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									                                     Focus on investment and market in China’s crop protection and communicate
                                     face to face with giants in China’s crop protection industry
                                     One and a half days CCM conference plus expert pre-conference workshop

List of presenting companies:

                     Xin’an Group



                                           The Future
        Hebei Veyong Bio-chemical


                                               of Crop
           Excel Crop Care Limited

         CCM International Limited

                                      Protection China

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                                     Including presentations from :

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 expert pre-conference

 How could Chinese crop
 protection enterprises cope
 with the rising cost?
                                         The Future of Crop Protection China

                                      ● To get a clear picture of the key growth points of China’s market, and to invest before your
                                      ● To hear about the latest technology innovation in China’s crop protection, and competitiveness of
                                        China’s companies for business opportunities
                                      ● To penetrate into China’s pesticide export status.
                                      ● To seek for cooperation with Chinese companies for further development.
                                      ● To keep track of governmental regulations on China’s crop protection, current and future
                                      ● To establish relations with members attending for future cooperation, to share industry experience
reasons to attend                       and to create new business opportunity.

  Your event organizer
  CCM International extends the activities of Guangzhou CCM to consulting in the areas of technology transfer as well as news,
  events and publications. CCM International works in the agrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, packagings, materials based
  industries and high-tech industries in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

 China’s rocketing crop protection industry:
 Opportunities and challenges coexist
  Rapidly growing pesticide industry
  China’s pesticide industry has been developing quickly in recent years. Over the past decade, China’s pesticide output has
  almost doubled, with pesticide varieties multiplied.

  China’s domestic demand for pesticide are being pushed up by several factors, such as the cancellation of agricultural land tax
  since 2006, the sustaining growth of farmer’s average income, and rural labour’s flow from farmland into urban areas.

  With the adjustment of crop planting structure and prohibition of pesticides with
  high toxicity and low efficiency, China’s pesticide industry will witness structural
  adjustment in the future years. Pesticides with high efficiency, good safety
  and reasonable price will show their tremendous potential in the market. It is
  forecasted about RMB 10 billion market left for new pesticides in the coming           Who should attend?
  several years.

  In export, China’s pesticide has maintained a growth trend in general. Though          Crop protection companies:
  the most varieties China has been exporting so far are pesticides with patent          To penetrate into China’s market demand and supply,
  expired, new pesticides with China’s own intellectual properties are gradually         production status of China’s crop protection products,
  entering the global market.                                                            to probe into China’s crop protection innovation, and to
                                                                                         understand the updated market trends in China.

  The booming pesticide industry in China also faces many challenges. For
                                                                                         Pesticide purchasing agents:
  instance, China is gradually losing the predominance in producing products             To know China’s crop protection companies and the
  with good quality and low price, for the rise in labour cost, production cost and      latest achievements and to help find the best suppliers
  environmental protection cost, and RMB appreciation etc. Actually, other Asian         for you in China.
  countries like India are replacing China to become the world’s manufacturing
                                                                                         Crop protection consultancy:
  Besides, most Chinese enterprises can only produce the products of which the           To understand the driving forces for China’s crop
  patents have expired overseas, since the expenditure is not high enough in             protection and its market developing trends in the
  R&D of new product. Chinese enterprises fall far behind the western developed          future.
  countries in product variety and innovation.

  In China’s pesticide industry challenges and opportunities coexist, and it is          Experts, researchers, and media:
  essential to understand the latest market information, advanced technology, and        To share the updated information in China’s crop
  progress in China’s regulations on crop protection. CCM International now brings       protection.
  you to the Future of Crop Protection China to meet your need.
                                 The Future of Crop Protection China

