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Annette Zimmer • Eckhard Priller (Eds.)
with the assistance of Matthias Freise

Future of
Civil Society
Making Central European
Nonprofit-Organizations Work


L. Salomon

A. Zimmer
Civil Society Organizations in Central and Eastern European
Countries: Introduction and Terminology                            11

Part I: Traditions and Perspectives of Civil Society in
        Central Europe

M. Freise
Introduction                                                       31

S. Reichardt
Civil Society - A Concept for Comparative Historical Research      35

E. Pankoke
Voluntary Associations and Civic Engagement:
European Traditions, Discourses and Perspectives for
Voluntary and Intermediary Networks                                57

M. Szabo
Civic Engagement in East-Central Europe                            77

Z Mansfeldovd, S. Naigcz, E. Priller and A. Zimmer
Civil Society in Transition: Civic Engagement and
Nonprofit Organizations in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989   99
6                                                            Contents

Part II: Regulatory Environment

A. Zimmer
Introduction                                                     123

M. Freise and P. Pajas
Organisational and Legal Forms of
Nonprofit Organizations in Central Europe                       129

K. Simon
Tax Laws and Tax Preferences                                    147

M. Rymsza and A. Zimmer
Embeddedness of Nonprofit Organizations:
Government - Nonprofit Relationships                            169

K. Gabriel and H.-J. Grofie Kracht
The Catholic Church and its Third Sector Organizations          199

P. Fric
Political Developments after 1989
and their Impact on the Nonprofit Sector                        217

Part III: Central Topics of Nonprofit Management

D. v. Eckardstein and R. Simsa
Introduction                                                    245

Aspects of General Management

S. Toepler and H.K. Anheier
Organizational Theory and Nonprofit Management:
An Overview                                                     253

P. Siebart and Ch. Reichard
Corporate Governance of Nonprofit Organizations          _      271
Contents      [                                                         7

Core Management Functions

D. v. Eckardstein andJ. Brandl
Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations                  297

O. Sozanskd, J. Tosner and P. Fric
Management of Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations                   315

P. Pajas and M. Vilain
Finance of Nonprofit Organizations                                    341

M. Haibach and T. Kreuzer
Fundraising                                                    ._..   367

R. Nagy and J. Sacco
Accounting and Management Control in Nonprofit Organizations          381

D. v. Eckardstein and R. Simsa
Strategic Management: A Stakeholder-Based Approach                    407

J. Nagyovd
Marketing in Nonprofit Organizations                  _               425

D. Greiling
Quality Management                                                    457

R. Simsa
Conflict Management                                                   479

D. Hullovd
Project Management                      _                             493

E. Rusteberg, A. Appel andJ. Dqbrowska
Evaluation in Nonprofit Civil Society Organizations                   525
8                                                        Contents

Part IV: Country Profiles

E. Priller
Introduction     ;                                          551

A. Juros, E. Les, S. Natqcz, I. Rybka, M. Rymsza
andJ. J. Wygnanski
From Solidarity to Subsidiarity:
The Nonprofit Sector in Poland                              557

P. Fric, R. Goulli and O. Vyskocilovd
Small Development within the Bureaucracy Interests:
The Nonprofit Sector in the Czech Republic                  601

H. Kuvikovd and D. Hullovd
Watchdog of Political and Economic Power:
The Nonprofit Sector in the Slovak Republic                 635

E. Kuti and I. Sebesteny
Boom and Consolidation:
The Nonprofit Sector in Hungary                             655

A. Zimmer, J. Gartner, E. Priller, P. Rawert,
Ch. Sachjie, R. Graf Strachwitz and R. Walz
The Legacy of Subsidiarity:
The Nonprofit Sector in Germany                             681

K. Heitzmann and R. Simsa
From Corporatist Security to Civil Society Creativity:
The Nonprofit Sector in Austria                             713


About the Authors                                           733

The Robert Bosch Foundation                                 737