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					                    A guide to Greek Mythology                                   .
Acheron:                                                                         Charities (Graces):
A river in the Underworld.                                                       T he thre e a tt enda nt s of
Achilles:                                                                        Aphrodite.
Greek hero in the Trojan War. He                                                 Charon:
was killed by Paris with an arrow to                                             Ferried the souls of the dead over
the heel, his only mortal spot.                                                  the rivers of Hades.
Actaeon:                                                                         Chimaera:
Punished by Artemia this Hunter was                                              M ons t e r w i th a li on’s he ad,
transformed into a stag and killed by                 goat’s body and dragon’s tail.
his own hounds.                                                                  Chiron:
Adonis:                                                                          A Centaur and tutor of the Gods.
A beautiful youth loved by                                                       Cronos (Saturn):
                                          After refusing to shelter Perseus he
Aphrodite.                                                                       The oldest of the Gods he de-
                                          was turned into Atlas Mountain and
Aeneas:                                                                          voured his sons at birth so as to
                                          condemned to support the heavens.
A Trojan Prince whose wanderings                                                 retain his throne and was finally
                                          Argos:                                 overthrown by Zeus.
after the fall of Troy are the basis of
                                          King of Argos who had one hundred      Cyclops:
the tales of Virgil’s Aeneid.
                                          eyes of which only two slept at any    A giant with one eye in the mid-
God of Healing.                           time.                                  dle of the forehead.
                                          Ariadne:                               Daedalus:
                                          The daughter of Minos, the King of     A craftman who flew with wings
Commander of the greek armies in
                                          Crete, who helped Theseus escape       made of wax.
the Trojan war. He was killed by his
                                          from the Minotaur’s labyrinth with     Dementer (Ceres):
wife Clytemnestra as prophesied by
Cassandra.                                thread.                                Goddess of the produce of the
                                          Artemis (Diana):                       earth.
                                          Twin sister of Apollo. She was the     Electra:
Fellow warrier and good friend of
                                          Goddess of the hunt, the moon          A daughter of Agamemnon and
                                          (Selene) and magic (Hecate).           sister of Orestes.
Mythical race of war-like females.        Bacchantes:                            Endymion:
Andromeda:                                Wild dis he vele d w omen w ho         A beautiful youth who was loved
Wife of the Trojan Prince, Hector.        were devotees of Bacchus.              by Selene who put him into a
Aphrodite (Venus):                        Bacchus (Dionysus):                    perpetual sleep.
Goddess of love and beauty.               God of wine, mirth and revelry.        Eos:
Apollo:                                   Bellerophon:                           Goddess of the Dawn and daugh-
Son of Zeus, God of music, medi-          S lew the Chim ae ra a ide d by        ter of Hyperion.
cine, the arts and prophesy and           P a l la s A t he ne a nd ri di ng     Eris:
charriot driver to the Sun.               Pegasus.                               Goddess of discord.
                                          Calypso:                               Eros (Cupid):
Ares (Mars):
                                          Nymph on island of Ogygia who          God of Love.
Son of Zeus and a lover of Aphredite.
                                          kept Odysseus prisoner for seven       Eumenides (Furies):
Mars was the God of war.
                                          years.                                 Winged maidens, avenging dei-
                                          Cassandra:                             ties.
As companions of Jason these Greek
heroes sailed in the Argo in search       Prohhetess - maiden daughter of        Europa:
                                          Priam who was taken as booty by        A beautiful Nymph who was car-
of the Golden Fleece.
                                          Agamemnon.                             ried by Zeus in the guise of a bull
                                          Centaurs:                              across the sea of Crete.
She would only marry the man who
                                          Half man, half horse that lived        Fates:
could beat her in a running race.
Hippomenes succeded with the help         on Mount Pelion.                       Three sisters who controlled
                                          Cerberus:                              the destiny of man
of Aphrodite and golden apples from
                                          Many headed dog that guarded
the garden of Hesperides.
                                          the gateway to the Underground
            A guide to Greek Mythology - 2
Ganymede:                            . Jason:                            Pandora:
A morta l pri nce w ho bec ame       Sailed with the Argonauts on the    The firs t w oman. Zeus a s ked
Zeus’s cup-bearer.                   A rgo in ques t of the G olde n     Hephaestus to make her of clay.
Gorgons:                             Fleece.                             The ills of the world were re-
Three winged sisters with snakes     Leander:                            leased from her box.
for hair. They were so ugly that     A Youth of Abydos who swam          Paris:
w hoever look ed at the m w as       H elle s pont ea ch night to s ee   The son of Priam. He selected
turned to stone.                     Hero, priestess of Aphrodite.       Aphrodite as the most beautiful
Hades (Pluto):                       Medea:                              Goddess and was rewarded with
God of the Underworld who car-       Daughter of Aeretes who helped      Helen.
ried off Persephone, the daugh-      Jason in his quest.                 Parnassus:
ter of Dementer. Also the name       Medusa:                             A mountain dedicated to Muses
of the underworld itself.            A G orgon that w as kill ed by      a nd    also    i nha bi t e d by
Harpies:                             Perseus.                            Bacchantes.
Vultures with old women’s heads      Menelaus:                           Pegasus:
who tormented men.                   Married to Helen of Troy, He        The winged horse.
Hector:                              was the King of Spata.              Perseus:
Trojan hero and son of Priam         Mnemnosyne:                         With the assistance of the Gods
who was killed by Achilles.          Goddess of memory and mother        he killed Gorgon Medusa.
Helen:                               of the nine Muses.                  Poseidon (Neptune):
Wife of Menelaus who was car-        Muses:                              Brother of Zeus and King of the
ried off, by Paris, to Troy and       Nine sisters presiding over the    sea.
was the cause of the Trojan War.     arts.                               Priam:
Hephaestus (Vulcan):                 Narcissus:                          The last King of Troy.
God of fire and blacksmiths.         He gazed into a stream and fell     Prometheus:
Hera (Juno):                         in love with his own image,         A titan who stole fire from Ol-
Queen of Heaven and daughter of      Nymphs:                             ympus and gave it to men.
Cronos.                              Lesser female deities.              Psyche:
Heracles (Hercules):                 Odysseus (Ulysses):                 A beautiful Nymph beloved by
A Greek hero who accomplished        The Greek leader of the Trojan      Eros.
twelve labours with the help of      war who invented the ‘’Trojan       Satyrs:
Gods.                                Horse’.                             Spirits of the woods and fields
Hermes (Mercury):                    Oedipus:                            and devotees of Baccus.
G od of travel ers , merc hant s ,   King of Thebes ans son of Laius     Sirens:
shepherds and robbers as well as     . H e killed his father as w as     Nymphs whose beautiful voices
mes s en ger an d hera ld of the     prophesied at his birth             lured people to their deaths.
Gods                                 Orestes:                            Styx::
Hydra:                               S on of A ge m e m non a nd         The ma in river of the U nder-
Seven headed monster who was         Clytemnestra                        world.
killed by Hercules.                  Orpheus:                            Themis:
Hygieia:                             Tried to reclaim his wife from      Goddess of law and justice.
Goddess of health.                   Hades with the aid of his lyre      Titans:
Hymen:                               playing without success.            Older race of giant Gods.
God of marriage.                     Pallas Athene (Minerva):            Zeus (Jupiter):
Hyperion:                            Goddess of wisdom and power.        Replaced his father, Cronos, as
Father of Helios (Sun), Selene       Pan (Faunus):                       the King of Gods.
(Moon) and Eos (Dawn).               God of shepherds, Pan was half
                                     man and half goat.