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									                                                 JoNel Mundt, PhD
                                          P. Box 157; Kirkwood, CA 95646
                                                    Spring 2008

           trends:::consumer experience:::consumer insights:::visual/verbal learning:::qualitative research

 Ph.D.            University of Oklahoma; Business Administration/Marketing 1989
                   Concentrations: Marketing Strategy, Trends Analysis, Research Methods
                   Dissertation: “A Study of Relationships between Product Performance, Consumer
                      Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction and Repeat Intentions”
                   Doctoral consortium fellow (for the top doctoral student from each institution)
 M.B.A.           University of South Dakota; Business Administration
 B.A.             Hiram Scott College; Business Administration (cum laude)

 Post-doc         University of Oklahoma Graduate College of Architecture (35 grad hours; 1994-97)
                   Design theory, evaluation of design, form/function, visual communication

Additional academic study
    Trends and culture
    Consumer experience analysis
    Relationship development and management
    Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
    Consumer behavior, evaluation and consumption theories, processes, artifacts
    Communication theory, visual/verbal, multi-sensory, media choice, media use, etc.
    Design theory, research, strategy as related to products, services, environments and communications
    Environments: architecture & built environments, place-making; post-occupancy evaluation
    Environmental psychology, bio-psychology, environment/health relationship, etc.
    Design application (see Creative section, p. 3)

CERTIFICATES (Continuing Education)
    The Grant Institute
         o Grants 101: Professional Grant Proposal Writing (2005)
    Design Management Institute Professional Development Program
         o Jump Starting Your Experience Strategy (2005)
         o Using Design Research for Product and Brand Innovation (November 2004)
         o Managing Design for Strategic Advantage (September 2003)
    Socrates Distance Learning Technologies Group
         o Online Facilitator Training (2005; 4 weeks, 20-30 hours per week)
    DeVry/ Keller University
         o Online Facilitator Training (2004; 4 weeks, 20-30 hours per week)
    American Intercontinental University Online
         o On-line Faculty In-Service Training (November 2002; Feb 2003; May 2003)

     Strategic Marketing; Marketing Management
     Design Research and Strategy
              See below (e.g., Product and package research; user interface; brand and identity;
              consumer/design interface and evaluation of)
     Product, Service, and Environments
              Functional, structural, and aesthetic design; performance; quality; communication of; brand and
              identity; product and package research; development of
              Consumer insights; consumer/user experience; user interface; buying/ evaluation/ usage/
              disposal processes; evaluation of design
     Communication Research and Strategy
              Media choice, use, effectiveness; product-related communications; hazard communications and
              warnings; verbal/visual; multi-sensory learning; image
     Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship
     Change, Transition, Transformation and Change Management
     Exchange Theory, Valuation and Externalities

      Assistant, Visiting or Adjunct Professor of Marketing (1988-present)
             Professor (2004-2007)
                   Touro University International (on-line: Strategic Marketing; Principles of Marketing; e-
                      Commerce; Marketing Information; Human Resources Management)
             Tenure-track (Jan 1987-Aug 1989; Aug 1991-1998)
                   Colorado State University (Retailing; Industrial Marketing)
                   U of the Pacific (Retailing; Strategic Marketing; Marketing Management)
             Visiting (Aug 1989-91; 1998-May 2000)
                   University of Oklahoma (Strategic Marketing; Marketing Management; Retailing;
                      Consumer Behavior; Promotions)
                   Oklahoma State University (Strategic Marketing; Consumer Behavior)
             Adjunct (Mar 2001-present)
                   University of West Virginia (on-line: Integrated Marketing Communication; Brand Mgmt);
                      Reed School of Journalism Graduate IMC Program
                   Sonoma State University (Principles of Marketing; Consumer Behavior)
                   California College of Arts (Product Research Methods)
                   U of San Francisco (Consumer Behavior; Consumer Experience)
                   Oklahoma City U (Singapore MBA: Marketing Management)
                   AIU (Online: Strategic Marketing; Marketing Mgmt; Global Marketing; Entrepreneurship;
                   Nebraska Western College (1977: Business Management; Business Math)
             Teaching evaluations are above average for most schools of business.

       Program Developer/Implementer (1978-80; 1991-1998)
              Univ of Nebraska: Solar Energy Education (11-county area)
              Univ of the Pacific: Arts and Entertainment Management Program

       Principal, Oasis Consulting LLC (Sept 2000-present)
               Market research and strategy: Samsung Design America; Neutron LLC; CPE Professional
                   Employment Agency; Seattle Times; industrial fence company; real estate project design

            firm. Research and proposals for, global law firm, global environmental
            engineering firm, other.
           Design research and strategy (e.g., form/function; consumer/user interface; consumer
            experience; repositioning, brand and identity): Samsung Design America; Neutron LLC for
            blood product; research/proposals for global cutting tool manufacturer; global recreational
            product manufacturer; other.
           Product communication consulting (i.e., warnings): Fortune 100/500 manufacturers of
            automobiles, off-road vehicles, gas and propane products, sand and sandblasting
            equipment, mini-blinds, airbags, baby cribs, hot coffee, gymnastics mats, rat poison, other
            products, and the companies’ law firms.