                                                                                          ● The challenges of Chinese crop protection enterprises
              How could Chinese crop protection                                           - Rising raw material cost
              enterprises cope with the rising cost?                                      - Rising labour cost
                                                                                          - Depreciation of USD
                                                                                          - Increasing expenditure in production for environmental
9:00-12:00 AM Friday 20, March 2009
In 2008, the pesticide price in China has increased by over 25%, and the
                                                                                          ● The countermeasures of enterprises
international pesticide price has risen by 58%. The price rise is mainly
attributed to the rising production cost, especially the price surge of raw               - Integration of industry chain
materials like yellow phosphorus and glycine. Besides, the rising energy
                                                                                          - Construction of industrial parks
prices such as oil and coal, the growing transportation cost and production
expenditure in environmental protection driven by the stricter governmental               - Energy conservation and emission reduction
policies, RMB appreciation, and the rising labour cost after the implementation
                                                                                          - Technology innovation
of New Labour Contract Law also contribute to the rapid increase in pesticide
price in China.                                                                           - Adjustment of distribution channels
The price hike of pesticide, coupled with several other factors, hasn’t brought           - Product upgrade
much profit for the enterprises. On the contrary, it has had a serious impact
on many pesticide enterprises in China.                                                   Workshop leader:
At this conference, we value your opinion on how Chinese crop protection
enterprises can cope with the rising cost, share the views on the prospect of
pesticide industry and grasp the potential business opportunities.

                                              Day one - Friday 20, March 2009
  12:30 Registration and refreshments                            of China’s pesticide industry                 15:25 Afternoon refreshments
                                                              ● Research and development situation
  13:30 Opening remarks from the Chair                          of China’s pesticide technical and             15:55 Multi-National Corporations (MNCs)’ view on
        Chairman: Terry Tooby, Advisor to                       formulation                                          policy and legislation of China’s crop protection
        AgChem Industry                                                                                               ● MNCs’ view on policy and legislation of
                                                              ● Status and developing trend of China’s
                                                                pesticide intermediates                                 china’s crop protection
   Overwiew of China's crop protection
                                                              ● Characteristics of China’s pesticide                  ● How to overcome registration barriers
   industry and regulations
                                                                distribution channels                                 ● How to protect intellectual property right
                                                              ● Future of China’s pesticide market                      and patents
  13:40 Development trend of China’s crop
        protection industry                                   ● Environment protection of China’s                     ● How to conform to Chinese policies and
                                                                pesticide industry                                      regulations
        ● Current status of China’s crop protection
                                                              Congcong Ao, Director, Information                      Yanjing Liu, Registration and Regulatory
        ● Crops’ current planting and distribution
                                                              Center, CCPIA                                           Affairs Manager, FMC
          in China, occurrence, distribution, control
          and monitoring, and forecasts of pests
                                                        14:50 The protection of IPR and product integrity      16:30 Adjustment of Chinese pesticide industrial
        ● Protective tillage and environmental                                                                       structure
          protection                                          ● Counterfeiting in global crop protection
                                                                industry                                              ● Merger and reorganization of enterprises
        ● The role of government
                                                              ● The protection of IPR and product                     ● Adjustment of product structure
        ● Future trends of China’s crop protection
                                                                integrity in global crop protection                   ● Integration of industry chain
        Zhonghui Wu, Managing director, CCM
                                                              ● Case study: Anti-counterfeiting in China              ● Construction of industrial parks
        International Limited, China
                                                              ● Future protection of IPR
                                                                                                               17:05 Closing remarks from the chair and close of
  14:15 Developing status and trend of China's                Rocky Rowe, Advisor to ECPA, Project                   conference
        pesticide industry                                    Manager, European Anti-counterfeit and
        ● Development scale and general situation             Illegal Trade Project                            17:20 Drinks reception

      CCM's consultancy in crop protection                                                 •   Trade analysis and monitoring
                                                                                           •   Price monitoring
      By using the extensive research staffs who take advantage of local
                                                                                           •   Competitiveness study
      presence, CCM provides following consultancy for those companies
                                                                                           •   Benchmarking research and cost structure analysis
      that want to penetrate the crop protection products markets in China
                                                                                           •   Technology evaluation
      and the Asia-Pacific Rim.
                                                                                           •   Product screening
                                  The Future of Crop Protection China

