows which could be manipulated for health reasons. Immediately
thereafter, branches of martial arts developed warfare purposes of chi. The most popular
include Aikido, Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chu'an. Other more esoteric disciplines, like Qi
Gong, can even transform the energy field around a warrior into solid matter for shielding
against lethal strikes! Keywords: advanced mind control techniques w/ chi

Recently, scientists realized that chi can be focused into machines called orgone
generators, and projected into disks which can heal ailing organs. The pioneer in this
field is Karl Welz. Keywords: advanced mind control techniques w/ chi

Chi nonetheless, is easily manipulated with the mind alone. Needles, whirling disks and
machines are optional. This primer quickly teaches utter beginners the basic principles
for harnessing chi. Proceed with caution. The succeeding sections contain knowledge
that can be easily perverted for evil. Keywords: advanced mind control techniques w/ chi

Using Chi

Chi can energize all your desires and affect reality to manifest your dreams. Chi isthe
building block of all energy and matter, without which there is no life. Chi is an eternal
energy that straddles the material and spiritual planes. This energy is not really spiritual
as most arcane masters have proposed, but a hybrid of both. To use Chi, you must be
able to visualize very well. The key to using Chi is to tap your chakras. These are glowing
balls of chi processors that are as much part of you as your appendages are. Chakras
exist alongside every major organ in your body. Visualize each as a swirling ball of
sizzling energy. This is where you are going to draw your energy from. To use Chi, you
must visualize drawing energy into your chakra, and projecting it out of your body the
way you want it to. The best Chi technique to utilize for practice is the Chi Sphere
Formation.. Visualize the energy in your palm chakras slowly coalescing. Feel each palm
sucking in tremendous amounts of energy from the surroundings. Now cup your hands 4
inches apart as if you were holding a ball. Visualize your energy intensifying and
collecting, then coming out of your palms. Make the energy come out of each hand as a
focused beam. Allow the beams to swirl around each other into a sphere. After a while,
you should feel a forcible push in between your hands. The pressure will build and cause
a throbbing sensation. This is how you use Chi Keywords: advanced mind control techniques w/ chi

Basic Chi Practice

Earth Core Grounding:

Stand in an erect position. Feel your weight settle comfortably then allow your body to
relax. Visualize tendrils shooting froth from your feet and tunneling into the earth's core.
Allow the roots the sop in massive amounts of earth chi. See the chi enter your roots and
rise up your body while simultaneously seeing your own energy shoot down into the
earth. You will be firmly "locked" into the earth's core energy and almost impervious to
external chi attacks. Take this pose when preparing to defend yourself, project healing
energy or emanate chi driven thoughts.

Chi Sphere Formation

Cup your hands and focus on the center of each palms. Visualize the two swirling balls of
light. Each palm has a chakra which activates when you direct attention to it. Now, allow
it to fully open by seeing both balls tear apart and spray our rays of light. Your palms will
pulsate with energy and quickly acquire an itchy sensation. Your chakras are now
activated. See both chakras project beams towards the center, forming a chi ball. Attract
women with subliminal psychic mind powers and ki control!

Chi Shielding:

You can create an armor of chi that will naturally protect you from negative energies and
chi attacks. First, feel out the chi in your body. Allow your breathing to slow as you notice
the pressure within your physical form. Now be aware of your solar plexus, the area at
the center of your chest. This houses a powerful chi generator. Rub your solar plexus to
heighten its sensation then visualize this chi generator (a swirling ball) emanating chi
energy and forming a large sphere around your entire body. After five minutes you
should have created an entire outer shell around you. Now start filling the space between
your body and the outer shell with golden chi. Accomplishing this, imagine the outer shell
of the energized shield turning in to hard impregnable diamond. The harder the
concentration, the more powerful the shield. Now, to enhance the power all the more,
visualize five concentric rings of sizzling white light encircling the chi shell laterally. Send
a mental thought to yourself with the following theme, "I will continuously maintain this
shield for the next 24 hours". In this manner, your subconscious will maintain the chi
generation and maintain the force surrounding your being. Attract women with subliminal psychic
mind powers and ki control!

Chi / Pranic Healing:

Use any of the previous methods to absorb large quantities of chi energy. Allow the build
of chi till you feel an expansion or pressure upon your skin. You have surplus chi for
healing. From there, place your hands a few inches above the injured part and allow
white chi to flow from your palms and into the ailing area. See the white energy eat away
at the dark muddy energies surrounding the pain. When the muddy energies have been
replaced with clear hues, the pain or ailment should have disappeared.

Mind Shadowing: Keywords: advanced mind control techniques w/ chi

You can nullify your own vibrations and thereby make yourself almost invisible to
perception. Have you ever walked silently into a room, and yet for all your stealth,
someone looks around and notices? Or maybe as you are walking on a busy street and
you stare at someone's back, your subject suddenly turns around and notices? This is
because your thought emanations reach out and alarm the psyche of the person within
your mental vibration range. To nullify your mental vibrations, you either fill your mental
visual screen with a black shroud and simultaneous imagine a black curtain enveloping
you. This energy frequency will absorb all extraneous thought energy and prevent others
from detecting your presence or thought waves. Experiment on friends and quickly
realize how easy it is to now sneak up on them!