Associate, Organizational Communication Consulting (1989-1998)
        Product-related information such as warnings and instructions (e.g., channel-related
           information flow and consumer information processing/use, for various Fortune 500/100
           firms such as Hardy’s, AMC Jeep, Chrysler, Firestone, GM, Lonestar Sand, Nissen
           Gymnastics, Harley Davidson) with Russell W. Driver.

Project/Curriculum Development/Mgmt (contract and fulltime, various dates)
         Design/implementation of Entertainment Management concentration (Univ of Pacific)
         Organizational restructuring, image repositioning, and successful fund-raising (Jacobson
           Foundation, Norman, OK; West Nebraska Arts Center)
         City of Fairfield Cultural Arts Advisory Committee (member)
         State of OK Grants Review Board (member)

Researcher, Writer, Trainer (contract and fulltime, various dates)
        Grant-writer, University of San Francisco Family Business Foundation, School of Business
        Grant-writing handbook and training (South Dakota and Nebraska)
        State of So Dak County Commissioners (50-page county personnel handbook)
        OU Center for Economic and Mgmt Research (various topics)
        State of Oklahoma Economic Outlook (various topics)
        OU Engineering, Mgmt, Marketing, Economic professors (various topics)
        Midwec (OEM phone equipment: product catalogs; installation bulletins)
        U of So Dak Bureau of Business Research (various topics)
        John Roberts Class Ring Co. (custom promotional materials: 2000 accounts)

Creator: Writer, Designer, Artist (ongoing)
        Writing projects on design, identity, change, strategic thinking, consumer values,
           possessions, etc.
        Award-winning paintings, assemblage and multi-media works in galleries/stores in
           Scottsdale, Carmel, the Napa Valley. Solo exhibits in City of Fairfield Cultural Arts Building;
           Blue Heron Gallery, Napa Valley; Kirkwood Mountain Resort, misc
        Collecting Soul (photo-narrative on the meanings of possessions) shown at University of
           Oklahoma 2000 Faculty Art Exhibit and PhotoSpiva2000, Joplin, Mo.
        Design: architecture, interiors, artifacts, materials, art, photography, painting, drawing,
           printmaking, metal fabrication, ceramics, woodworking, culinary arts, textile arts, etc.

Industrial Buyer (1981-1984)
         Lockwood Corp (Ag OEM: 2000 parts, all MRO and supplies)

Retail Owner/Founder/Co-manager (1979-1982)
         A.J. Fine Co. (successful gift/gourmet shop)

        Civil Service (1972-1978)
                 Panhandle Resource Council (coordination of activities of and communication between 100
                    human service agencies, under council of governments)
                 State of South Dakota Management Analyst II (job classification/compensation plans for
                    cities and counties; EEO planning)
                 State of Nebraska Personnel Specialist (job classification/compensation)
                 State of Nebraska Budget Analyst

      The Ubiquity of Externalities, their Characteristics, the Climate they Create, and Post-Acquisition
      Behaviors, with Frank Houston, Rutgers University at Camden, Journal of Macromarketing.

     Uncalculated Outcomes of Exchange: the Evolving Paradigm (hypothetical title but well under-way) with
     Frank Houston, Rutgers University at Camden, for submission to Journal of Macromarketing, Journal of
     Marketing or Journal of Consumer Research.

        Marketing + Design (book)

        On hold pending academic appointment
        Principles and Paradoxes of Design in Marketing.

        The Function of Form: A Study of Design/Consumer Interface.

        Collecting Soul, a photo-narrative of the meanings of possessions, with Chad Smith, OU
        Professor of photography and fine arts. Showings: Univ of OK Faculty 2000 Art Exhibit;
        PhotoSpiva2000, Joplin, MO.

        LifeShifts: qualitative depth interviews on expectations, crossroads, and alternative paths.

        Revise and resubmits, withdrawn due to late 90’s illness
        The Universality of Form: Visuals in Retailing and Services, Journal of Retailing and Consumer
        Services (updatable)

        Environmental Aesthetics: Beauty or Healing? Journal of Business Research, health care special edition
        (updatable, to a different publication)

        White papers (consulting-related, with Robin Cobbey, PhD, Communication, Syracuse University):
            Defining and Measuring Consumer Experience
            Comparison and Contrast of Values between NetGen and Baby Boomers

      The Consumer Relationship as it Evolves from the Consumer Experience: A Model for
      Marketing Research, QRCA Views, V2 (3), Spring 2004, with Robin Cobbey.

        The Consumer Relationship as it Evolves from the Consumer Experience: A Model for Market
        Researchers, Quirks, May 2004, with Robin Cobbey.

        ChangeArtist: Surviving Change (2003). Xlibris Corporation, Philadelphia, PA.

       Failing to Try to Consume: A Reversal of the Usual Consumer Research Perspective.
       Advances in Consumer Research, V24, 1997: 211-216, with Stephen Gould and Franklin F.

