The Past, Present, and Future of the Impact Factor and Other Tools by mirit35


									The Past, Present, and Future of the Impact Factor
       and Other Tools of Scientometrics
(their use in comparing the scientific quality of researchers, journals, institutions, and countries)

                                                                                 15 lipca 2008r.

                                      Miêdzynarodowe Sympozjum
                              pod patronatem Prezesa PAN Prof. M. Kleibera

- The Impact Factor: Use and Misuse of Journal Metrics           - Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation
  and Other Citation Indicators                                  Henk F. Moed, Centre for Science and Technology Studies
David Pendlebury, Institute for Scientific Information,          (CWTS), Leiden University, The Netherlands
Philadelphia (PA), USA
                                                                 - Open access and its effects on scientific publishing and
- Commentary                                                       scientometrics
Eugene Garfield, Founder & Chairman Emeritus,                    Xavier Bosch, The University of Barcelona, Spain
Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia (PA), USA
                                                                 - Comparison of scientific productivity of the major world
- Commentary                                                       areas in various scientific fields
Andrzej K. Wróblewski, University of Warsaw, Poland              Matthew E. Falagas, Director, Alfa Institute of Biomedical
                                                                 Sciences (AIBS), Athens, Greece; Tufts University School
- Commentary                                                     of Medicine, Boston, (MA), USA
Jerzy Duszyñski, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Science,
Warsaw, Poland                                                   - Methodological aspects of a new generation of relational
                                                                   charts for comparative assessment of citation impact
- Commentary                                                     Wolfgang Glaenzel, The Catholic University of Leuven,
Bogus³aw Smólski, Director, National Centre for Research &       Belgium; Institute of Research Organization, Hungarian
Development, Warsaw, Poland                                      Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

- The Use of Bibliometrics to Measure Research Quality           - The use of citation indicatiors to identify and support
  in UK Higher Education Institutions                              high quality research in Poland
Jonathan Adams, Evidence Ltd., UK                                Andrzej Pilc, Institute of Pharmacology, Polish Academy
                                                                 of Sciences, Cracow, Poland
- The proper use of citation data in journal management
Catherine M. Ketcham, University of Florida College              - Publish or Perish as a citation metrics used to analyze
of Medicine, Gainesville, (FL), USA                                scientific output in the humanities - national and
                                                                   international case studies in economics, social sciences
                                                                   and history
                                                                 Audrey Baneyx, Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société,
                                                                 Université Paris-Est Marne la Vallée, Paris, France
Informacja o sympozjum ukaza³a siê w New England Journal
of Medicine ( (IF>51)                      - Multiparameter evaluation of scientific achievements
                                                                 Marek Graczyñski, Index Copernicus plc, Warsaw, Poland
Sympozjum odbêdzie siê w jêz. angielskim.

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