Telepathic Influence Keywords: advanced mind control techniques w/ chi
Basic thought projection can be accomplished with the aid of chi. The results, as you will
quickly discover, are instantaneous. More advanced techniques can be found in the
Psychic Seduction manual, but geared with the intent of sensual enticement.
To project a basic emotion, such as love, you first acquire visual contact of the person.
Focus on the person. It doesn't matter if he or she is facing towards you. Now, release a
golden tube of energy from the spot between eye and connecting directly to a similar spot
on hers. Once accomplished, cast a massive golden globe around the both of you. The
colors of this globe should be vibrant and the energies free flowing. Creating the tube
and globe facilitates the transfer of energized thoughts; you simply have to create the
emotion you wish to transmit, and see it rushing down the golden tube and into her mind.
Once it reaches her, she will comprehend the thought form.
Advanced telepathy can be accomplished over great distances, even planets apart. Chi
knows no boundaries and can propel images and emotions with proper training. For more
information, email the author.


        Magical Flirting Strategies
by Joseph Plazo

(more in the book, Magnetic Attraction)
1. Generous Smiling. You must smile. How does your smile look? It may be invisible or
threatening. You probably think you smile now, but you're actually grimacing-- and
scaring away your prospect. Practice your smile in the mirror, your smile will probably
have to be brighter than you are accustomed to.

2. Magnetic eye contact. While you are conversing with her, you must have have eye
contact 80% of the time. Unwavering eye contact creates primal tensions between
individuals and gets the chemistry surging. Eyes are more than the windows to the soul...
their are the portals to the heart. Observe how lovers gaze for hours on end? Extending
the amount eye contact makes an acquaintance feel that both of you are already in a
deep state of attraction and it geometrically increases rapport. Next time, someone
snares your fancy, gaze at her her directly, "just a tad too long" till she notices and averts
her gaze.

3. Getting caught looking. Most people quickly avert their gaze when the object of their
fancy looks back at them. Leil Lowndes teaches that by pretending that you were
trapped in a furtive glance spikes the romantic tension. If you want to let that person
know you are *interested* when she catches you looking, smile flirtatiously, hold eye
contact a tad longer, then look down and away.
4. Nodding. A barely perceptible nod to someone who espied you looking, along with a
smile, is a non-intrusive, very enticing way to say "hello." Nod whenever someone
notices you. Nod when someone is talking, so as to signify agreement.

5. Laughing at the most unlaughable jokes. If she says something she thinks is funny
give a sincere laugh as a way of sharing a little rapport. Behave as thoughf the two of you
are in on some private joke. Stony faced silence kills rapport.

6. Asking Open Ended Questions. A universal tactic get the love of your heart
interested in you is by asking her to share more of herself. Begin most of your questions
with "How" and "What" questions. This allows your prospect to search herself for
meaningful answers and deliver paragraphs of replies. The more she talks, the better,
because she will find you a dazzling conversationalist. Listen 70% of the time and speak
30% of the time. Ensure that you show understanding with most of her statements by
saying, "I understand"... "I see...", "That must have been great...",

7. Use *Magic Openers* that entice the female to initiate the conversation themselves.
This saves you the trouble of searching for a conversational topic! Many lesser
sophisticated males stammer and haw in front of someone they find impressive. By
reducing yourself to an unintelligible hulk, you lose your mystique and self-respect. Avert
this fatal mistake and let the women start talking! Favorite opening gambits amongst
NLPers and psychologists include "Have you ever...", "What's it like to..." " what's the
story behind that?" You can ask "what's the story behind that?" The more they open up,
the better they feel about the budding relationship.

8. Kinesthetics and Subtle Touching. Touching can work miracles and boost the
sensual chemistry. Unfortunately, many unskilled flirtation artists know little about this art.
Touching can be as subtle as fleetingly placing your hand on her hand for a moment, or
supporting her waist for as you walk to a table to sit down. You can brush away
imaginary lint from her sleeve... the variations are boundless. Just do this a couple of
times on the first flirting interaction--if she pulls away, don't do it again. Touching occurs
between individuals that have developed close relationships. Observe that close friends,
lovers and relatives engage in non-intrusive touching which are very welcome. The lack
of touching indicates that there is an emotional barrier. By touching a new acquaintance,
you rapidly transform the relationship from "acquaintance level" to "Friend level"

9. The Science of Scarcity. Stop when you're ahead, as the gamblers say. David
Copeland asserts that flirting should be fun, and you should leave the flirting interaction
feeling victorious. Desperate men often end an initial encounter feeling rejected or lost
because they don't stop flirting until it stops being fun. At the high point of the new
encounter, excuse yourself and leave. This will make your prospect yearn to see you
again... and make you appear a more valuable person.

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