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									The Future of Earth                                                

                                    The Future of Earth
                                  Caught Between Barack
                                     and a Hard Place

              5/29/08 - Its gotten to the point where watching the evening news is
           almost a masochistic ritual. It is as if we should have understood that              Now for their next encore

           after the second coup d'état in the 2004 US Presidential “Election” those            performance they have

           who stole power from the American People were not about to let it go.                nearly broken through the

           Bill Clinton is just starting to speak up about it. Good for Bill. Maybe             conundrum of the looming

           Hillary should run as an Independent.                                                probability of losing the next

                                                                                                election to Hillary Clinton by

                 Hilary Clinton can recognize treachery when she sees it. After all, she        demanding that you vote for

              bore witness to the outworking of a very real right wing conspiracy to            the candidate of their choice.

              undermine the power of our President and his Presidency. She knows that           You’re not a racist are you?

              it was planned and executed by leftovers from the old Bush                        All the while millions suffer

              administration that her husband naively let remain during the “transition”        the illusion that their

              period when he first took Office.                                                 movement chose this

                                                                                                candidate. Barack is their
                 The reason that those who have seized control of this planet can’t
                                                                                                man… not ours.
              stand the idea of President Hillary Clinton is because she actually knows
              first hand what they are capable of. As if that is not bad enough, she also
              wants to take their tax credits away. The thought of it!

                 Hillary Clinton knows that the same treasonous jackals that heckled
              and threatened the vote counters in Florida, setting the stage for the 2000
              Supreme overthrow of our collective political will, now jeer at her too.
              These “people” are not even subtle. This is the way this group has acted
              for decades. They shoot a President in broad daylight, buy Zapruder’s
              film and change the frame sequences to match their ridiculous Lee
              Harvey Oswald lie. Later they digitize and mask the real event.

                 These manipulators of perception really know how to “seize the day”
              and any remaining real intelligence along with it. “Democracy” be

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The Future of Earth                                                

              damned! Just tell the snoozing masses what to do. Vote for our guy (either
              one of them) and let us build our nuclear power plants. The scientists who
              work for us say it is safe. Would we hurt you? Would we poison you?
              Don’t you trust us?

                 Didn’t you know we have discredited the few remaining, honest
              scientists who worked for you and your planet? Who dares to say they
              offered you real solutions? We will tell you what is real. Who cares if
              they warned you about the disasters unfolding all around you, decades
              before they actually happened, when they could have been prevented? It
              was all lucky guesses. Just like their earthquake predictions. Our cute
              little science puppets can’t do it; so how can they?

                 These same Masters of War and Deceit really know how to lay down
              the law and rape it. I could have sworn I heard Mr. Cheney say, “Truth is
              against the rules, you idiots.”

                 Unfortunately many of us were lulled back into a brief political stupor
              when the puppet masters gave us the illusion of a victory in the 2006
              “elections”. They had already changed the rules so that now we actually
              need sixty votes to get anything done in the United States Senate. They
              counted on our carefully cultured gullibility. They counted on us blaming
              the all too often mediocre Democratic Party for the failure to get anything
              done. You know, like stopping the political, moral and economic
              hemorrhage in Iraq.

                 Will Howard Dean and the DNC rules committee cooperate by
              allowing the Republican majority in the Florida Legislature to call the
              dance and invalidate Hillary Clinton’s impressive and compelling victory
              in that State? Intentionally dispiriting, isn’t it. Who needs Jeb Bush when
              you’ve got Howard Dean? (An Important Update: Who "Really" Won?)

                 To the “special delegates” who have thrown Hillary Clinton to the
              dogs, I have to quote Bob Dylan. “You have a lot of nerve, to say you
              have a helping hand to lend. You just want to be on the side that’s
              winning.” Even if it is the side that cannot really win the general
              election. Millions of us will not vote for Obama.

                 Once again the Rove PM (Perception Management) machine
              successfully does the bidding of its trillionaire masters. Whoever serves

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The Future of Earth                                                  

              these monsters, as they devour our planet for sport, never gets charged
              with a crime that the Marionette in Chief couldn’t pardon with a stroke of
              the pen. All the while they celebrate the waterboarding of Lady Liberty.
              We can almost hear them say, “Are you gagging yet, you little beitch?
              Screw you and your habeas corpus.”

                 Now for their next encore performance they have nearly broken
              through the conundrum of the looming probability of losing the next
              election to Hillary Clinton by demanding that you vote for the candidate
              of their choice. You’re not a racist are you? All the while millions suffer
              the illusion that their movement chose this candidate. Barack is their
              man… not ours.

                 It is hard to believe that the deal is nearly done. While the entrained
              political sheep call out joyfully to their false prophet, the monsters gather
              up the remnants of the American dream and cry out, Yes We Can, right
              along with their braying political livestock. Yes We Can, steal another

                 I called this strategy Karl Rove’s Dream and not long after that Karl
              Rove came right out in public and did everything the most diabolical
              political operative since Goebbels could do to endorse Barack Obama. He
              then gave Obama his next cue. Rove demanded that Barack dump the
              man he once referred to as “my best friend on Earth”. Throw him right
              under the bus and drive over him, Barack baby. And it came to pass, a
              few hours later, that Barack Obama obediently carried out the command,
              attempting to put twenty years of mentoring by Jeremiah Wright out of
              the dazed public eye.

                 Too few of us joined Senator Hillary Clinton’s demand for the
              decommissioning the electronic voting machines. The thieves will count
              most of our votes or not as they see fit unless we demand paper ballots.
              Demand them, now.

                 Our attention gets too often stuck on the tar baby of obscured details
              regarding the continuing catastrophe unraveling around us. All the while,
              the real scientific, political and economic issue of this century goes
              completely ignored or is dressed up in solar panels, hybrid cars or other

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The Future of Earth                                                       

                 We have almost reached the zero point of our collective descent into
              an unprecedented political, economic and environmental abyss. It may at
              last be time for us to consider what the “bosses” don’t want us to even
              believe is possible. We could, by the hair of our chinny, chin, chins still
              enjoy a benign and abundant future powered by clean and pollution free
              zero point vacuum fluctuation based technologies.

                 Tesla’s spirit whispers into the bleeding ears of Liberty, “Wake up! My
              beloved. Wake up and put your life on the line before the next two-mile
              wide tornado, category four hurricane, massive flood or 8-point
              earthquake reduces your dreams to piles of promised change and false
              hopes. It is better to live with integrity than to die without it.”

                 Look up my friends. Look up into the intentionally obscured skies of
              Planet Earth. Just think; those planes that look like they are spraying a
              death shroud before the Sun are really just making contrails. They just
              persist and spread now, that’s all. See the pretty refractions? Don’t worry.
              Be dopey. The Fluoride, Prozac and Zoloft now found in all of your major
              cities’ water supplies are good for you. It is a mercy killing after all.

                 Adam Trombly

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