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					DVB-C receivers

 DVB-C receiver CI

UFC 662sw               20210150

The UFC 662 is suitable for the
reception of digital cable TV and radio

An HDMI interface enables the unit to be
connected to a flat-screen TV, while a
built-in upscaler processes the picture for
optimal viewing comfort.

Features include: Kathrein-EPG, guided
first installation with national programme
lists, electrical audio output for Dolby
Digital (AC 3), a video Cinch output and
videotext with an 800-page memory

The receiver is available in black.

    Reception of digital cable TV and                       8 favourite programme lists each for   Programme scan
    radio programmes                                        TV and radio
                                                            On-screen display (OSD) in             Automatic date and time setting
    HDMI output for top video quality on                    8 languages (D, GB, F, I, E, CZ,       via DVB data stream
    your flat-screen TV set                                  NL, TR)
                                                                                                   Programme position sort function
    Upscaler to convert PAL signals to                      14 timers; can be programmed
    576p, 720p and 1080i                                    conveniently via EPG                   4,000 programme memory positions

    4-digit display                                         Language selection for programmes      Infrared remote control
                                                            broadcast in several languages
    Common Interface for a                                                                         On/off switch
    CA module ¹)                                            Electrical audio output via Dolby *    (disconnection from 12 V supply)
                                                            Digital data stream (AC 3)
    Kathrein-EPG with timer                                                                        Facility to connect an external IR
    programming ²)                                          CVBS and RGB signal output             sensor (available as an accessory)
                                                            programmable on Scart socket
    Guided first installation with                                                                  Designed for compatibility with
    national programme lists                                Cinch sockets for AV signal            UFO®compact processing systems

    Sorting according to pre-                               Videotext decoder with 800-page        Delivery scope:
    programmed programme list                               memory capacity and videotext
                                                            generation (only via Scart)            Infra-red remote control, batteries,
    Software/programme lists can be                                                                user manual, safety notes, Scart
    dowloaded via PC                                        Automatic 4:3 and 16:9 picture         cable, power supply unit 230 V/12 V
                                                            format recognition with choice of
                                                            viewing format

¹) CA not included in delivery scope
²) Display of information only if broadcast by the programme provider

* Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories

Technical data subject to change.
DVB-C receivers

 DVB-C receiver CI

Technical data

Type                                                                         UFC 662sw
Order no.                                                                     20210150
Color                                                                           Black
RF characteristics
Input frequency range                               MHz                         47-862
Input level range                                  dBµV                         46-86
De-modulation                                                          QAM 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
TV system Video
Modulation, FEC, de-multiplexer                                            DVB-C standard
Video resolution                                             CCIR 601 (720 x 576 lines), 576p, 720p, 1080i
Video decoding                                                     MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 compatible
Bit rate                                           MBit/s                       1.5-15
TV system Audio
Audio-Dekodierung                                                   MPEG-1 und -2, Layer 1 und 2
Sampling-Rate                                       kHz                       32/44,1/48
S/N                                                  dB                          > 53
Power supply
Mains voltage (external power supply unit)         V AC/Hz                  230/50 ± 10 %
DC voltage                                           V                            12
Power consumption (max./typ. operation/stand-by)     W                       < 26/??/< 1
LNB supply vert./horiz.                            V/mA                    14/18/Max. 400
Sat-IF input/output (loop through)                                          IEC socket/pin
TV/VCR output                                                              2 x Scart socket
Video output                                                                 Cinch socket
Video/audio output (digital)                                                  1 x HDMI
Audio output (analogue)                                                    2 x Cinch socket
Audio digital output (electrical)                                            Cinch socket
Data interface                                                               RJ 11 socket
Common Interface/decoding system                                                  1/-
Perm. ambient temperature                            °C                       +5 to +40
Dimensions                                          mm                      255 x 47 x 190
Weight                                               kg                          1.0