                                               Day two-Saturday 21, March 2009
08:30 Registration and refreshments                           ● Future of China’s agricultural antibiotics         ● Entry threshold
                                                              Wei Li, Chief Engineer, Hebei Veyong                 ● Pesticide registration policy
09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair                          Bio- chemical, China                                 ● Enterprises' relocation to the industrial
       Chairman: Terry Tooby, Advisor to                                                                             parks
       AgChem Industry                                   Thriving fields and process innovation of
                                                         China’s crop protection industry                    15:20 Afternoon refreshments
 Key market development and new opportunities
                                                        11:25 China’s fast growing GM crop market            15:50 Chinese peasants' consumption behavior
09:10 Development of non-selective herbicide in               ● Regulations of GM crops in China                   of pesticides
      China, glyphosate
                                                              ● China’s technology status of GM crops              ● Information source and criteria of
       ● Development of glyphosate industry                                                                          choosing pesticides
                                                              ● Market development and potential of GM
       ● Production of global’s and China’s                     crops in China                                     ● Habit of using pesticide
                                                                                                                   ● Cost of using pesticide
       ● Technology improvement of China’s              12:00 The fast-developing green agricultural
                                                                                                                   ● Peasants' awareness on health and
         glyphosate                                           products in China
                                                                                                                     environmental protection
       ● Development of glyphosate formulation                ● Consumers' rising awareness on health
       ● Competitiveness of China’s glyphosate in               and environmental protection                 16:25 Chinese formulation production's
         the global market                                    ● The current demand situation and                   characteristics and development trend
       ● Challenges facing China’s glyphosate                   forecast on China's green agricultural             ● Scattered production
         industry and the future of China’s                     products
                                                                                                                   ● Inefficient formulation
         glyphosate industry                                  ● The supply & demand of green pesticides
                                                                                                                   ● Slow development of pesticide adjuvants
       Shuguang Zhou, Xin' an Group                             and the forecast on it in China
                                                                                                                   ● Development of environmentally friendly
                                                        12:35 Lunch                                                  formulation
09:45 Challenges and opportunities of Chinese
      insecticide industry                                                                                         ● Development of high concentration
                                                        13:35 China's biopesticide development                       formulation
       ● Meager profit margin
                                                              ● Biopesticide market status
       ● Insecticide resistance                                                                              17:00 Characteristics and prospect of India’s crop
                                                              ● Huge potential of biopesticide
       ● Scattered production and surplus                                                                          protection market
         production capacity                                  ● Challenges and opportunities for
                                                                                                                   ● Characteristics of India’s crop protection
                                                                biopesticide in China, such as peasants’
       ● GM insect-resistant crops                                                                                   industry
                                                                pesticide use habit, government policies,
       ● Development of highly effective and low-               etc.                                               ● Position and market share of India’s crop
         toxic pesticides                                                                                            protection industry in the world
       ● Reshuffle of insecticide industry              14:10 Biological control                                   ● Competition between India’s and China’s
       ● Expired patents of foreign products                  ● Application situation                                crop protection market

                                                              ● Research status                                    ● Prospect of India’s crop protection
10:20 Morning refreshments                                                                                           market
                                                              ● Development trend
                                                                                                                   Dr. Arun Dhuri, Vice President,
10:50 Development, application and environmental                                                                   Registration and Business
                                                         Crop protection with Chinese characteristics
       protection of China’s agricultural antibiotics                                                              Development, Excel Crop Care Limited,
                                                         and general situation of Indian crop protection
       ● Current market situation of China’s                                                                       India
         agricultural antibiotics                       14:45 The changes of environmental protection
       ● Application of China’s agricultural                  policies in Chinese crop protection industry   17:35 Closing remarks from the Chair and close
         antibiotics                                          and the countermeasures of enterprises               of conference
       ● Environmental protection of China’s                  ● Wastewater discharge standard
         agricultural antibiotics                             ● Export rebate

