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   Credit Cards                       COSTS
                                    TO JOIN.
                                    NOT TO.

888-920-2424 TOLL FREE
Build Your Business!                                             3 Easy Stept to Get Started:
Keeping your business in the black is our top priority.          Opening A Merchant Account:
Every type of business benefits financially by accepting
                                                                  • Application is simple and fast
credit cards. With more than 500 million credit cards in          • Bad credit, no credit, no problem!
use domestically, US charges recorded for 1999 alone              • 99% all applications approved
reached $1.1 trillion! Accepting credit cards can                 • All we need is a signed application & a voided
increase sales by as much as 40%. Don't lose out on                 business check to get you started.
these customers! Accept credit cards and improve your             • We can have a merchant account approved and set-
bottom line.                                                        up in as little as 24-hours
                                                                  • All funds from each transaction is deposited and
Benefits of Accepting Plastic:                                      available in your bank account within 48-72 hours

More Sales: Studies show that credit card customers              Choosing The Right Equipment:
spend 2 1/2 times more than customers who only carry              • Traditional terminals for retail stores, etc.
cash.                                                             • Basic terminals for mail/phone order businesses
                                                                  • Wireless terminals for mobile businesses,
Impulse Buying: Credit cards give customers freedom                 trade shows, tow companies, etc.
to spend for previously unplanned purchases.                      • Computer software
                                                                  • Internet processing for eCommerce websites
More Expensive Merchandise: Credit cards entice                   • All equipment & software will verify credit card
customers to purchase more expensive merchandise than               funds within seconds.
they had originally planned to buy.                               • All equipment includes Smart Card technology
                                                                  • Manager password protection eliminates fraud.
Competitive Weapon: Credit card customers are                     • Pin Pads, Check Readers, & Printers
often less conscious of slight price differences and will seek
out businesses that offer credit card payment options.           Letting Us Do the Rest!
Advertising: Since customers are more likely to shop at           • Free Installation, training, and set-up
businesses where they have credit card acceptance, they           • 24-hour priority level customer support
tend to look for and read those ads first.                        • Accurate accounting, fraud protection, & security
                                                                  • Online merchant activity reporting system
Steadier Sales: Credit smoothes out business peaks.               • Free programming and HTML support for linking
Cash shoppers buy heavier on paydays and just before                your software to your website or shopping cart
holidays; credit card customers buy whenever the need               system.
arises.                                                           • Ask us how you can receive a free shopping cart
                                                                    system or business website when you open a
Customer Loyalty: Research shows customers who                      merchant account
spend more on credit tend to return to the same business
                                        MAIL/PHONE ORDER: MANUALLY KEYED ORDERS
                                       The NURIT 2080 is an advanced compact point-of-sale terminal supporting credit, debit,
                                       check, electronic benefits transfer, phone cards and other electronically submitted
                                       transactions. Includes a user-friendly menu-driven system, very compact integrated
                                       design with wall or swivel base mountable, and user programming security and
                                       authorization access for employee theft and fraud prevention.

The NURIT 2085 is similiar to the 2085, but with a built-in thermal printer. An advanced
compact point-of-sale terminal supporting credit, debit, check, EBT, and phone cards.
Includes a user-friendly menu-driven system, very compact integrated design with wall
or swivel base mountable, and user programming security and authorization access for
employee theft and fraud prevention.

                                       WIRELESS PROCESSING: PROCESSING ON LOCATION
                                       The Nurit 3010 is a handheld wireless point-of-sale terminal and thermal printer in
                                       one. Includes an internal wireless function with the options of Cingular, CDPD, or
                                       Ardis coverage, a 12-hour rechargeable and user-replaceable battery with
                                       capabilities of credit, T&E charge cards, debit, ebt, checks (verification, guarantee, or
                                       truncation), pre-paid cards, loyalty cards, SmartCards, & private label cards.

Our internet paymet services offers secure, scalable solutions that enable internet
merchants to process unlimited credit card and check transactions from anywhere in
the world in multiple currencies linked directly through your shopping cart system.
You will be able to automate credit card transactions directly from your Web site,
without complex hardware or software systems.

                                       PROPER DEBIT/CHECK CARD PROCESSING: SAVE $$$
                                       The debit/check option can be a huge money-saver for merchants. Debit is actually a
                                       credit transaction that debits the consumers checking account . Because most of these
                                       "off-line" cards are also like ATM cards with personal ID numbers, a terminal
                                       presented with a check/debit card transaction can be processed on a lower-cost basis
                                       as low as 33-38 cents per transaction instead of 1.69% plus 25 cents.

  Ask About Gift Cards, Website Design, & Other Business Building Tools!
CHECK PROCESSING SERVICE                                                          FREE BUSINESS GIFT
Check Conversion with Guarantee: WHEN DOES THE
Monday…Merchant verifies a check with GETI via check reader or                   $595
imager and the Merchant batches out at night and in 48 hours (just               Value                            PAYMENT SOLUTIONS

like a credit card) the monies are in the Merchant's account by
Wednesday evening (just like a credit card).                                      Our
The money we put in the Merchant's account is our (GETI) money,                   Gift
not the check writer's, so the money we put in the Merchant's
account, is ALL GOOD MONEY. So with our guarantee program, the                     To
Merchant NEVER sees a RETURN CHECK or a RETURN CHECK FEE.                        You!
Check Conversion with Verification: A low cost Point of
Sale program where check is returned to consumer. Similar to
eGold program except merchant will be debited back for any
returned items.
Traditional Paper Guarantee: A non-conversion program.                                     IN-A-BOX
Merchant will get approvals for checks and deposit them into their                   AN ENTIRE FILE CABINET
local bank. GETI will reimburse merchant for all returned checks.                   FULL OF BUSINESS TOOLS

Recurring Debit Program: Merchant can automatically have
a customers checking account debited on a regular basis. No                   “THE MOST VALUABLE CD ROM
software or terminal to buy merchant can input and edit
transactions on GETI's web site. Excellent service for Health Clubs,             YOU WILL EVER OWN!”
Insurance Companies, Internet Service Providers, Day Cares, etc….            AN ENTIRE FILE CABINET FULL OF BUSINESS TOOLS, RESOURCES,
                                                                            FORMS, DOCUMENTS, TEMPLATES AND MORE. THIS CDROM WILL
                                                                           TAKE YOUR COMPANY TO WHAT EVER LEVEL OF SUCCESS YOU SEEK.
Mail Order / Telephone Order Program: ACH                                          THIS IS A GIFT FROM CARD PAYMENT SOLUTIONS
conversion of funds for “Check Not Present” processing. No                         BETTER THAN ANY GIFT YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED.
physical check is written. No software or terminal to buy merchant
can input and edit transactions on GETI's web site.                        FREE WITH ALL MERCHANT ACCOUNTS,
                                                                          WEBSITE PURCHASES, OR SWITCHING YOUR
                                                                             MERCHANT ACCOUNT OVER TO US!

                                                                   CARD PAYMENT SOLUTIONS
                                                                   202 ROSENBERGER ROAD
                                                                   MADISON, INDIANA 47250
                                                                   888-678-8350 Toll Free
           PAYMENT SOLUTIONS                                       (812) 427-2142 Office
                                                                   (702) 598-7769 Fax


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