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Event                      Activities

Kashmir Day 5th February   Kashmir day was Celebrated on 7th February 2007 at Agha
2007                       Khan Auditorium followed by an awareness walk to PUTA

Women’s Week at Fatima     A batch of twenty three (23) students was dispatched to FJWU,
Jinnah Women University    Rawarlpindi on 10th March 2007. The team came back on 13th
                           March 2007. Most of them won important positions at the
                           National Level.

                           The following students got important positions at National
                              1. Qirat: Mr. Abdus Samad from Pharmacy got 2nd
                              2. Na’at: Miss Sadaf Saeed of IER won First Position
                              3. Photography Competition:            Mr. Mansoor
                              Ahmad of Fine Arts Department got fist Position
                              4. Bilingual Declamation Contest:        Mr. Saqib Jehan of
                              Pharmacy got 2nd Position.
                              5. Software Programming Competition:    Mr. Adeel
                              Anwar and Muhammad Alam of Computer Science
                              Department got 2nd Position
                              6. Painting Competition: Mr. Naveed Khan, student of Fine
                              Arts Department got First Position
                              7. Poetry: Mr. Khalid Latif Kaif of Geology got 3rd

Debate Contest             Two members team was sent to Faisalabad on 19th April 2007
                           for Inter University Speech contest. Mr. Saqib Jehan won first
                           prize at the National level in Urdu speech competition.

Rural Development          The Sarhad Rural Support Programme organized a debate
                           contest on water at the Khyber Union Hall of Islamia College.
                           Miss Ibtesam Zaima Khan of Environmental Sciences got first
                           position while Haseeb of IR scored third position.
Parliamentary Dialogues     A two member team along with the teacher was sent to the
                            GIKI for parliamentary type of dialogues organized by GEO
                            TV. The students were short listed on 1st February 2007 at the
                            Provost Office.

UET Taxila                  Our team also participated in the competition at UET Taxila
                            from 12th to 13th May 2007

UNICEF & Aids control       UNICEF & Aids Control Programme arranged a debate
programme                   competition at Agha Khan on 25th May 2007 in which Ibtesam
                            Zaima Khan got first position, Aamir of Law College won
                            second position and Haseeb of IR got third position.

Selection of New Cabinets   Selection of New Cabinet members on 10th February 2007 at
                            Agha Khan Auditorium.

Appointment of new          New Organisers/Co-organisers were appointed by the Provost
Organisers/Co-organisers    office on 14th February 2007.

Parliamentary Dialogues     Nominees of the Eight selected Departments were sent to US
US Consulate                Consulate for parliamentary type of dialogues on 22nd January

Students’ Convention 2007      1. The preliminary Round (Intra University) of Students’
                               Convention 2007 was arranged on 27th February 2007 at the
                               Senate Hall, in which eight students including one on
                               female and on FATA seat were selected for the Second
                               Round (Inter-University). The round was presided by Prof.
                               Dr. Ghulam Taqi Bangash.

                               2. The Second Round (Inter University) of Students’
                               Convention on was organized 16th April 2007 at the Senate
                               Hall in which twenty (20) from open merit and two from
                               FATA were selected for the Third Round (Provincial
                               Round). This round was presided over by Prof. Dr. Haroon
                               Rasheed, Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar.

                               3. The Third Round (Provincial Round) of Students’
                               Convention 2007 was held on 28th April 2007 at the Khyber
                               Union Hall, Islamia College Peshawar, in which fifteen
                               students including one from FATA were selected from the
                               nine Universities of the Province. These students would be
                               presented to the President on the date yet not decided by the
                               HEC at Islamabad.

11th Allama Iqbal Shield    Inter-University Competition (Provincial level) was held on 11th
                            April 2007 at Convocation Hall organised by HEC and
                            facilitated by the Students’ Societies. Mr. Faisal Kamal of IMS,
                            Mr. M. Haseeb of IR, Mr. Saqib Jehan of Pharmacy and Mr.
                            Murad Saeed of Environmental Sciences participated in the
                            Provincial Round. Two students among them have been
                            selected by the HEC to accompany the provincial team at the
                            National level.

Web page construction       Updated information was handed over to Incharge EIT
                            regarding societies and webpage was constructed with the help
                            of EIT. Official e-mails of Students' Societies were also made
                            by the EIT personals, which were displayed on the students’
                            Notice Board at the Provost office. Now all the Organisers can
                            contact the office of the Deputy Director, Students’ Societies on
                            an official e-mail, which is < >

Essay Competition           Participated in the International Essay competition in which the
                            College of Home Economics won the position

Specification for demands   Requested the EIT personals for making specifications for
                            computer system, sound systems, Digital Camera, Camcorder
                            for the office of the Students’ Societies

Youth Convention 2007       A letter of nominees on 20.03.2007 was sent to Pir Bux Jandan,
                            Ministry of Youth Affairs, Islamabad, for Youth Convention
                            2007 to be held at Quetta.

