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									                        CHINO VALLEY INDEPENDENT
                               FIRE DISTRICT
                        FIRE PROTECTION STANDARD
                                 PYROTECHNIC – SPECIAL EFFECTS
                     STANDARD #        137               REVISED 02/18/1991 PAGES 5

This Standard is to be used by members of the Chino Valley Fire Department and members of the
Motion Picture/Television Industry to provide safety to the public under provisions of the
California Health and Safety Code, California Code of Regulations; Title 19, Uniform Fire Code
and San Bernardino County Ordinances.

Definitions which may be helpful for understanding this requirement are found on page(s) 4 and 5.

The following abbreviations are used throughout:

       California Code of Regulations, Title 19     - CCR 19
       California Health and Safety Code            - HSC
       Uniform Fire Code                            - UFC
       San Bernardino County Ordinance              - SBCO
       Department of Transportation                 - DOT

General Provisions

1.     Permits

       A permit is required from the Chino Valley Fire Department to possess, keep, use or
       transport any pyrotechnic materials within the jurisdiction of said Fire Department.
       Application for permit shall be made ten (10) working days prior to conducting special
       effects activities. Applications and permits shall be obtained at the Fire Prevention
       Division located at 2005 Grand Ave., Chino Hills, California 91709.

       The following information shall be submitted to the Fire Prevention Division at the time
       application is made to obtain a Fire Department Permit:

       A.     Valid Special Effects Pyrotechnic License issued by the State Fire Marshal.

       B.     A letter of authorization from the company showing employment.

       C.     A valid explosive permit from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
              (SBCO 45.001).

Std.137                                                             Pyrotechnic – Special Effects
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      D.     Copy of liability insurance policy for $100,000 or proof of a $25,000 bond (SBCO

      E.     A letter of authorization from the property owner and/or copy of contract

      F.     List of pyrotechnic materials, a description of how they are to be used, and a site

      G.     Magazines Class I, II or day boxes shall be inspected by the San Bernardino County
             Sheriff’s Department and approved for use (CCR 19, 992.2 & 1565; HSC 12692;
             UFC 4.101).

2.    Supervision

      The Fire Chief may require that any special effects operations be supervised at any and all
      times by a designated employee of the Fire Department to see that all safety and fire
      regulations are observed and to protect undue hazards to life and property. Fire Personnel
      assigned stand-by for special effects activities shall remain on Fire Department payroll for
      benefit coverage. The reimbursement for cost shall be made directly to the Fire

3.    Notification

      A minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice is required for an inspector prior to
      conducting special effects activities. This request must be made during regular working
      hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

4.    Responsibility

      The company or producer shall allocate sufficient time to the Special Effects Pyrotechnic
      Operator to prepare for the transportation, packing, storing, securing daily, or to dispose of
      or otherwise handle special effects materials in a safe manner (CCR 19, 992.2).

5.    Means of Protection

      The Fire Chief may require any means of protection as he deems necessary to provide
      medical and fire protection during the special effects activities. The protection may require
      but not be limited to:      Fire Inspectors, Firefighter/EMTs/Paramedics and firefighting
      equipment. Refer to Fire District Fee Schedule – Ordinance 3-91.

6.    Alternate Means of Protection

Std.137                                                              Pyrotechnic – Special Effects
                                      Page 2 of 5
       The Fire Department may approve an alternate means of emergency medical and fire
       protection in lieu of conformance with the specified requirements, provided such alternate
       will provide substantially equivalent protection to that otherwise specified (CCR 19.992.4).

7.     License

       Individuals holding Pyrotechnic Operator Licenses (First Class, Second Class, and Third
       Class) shall maintain such License on their person at all times while engaged in activities
       involving special effects. Such License shall be presented upon request of the Fire
       Department (HSC 12646). A list of Pyrotechnic Assistants shall be supplied to the Fire
       Prevention Division.

8.     Storage

       Storage of special effects materials shall be in either a first or second Class Explosive
       Magazine and subject to the restrictions of Title 19, Table 13 A. The location and manner
       of storage shall be approved by the Fire Prevention Division.


1.     During transportation, the storage of all explosives shall be within a Class II Magazine. A
       separate magazine shall be provided for ignitors (Squibs, Blasting Caps, etc.) (HSC 12651).
       Other pyrotechnic materials shall be transported in approved containers and as per D.O.T.

2.     Flammable liquids, acids, corrosive liquids, oxidizers or combustible materials shall not be
       included in any cargo of explosive materials (HSC 12651).

