Nelson DeMille by elenidemetriou


									Although my career is based in finance, much of my free time is devoted to reading. One of my
favorite authors is Nelson DeMille, best known for The General's Daughter, which was later made into
a movie starring John Travolta. My personal favorite works of DeMille's are The Charm School and
The Gold Coast. If you have ever read anything by Jack Cannon, Kurt Ladner, or Brad Matthews, he is
the author of those books as well. Although he is known for writing thrillers, like The General’s
Daughter, which can easily be adapted into blockbuster films, Nelson DeMille usually ends his books
in a sad or open-ended way; there are no generic, typical heroes or villains in his novels. It's interesting
to note as well that while DeMille sets his stories in real places—often Long Island—his characters
frequently refer back to events that happened in previous books. Details like these create a strong linear
structure throughout all of his works, causing readers feel like they are one of the ordinary people in the
community too—especially since DeMille tends to use recurring characters, like John Corey and Kate
Mayfield, in many books in the series. Other writers that have a similar style to Nelson DeMille are Lee
Child and David Baldacci.

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