       Informal and Formal Care for the Disabled Elderly: Decision Determinants and Their
       Implications. Health Marketing Quarterly, V15, 1996-97, with Robert F. Lusch.

       Uncalculated Outcomes of Exchange: Continuing the Discussion. Journal of Macromarketing,
       V16 (Spring) 1, 1996: 73-88, with Franklin F. Houston.

       Warnings for Health Care Products: A Communication Perspective. Health Marketing Quarterly, V12
       (2), 1994: 65-75, with Russell W. Driver.

       The Media Information Richness Model as a Prescription for Some Health Care Service Ills.
       Health Marketing Quarterly, V11 (3/4), 1994: 221-236, with Russell W. Driver.

       Externalities of Exchange: Foundations for Future Study in Theory of Marketing Exchange,
       Frank Houston (ed.), 1994: 167-187, Quorum, with Dennis E. Garrett.

       Externalities in Marketing: Uncalculated Outcomes of Exchange. Journal of Macromarketing,
       V13 (Fall) 2, 1993: 46-53.

       A Study of Relationships Between Product Performance, Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction
       and Repeat Intentions, 1989 Dissertation.

     Discussant: Globally Integrated Marketing Communications track, 1998, consumer and brand
     research, Ireland [withdrawn due to illness] with Stephen Gould, Baruch, New York University.

       Visual Retailing [accepted for presentation, but withdrawn due to illness]. 1998 Conference of
       the Canadian and European Institutes of Retailing and Services, Austria.

       Failing to Try to Consume: A Reversal of the Usual Consumer Research Perspective. 1997
       Advances in Consumer Research conference, with Stephen Gould and Franklin F. Houston.

       Integrating Structure and Affect in a Cooperation Model. 1996 Research Conference on
       Relationship Marketing, with Jule Gassenheimer and Frank Houston.

       How Colleges Can Balance Faculty Career and Life Needs While Better Managing the Institution
       [presentation]. 1996 (Twentieth Annual) Conference of the Western Marketing Educators'
       Association, with Russell W. Driver.

       The Universality of Form [abstract]. Proceedings of the 1996 AMA Winter Educator's

       Determinants of Formal and Informal Care for the Elderly [presentation]. 1994 Conference of
       the Canadian and European Institutes of Retailing and Services, with Robert F. Lusch.

       Environmental Aesthetics: Beauty or Healing? [abstract]. Proceedings for the 13th Annual
       [1994] Conference of the Association for Advances in Health Care.

      Combining Social Responsibility and Marketing Education: Why We Should and How We Might
      [presentation]. 1994 (Eighteenth Annual) Conference of the Western Marketing Educators'
      Association, with Linda Stanley.

      Warnings for Health Care Products: A Communication Perspective [abstract]. Proceedings for
      the 12th Annual [1993] Conference of the Association for Advances in Health Care, with Russell
      W. Driver.

      The MIR Model as a Prescription for some Health Care Service Ills [abstract]. Proceedings for
      the 11th Annual [1992] Conference of the Association for Advances in Health Care, with Russell
      W. Driver.

      The Transacted Product/Service Concept [presentation]. 1990 Southern Marketing Association
      Conference, with Lakshmi K. Thumuluri.

      Externalities of Marketing: A Redefinition of the Concept [abstract]. Proceedings of the 1988
      AMA Winter Educator's Conference.

      Use of Intangible Cues in Evaluating Services: A Comparison of Professionals and
      Nonprofessionals. Proceedings of the 1986 Southwestern Marketing Association Conference
      [JoNel Ingwerson].

      The Product Life Cycle: Issues and Applications [presentation]. 1986 Southwestern Doctoral
      Consortium [JoNel Ingwerson].

HONORS Examples
      Doctoral Consortium Fellow; Notre Dame, 1985

         Research grant: The Value of Hand-worked versus Machine-made Products

         Inclusion of two articles in Journal of Macromarketing “A JMM-Based Macromarketing
          Doctoral-Level Reading List” (Dec 2006)

         Undergraduate scholarships to Nebraska Western College (full scholarship), Hiram Scott
          College (half tuition); Chadron State College (full scholarship) for being in top 10% nationally
          on ACT scores

     Robert F. Lusch
     Department of Marketing
     Eller College of Management
     320 McClelland Hall
     1130 E. Helen
     Tucson, AZ 85721 (520-621-7480)

      Carl McDaniel
      Professor and Chair, Dept. of Marketing
      University of Texas at Arlington
      College of Business Administration
      PO Box 9469
      Arlington, TX 76019 (817-272-2880)

      Dennis E. Garrett, Professor of Marketing
      Marquette University, Marketing Department
      Milwaukee, WI 53233 (414-288-3371)

      Franklin S. Houston, Associate Professor of Marketing
      Rutgers University
      Camden, NJ 08102 (609-428-2702)

      Joe F. Hair, Jr.,
      Kennesaw State
      Contact info on request


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