Linux Mandrake Installation Instructions by budaktanjung


									Linux Mandrake Installation Instructions
Linux Mandrake 8/PTown 125 Classrooms

1. Preparing the system for Installation boot
     In order to launch the Linux installation program, you must either boot directly from the
       CD or create an installation boot disk by using the installation disk creation program,
       which is launched within Windows when you insert the CD. If you install from CD, you
       must set the system BIOS to FIRST boot from the CD before booting from the hard

2. Instillation Class
     Choose the EXPERT instillation level.

3. SCSI Interface?
     These computers do not contain SCSI interfaces, typically found on higher-end servers
      and workstations.

4. Mouse type
     Choose Standard PS/2 type mouse (should be the default choice).

5. Keyboard Type
    Choose standard US Keyboard (should be the default choice).

6. Security Level
     Choose “Low”

7. File System Setup
The system asks you to create disk partitions at this point. Before creating Linux partitions, there
may be additional partitions on your hard drive (Windows partitions) that you need to delete.
You can delete all existing partitions by clicking the “Clear All” button.

IMPORTANT: If you are trying this on your own, moving beyond this point will delete all
the data on your existing hard drive.

Once cleared, you can click on the “blank” partition space for hard drive had and begin creating
new partitions. We will create the following 3 partitions:

        Mount Point: /
        Size in MB:   4000MB
        Type: Linux Native
        Pref: Primary

        Mount Point: /home
        Size in MB:   1000MB
        Type: Linux Native
        Pref: Primary

        Mount Point:     N/A
        Size in MB:      512MB

                                                                               Linux Mandrake 8 Installation
                                                                Rutgers II - PTown 125; Christopher Uriarte
        Type: Linux Swap
        Pref: Primary

When complete, choose “done” at the bottom of the window.

8. Choose partitions to format
     Make sure all partitions are selected for formatting.

9. Choose Packages to Install
     If prompted, uncheck the “CD ROM #2 Option”, as we won’t be using this CD.
     Choose the following package groups:
              Office workstation           Web/FTP
              Multimedia                   Mail/groupware
              Network computer             DNS/NIS
              Console Tools                Choose ALL graphical environments

10. Choose Individual Packages to Install
     If prompted to choose individual packages, simply click “Install” to start the install
     <At this point, installation will begin> (Approximate install time is 15 minutes)

11. Set root password
     Enter a password that you can remember (this will only be used for tonight’s class)

12. Add individual user accounts
     This is your opportunity to create user accounts on the system before installation is

13. Auto login
     If prompted to automatically log in as a user upon startup, click cancel.

14. Network configuration
     Click “OK” to configure the network
     Make sure “LAN connection” is chosen and click “OK”
     If prompted as to whether you have an additional NIC, choose “NO”
     When prompted to “Configure network device eth0”, click the “Automatic IP” box
     Give your machine a hostname
     If prompted for a proxy configuration, click cancel.

14. Summary
     Review the installation summary and click OK

15. Choose Services to Start
     Click OK

16. Create a bootdisk
     We WILL NOT create a boot disk for this class
                                                                              Linux Mandrake 8 Installation
                                                               Rutgers II - PTown 125; Christopher Uriarte
17. Bootload Main Options
     Choose “LILO without text menu” and then OK.
     Click “Done” if prompted for bootloader entries

18. X Windows Configuration
     Choose Xfree86 4.0 w/ 3D Hardware Accelerations
     Choose a comfortable resolution
     Choose “NO” if it prompts to start X Windows on boot

19. Complete installation
     Clicking OK will reboot the system
     Remove the CD ROM after clicking OK

                                                                        Linux Mandrake 8 Installation
                                                         Rutgers II - PTown 125; Christopher Uriarte

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