3.     “Explosive” signs or D.O.T. placards shall be displayed on all four sides of the transporting
       vehicle (HSC 12651).

4.     Someone shall be in constant attendance of the vehicle any time that it contains explosive
       materials (HSC 12651).

5.     At least one 2A10BC fire extinguisher shall be maintained on the vehicle. NOTE:            Two
       fire extinguishers, one 2A and one 10 BC, will be acceptable (UFC 77.302D).

6.     Provisions shall be made for securely lashing or bracing the load in place in the vehicle,
       complying with requirements of UFC 77.302b.

7.     Vehicles transporting explosives shall be properly maintained (i.e. brakes, lights, tires, etc.)
       and shall be clean from oil and grease (HSC 12651).

8.     All smoking material is prohibited during transportation (CCR 19, 1567.7 AND 1568.1;
       HSC 12651).

Std.137                                                                 Pyrotechnic – Special Effects
                                        Page 3 of 5
9.     only individuals possessing a valid Pyrotechnic Operator License and Explosive Permit
       shall be allowed to operate a vehicle transporting explosive or pyrotechnic materials (HSC
       12687; CCR 19 AND 990.2).

Work Locations

1.     A Class II Magazine shall be provided for storage of explosives and special effects material
       (CCR 19, 992.7).

2.     Not more than 100 pounds of special effects material shall be stored per Magazine (CCR
       19, 1566.4).

3.     Magazines shall be kept locked at all times except when supplies are being withdrawn
       (CCR 19, 992.8).

4.     The quantity of material removed from the Magazine shall be for immediate use only, no
       excess material shall be removed (CCR 19, 992.8).

5.     No person shall mix any special effects material except by a licensed Special Effects
       Pyrotechnic Operator-First Class (CCR 19, 992.10).

6.     Only individuals possessing a Pyrotechnic Operator License and Fire Department Inspector
       shall be allowed in the special effects operation area (HSC 12646).


Special Effects:        “Special Effects” are articles containing any pyrotechnic composition
manufactured and assembled, designed or discharge in connection with television, theater, or
motion picture productions which may or may not be presented before live audiences and any
other commercial, industrial, education, recreation, or entertainment purposes when authorized by
the authority having jurisdiction (CCR 19, 981.9).

Pyrotechnic Operator – Special Effects First Class:       May conduct and is restricted to the use,
preparation for transportation and the preparation and use of all types of fireworks and special
effects pyrotechnics, for the sole purpose of producing a visible or audible effect where and when
such use is a necessary part of motion picture, TV, theatrical or operatic production as permitted
by the fire authority having jurisdiction (CCR 19, 981.9).

Pyrotechnic Operator – Special Effects Second Class: May conduct and is restricted to the use of
special effects, blank cartridges, colored fire, flash paper and composition and smoke composition
and such other fireworks of whatever kind and class as may be permitted by the fire authority
having jurisdiction, under a special permit in connection with TV and motion picture production
(CCR 19, 981.9).

Std.137                                                              Pyrotechnic – Special Effects
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Pyrotechnic Operator – Special Effects Third Class:       Authorizes the loading of blank cartridge
shells and the use of special effects when under the direct supervision and control of a Pyrotechnic
Operator – Special Effects First or Second Class (CCR 19, 981.9).

Safety Officer – A Fire Safety Officer is an individual appointed by the Motion Picture/Television
Company and employed by such, to supervise and ensure that good safety practices are being
conducted during filming.

Class II Magazine

A Class II portable Magazine shall be constructed in accordance with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s
Department – Explosive Control Detail. A visual inspection shall reveal that it has:

1.     Two-inch nominal thickness of hardwood covered by No. 20 gauge steel or one-inch of
       plywood covered by No. 14 gauge steel.

2.     Magazine shall be provided with shielded padlocks with tamper-proof hinges.

3.     The magazine shall be painted red and will bear white lettering three inches (3”) high
       stating “Explosives” (CCR 19, 989.2; UFC 77.204).


Chino Valley Fire Department (909) 902-5280
Fire Prevention Division
2005 Grand Ave.
Chino Hills, CA 91709

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (909) 387-3589
Explosive Control Detail
351 North Arrowhead Avenue, P.O. Box 569
San Bernardino, CA 92403

If filming or special effects are to be conducted on San Bernardino County owned or leased
property, please also contact:

County of San Bernardino (909) 387-2229
Facility Management Department
200 South Lena Road
San Bernardino, CA 92415

Std.137                                                               Pyrotechnic – Special Effects
                                       Page 5 of 5

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