General Body meeting        General Body meeting of students and Proctors was arranged on
                            21st March 2007 at the Convocation Hall in which the Vice
                            Chancellor was the Chief Guest. After the meeting the worthy
                            Vice Chancellor opened the Photographic Exhibition arranged
                            by Cultural & Dramatic Society regarding Pakistan Movement.
Establishment of Central     The Central Media Committee for the Students’ Societies was
Media Committee              established for quick communications and active reporting.

2nd meeting with the Noble   A team of faculty members was sent to Islamabad for the 2nd
Prize Holders at Islamabad   Meeting with the Noble Prize holders at Islamabad on 26th
                             March 2007

Press Conference             For the first time the Students’ Societies arranged a press
                             conference regarding their activities with the approval of
                             Competent Authority on 13th April 2007. The representatives of
                             electronic and print media were briefed about the activities of
                             Students’ Societies

Meeting with the Vice        A meeting of the cabinet members and Organisers/Co-
Chancellor, University of    organisers with the Vice Chancellor was arranged on 4th April
Peshawar                     2007 at SSAQ Museum. A presentation was given to the Vice
                             Chancellor by the Deputy Director. The Vice Chancellor
                             appreciated the work of Students’ Societies.

Lunch at the Guest House     A lunch was arranged at the Guest House for the candidates
                             who participated in the Provincial Round of Students’
                             Convention 2007 on 28th April 2007

Meeting with the             The winners of the Provincial Round of Students’ Convention
Chancellor                   2007 attended a meeting with the Chancellor under the
                             supervision of the Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar,
                             Director HEC Regional Centre, Peshawar along with the
                             Deputy Provost and Deputy Director, Students’ Societies. The
                             meeting with the Chancellor was arranged at the Governor
                             House by the Director HEC Regional Centre, Rahatabad, in the
                             honour of the winners of the Provincial Round of Students’
                             Convention 2007 on 19th May 2007 at 10:00 am

Dinner at the Guest House    A dinner in the honour of the winners of the Provincial Round
                             of Students’ Convention 2007 along with their Vice Chancellors
                             was arranged by the Provost Office under the supervision of
                              Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar on 18th May 2007 at
                              the Guest House. The students were briefed by the Vice
                              Chancellors of the participating Universities and Director HEC.
                              This briefing was chaired by Prof. Dr. Haroon Rasheed, the
                              Vice Chancellor of University of Peshawar

Prize Distribution            A prize distribution ceremony was arranged on 29th May 2007
Ceremony                      for the position holders who won the positions at Fatima Jinnah
                              Women University during the month of March 2007. The
                              certificates, prizes and shields received from Fatima Jinnah
                              Women University were distributed among the participants and
                              winners by the Provost, at the Provost office.

Dinner at Khyber House,       A dinner was arranged on 12th June 2007 by the Director
University of Peshawar        Administration at the Khyber House in the honour of the
                              Students’ Societies for their active participation in activities,
                              during the session 2006-07.

Bara Gali Tour for the        The cabinet members of the Students’ Societies along with their
office bearers of Students’   Organisers/Co-organisers were sent to Bara Gali on 5th June
Societies                     2007 for four days where they actively chalked out and
                              arranged certain activities. The team returned back to Peshawar
                              on 8th June 2007.

Committee for Foreign         A committee for foreign tour was constituted in a meeting on
Tour                          15th June 2007 under the chair of the Provost, University of
                              Peshawar with the Organisers and Co-organisers. The
                              committee in its meeting held on 19th June 2007 made certain
                              decisions which were put forward to the Organisers in the
                              meeting held on 20th June 2007. The case was forward to the
                              Competent Authority for approval.

Budget Meeting                A presentation was given to the Vice Chancellor, Organisers
                              and Cabinet members on an introduction to Students’ Societies
                              and their proposed Annual Budget on 18th April 2007 at SSAQ

Inter Provincial Students’    Under this programme a plain to visit eight (8) Universities in
Delegation Exchange           Punjab has been sent to Mr. Abdul Ghaffar, project director at
programme                     HEC Islamabad. This plan has been approved and we would
                             receive the cheque within a week.

Letters/Circulars/Meetings   All these functions were supported and administered by a lot of
                             letters/circulars and meetings.

14th August Celebrations     The Students’ Societies jointly arranged the 14th August, 2007
                             celebrations in collaboration with the Directorate of
                             Administration, Constituent Schools and the CPC. A colourful
                             programme was arranged in the Convocation Hall. The
                             programme was started with the flag hoisting in front of the
                             Convocation Hall, which was followed by a colourful stage
                             programme at the Convocation Hall. The students of different
                             societies and constituent schools presented speeches, tableau
                             and national songs. Minorities were also given the chance to
                             express their sentiments. The students and organisers were
                             encouraged by certificates.
Book Fair Exhibition         The Central Library in collaboration with the office of the
                             Students’ Societies arranged a Book Fair Exhibition regarding
                             the Quaid-e-Azam and Pakistan Independence Day on 14th
                             August, 2007. The Chief Guest of the day has inaugurated the
                             Book Fair Exhibition in the Central Library.

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