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Welcome To The Future of Your Libraries! by mirit35


									    Welcome To The
Future of Your Libraries!
Your Library District in 1979
Your Library District in 2008
         Library District Growth

• Our facilities were built to serve 23,500 people.

• They now serve 62,000 people.

• With the proposed addition of “North” Romeoville,
  our District serves 72,000 people.

• We need facilities that will serve 100,000+ people!
Cramped Library Spaces    Inadequate Parking

Demand Exceeds Capacity   Tiny Children’s Dept
Old/Inefficient HVAC System   Difficult To Enter

 No Elevator To Lower Level     Cracking Walls
Open Staircase   Narrow Restroom Hall

A Dumbwaiter!    Surrounded By A Bank
     Leaky Roof           Outdated/Non-ADA Restrooms

Narrow & Shadowy Aisles      Unattractive Furnishings
   Proposed Library Facilities:
Crest Hill, Lockport, and Romeoville
Prototype Library -   1 st   Floor
Prototype Library –   2 nd   Floor
Prototype Library - Central Svcs
What Does a 2008 Library Look Like?
What Does a 2008 Library Look Like?
     What Will 3 New Libraries Cost?
Building Bonds:
   • The average cost to construct each branch library will be
      approximately $13.6 million.
   • The tax impact of this is $3.95 per month per $100,000 of
      your home’s value.

Operating Rate:
  • Our districts’ already low tax rate will need to be increased
     to address operating and maintenance costs associated
     with the new branch libraries.
  • The tax impact of this is $3.58 per month per $100,000 of
     your home’s value.
             Fiscal Responsibility

The Des Plaines Valley Public Library District is and always has
been a conservative fiscal body, as demonstrated by:

• Our library district has never gone to referendum

• Taxes capped, tax rate declining, yet the library has
  maintained services

• New-growth taxes saved for future expansion

• No-frills planning to meet current and future community needs
           Library District Funding

Our library district is funded by an operating tax rate of 12.3
cents per $100 of assessed valuation. Once the rate drops below
12 cents (next year), we may lose over $65,000/yr in funding.
  Comparing Us To Peer Libraries
In FY2008, we are spending $2.95 per resident each month to
provide library services.

Compare that to some other local library budgets:
 Fountaindale Public Library District spends $6.72 per capita per month.

 Plainfield Public Library District spends $4.23 per capita per month.

 New Lenox Public Library District spends $5.56 per capita per month.

 Homer Township Library District spends $5.17 per capita per month.
          Benefits of New Libraries
Increased Collections
   • Our new libraries will contain 2 to 3 times as many books
     and materials as our current facilities.

Increased Programming For All Ages
   • These facilities will provide attractive, comfortable,
      accessible space to conduct community programming for
      all ages and interests.

More Public Computers
  • We will effectively double the number of computers we
     offer the public, as well as provide a computer lab where
     our free computer instruction classes can expand!
    Benefits of New Libraries (cont.)
Better Accessibility
   • Our new libraries will meet or exceed modern accessibility
      standards with elevators, convenient parking, etc.

Community Support
  • The new facilities will also provide more meeting
    spaces for community groups, and increased ability to
    support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Increased Usage
   • We expect our circulation will triple within 5 years!

Drive-up Book Returns
   • Convenient return of all material formats from your car!
    What Can You Do To Help?
• Continue to attend community forum meetings!

• Speak up! Share your opinions!

• Engage your friends and neighbors!

• Join the Friends of the Library group!

• Volunteer at the library!

• Volunteer to work on the campaign for new libraries!

• Register to vote… And Vote!

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