   CCM's expertise in crop protection
   CCM started the research on agrochemicals since 2001. Later                      malathion, metsulfuron methyl, phosalone, etc.
   on CCM did quite a lot of researches on other agrochemical-
   related products in China and prepared a series of market                        CCM has its own consultants and local journalist, and is running
   reports. The researched products include glyphosate, paraquat,                   four newsletters related to crop protection in China. Those four
   propanil, acetochlor, butachlor, anachlor, avermectin, chlorpyrifos,             newsletters bring you the latest information and in-depth analysis on
   dichloroaniline, dimethoate, emametin benzoate, ivermectin,                      China’s crop protection market.
                 Reports                                                                 Newsletters
• The future of glyphosate industry in China                   Insecticides China News                        Fungicides China News
  Made in 2008. In the report, CCM monitors Chinese
                                                               • Pests' stricken area analysis                • Market spotlight
  glyphosate industry from aspects of production,
                                                               • Policy and legislation                       • Policy and legislation
  price, raw materials, intermediates, import & export,
                                                               • Company dynamics                             • Company dynamics
  demand, consumption, production technology,
                                                               • New technology and insecticide               • Updated registration
  competition as well as governmental policies.
                                                               • Updated registration                         • Production process
• Glyphosate Competitiveness Analysis-                         • Production process                           PDF newsletter delivered every
  sponsorship programme                                        PDF newsletter delivered every month           month

• The future of crop protection in China                       Subscribe by single user PDF:                  Subscribe by single user PDF:
  Made in 2008. The report is a systematic research            €1800/ £1385/$2790 for 1 year                  €1800/ £1385/$2790 for 1 year
  on China’s crop protection, from the aspects of crop,
  diseases & insect pests, pesticides, environmental           Get enterprisewide license:                    Get enterprisewide license:
  policies, etc.                                               €4500/ £3462/$6975 for 1 year                  €4500/ £3462/$6975 for 1 year

• The future of pesticides in China
  Made in 2008. This is the second edition. The report
                                                               Herbicides China News                          Crop Protection China News
  examines pesticide industry on the whole, from the           ● Market dynamics including imports &          ● What China is starving for
  aspects of production, manufacturer, import & export,          exports, price update and etc.
                                                                                                              ● Legislation and environmental policy
  demand, growing points, technology, distribution,            ● Raw materials, intermediates and additives
  government management, driving force, etc.                   ● Policy and legislation                       ● Market dynamics
                                                               ● Company dynamics                             ● Area dynamics
• The 2009-2014 world outlook for glyphosate                   ● New technology & new products China          ● New technology & new products
  Made in 2009. This is an intelligence report on                develops or starves for
  glyphosate industry across the world. This study                                                            ● Pesticides registration
                                                               ● Production process
  explores the history and future of glyphosate industry                                                      PDF newsletter delivered every 2
                                                               ● Registration
  in 20 countries across the world, and is comprised of                                                       weeks
                                                               PDF newsletter delivered every month
  2 main sections: Historical market analysis and future
  market analysis.                                                                                            Subscribe by single user PDF:
                                                               Subscribe by single user PDF:
                                                                                                              €1200/ £923/$1860 for 1 year
  Other latest reports related to crop protection              €1800/ £1385/$2790 for 1 year
  include Production & market of chlorpyrifos in China,                                                       Get enterprisewide license:
  Production & market of imidacloprid in China and             Get enterprisewide license:
                                                                                                              €3000/ £2308/$4650 for 1 year
  Production & market of oxadiazon in China, etc.              €4500/ £3462/$6975 for 1 year


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                                 The Future of Crop Protection China

Friday 20 – Saturday 21 March 2009 Shanghai, China
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