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Introduction to Identity Theft and Assisting Victims of Identity Theft by malj


									 Introduction to Identity Theft and Assisting Victims of
                     Identity Theft

                                February 13-14, 2008

                      Hosted by Myrtle Beach Police Department

                                    Course Objectives

Course Objective:
This course is designed to enhance the knowledge of the street officer and Detectives in
dealing with Identity Theft cases. During this (2) day course, officers will be presented
with ideas and techniques to assist them in working ID theft cases. The officers will be
informed how to assist the victim and who to contact when their Identity is stolen and
used. Who to contact and what agencies the victim can contact to speed up their
investigation, get as much detailed information as possible, and how to use the
information. Attendees will learn to think like a criminal so they can better work cases.
This course will also emphasize the need for officers to be better informed on Identity
Theft and what course of action to take.

Identity Crime is on a sharp raise in the U.S. In December 2003 the FTC received over ½
million reported consumer Fraud and Identity theft complaints. Victims lost more than
400 million dollars in 2003, and growing out of control. The police are out-numbered.
It’s almost impossible to control the case load. The criminal is coming up with new ways
to steal identities each day. Most departments do not have the manpower or resources to
work in detail this type of crime. With the information officers will receive in this class,
they will be able to get their questions answered, do the job and do it well. They will
know who to contact during their investigation and what agencies can and will help them.
They will be informed of free resources that work.

Upon Completion:
This two day training class will provide the street officer and detective with
knowledge and information they can use:

How the criminal mind works.
How the criminal gets the victim’s information.

How the criminal uses the stolen information.

What scams and schemes are used.

How to help the victim.

What resources they will be able to use, and how these resources
will work for them.

Problems of working this type of crime.

Forms to use to help the victim and their case.

Resource book that works.

Organize their case and present it to the Prosecutor’s Office.

What local leads to follow up on.

Basic information on interviews and interrogation.

Court testifying, the do’s and don’ts.

                              TRAINING LOCATION

                          Myrtle Beach Police Department
                                 Training Center
                               3340 Mustang Street
                             Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

                                  8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

                             14 Hrs. CLEE


                    Public Agency Training Council


There is a registration fee of $250.00 payable to Public Agency Training
Council which includes Hand-outs, Introduction to Identity Theft and
Assisting Victims of Identity Theft Manual, Coffee Breaks, and
Certificate of Completion.

For on-line registration, go to If you have any
questions, please call 800-365-0119.

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