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					Identifying Benthic Organisms – CDROM
The program on this CD “Identifying Benthic Organisms” is a test version. We aim to assess
its effectiveness as a learning tool and as reference material for those interested in monitoring
coral reef benthos. As not all parts of the program are functioning, this information is intended
to provide help in running the program, which will be fully documented, in the final version.
Active areas are indicated by a hand symbol. In this version all text is unformatted so that
species names are not italiced as per convention. An evaluation sheet is included on the CD.
Your comments would be appreciated and can be emailed to

Before you start:
Set your Monitor display to 640x480 and 16bit or high colour (read inside the CD cover).
Turn your volume up high or connect external speakers so you can hear the voice over

Trouble shooting:
The current pilot has an automatic install for Quicktime. However, if the title screen does not
have a GO button it is likely that you do not the correct version of Quicktime installed. You
can install the correct version from this CD.

If the text over- writes on the screen or doesn‟t fit on the screen you will need to install the
fonts folder on this CD. This is done inside the „‟file‟‟ option in Control panel/fonts.

The current design is intended to test the navigation and design and we apologize for any
errors. Some problems have occurred in producing graphs in the video module especially on
NT machines. Scoring and graphing can be achieved by manually dragging the output file
found in Aw_data in your windows directory on to the score.exe and graph.exe icon as seen

The start up window

                                                                                        Double click
Install fonts                                                                           to start the
from Control                                                                            program

                                                                                        Scoring and
                                                                                        graphing by

Program Navigation:

After filling in your personal details you will enter the Main Menu Screen.
Background information about the program and about each module is contained in the
overview for each section. It is highly recommended you read the overviews before using
  each module for the first time. If you choose to store your data on the hard drive you will find
  the files under your logon name in C:Windows/Aw_4data. A list of codes used in this program
  is located at the end of this document.

                                                                  The Project overview has several
                                                                  sections that contain some
                                                                  background information as to the
                                                                  purpose and uses of this CD,
                                                                  references, methods and biological
                                                                  background material.

                                                                  Reference images of the
                                                                  benthic groups used in         Flow chart of
                               Link to AIMS                                                      codes
Short cuts to start            Long Term                          AIMS training programs
the ‘Learn a                   Monitoring Web                     and standards for
Lifeform’ and                  page                               GCRMN. Codes and code
‘Video Transects’                                                 descriptions.
A hand icon indicates areas of the program which are active in this test version. Other helpful
navigation features are identified in the following example.

                                                   Clicking on text in the
                                                   top right hand corner
                                                   takes you back one step
                 Clicking on text in the           to the previous screen
                 top left hand corner
                 takes you back to the
                 main screen

                                               This tool bar provides
                                               short cuts to navigate
                                               around the program
Summary of Contents:

Project Overview
 Introduction
 Computer settings
 Methodology – Introduction, The identification system, Working with images.
 Biological background. Touch screen showing examples of benthic groups and their
    taxonomic background.

Visual index
The visual index contains visual examples and definitions of all lifeforms used in this system.
The user chooses a group and then either Classic or Difficult examples or common mistakes.
Codes used in other parts of the program are defined here

Learn a Lifeform
 Overview of module
 Interactive exercise to practice identifying lifeforms. Hard corals are randomly chosen
   from a database of images

Video Transects
 Overview of Video transects (Background information about the source material)
 Identify – All lifeforms present are targeted for identification practice.
                 Overview of aims of module and instructions.
                 Interactive exercise identifying lifeforms from a video transect.
 Analyse – Mainly for experienced users. Identifying points placed systematically on the
                 Overview of aims of module and instructions.
                 Exercise identifying lifeforms. Creates a simulation of video transect
                      analysis with the creation of percentage cover data.

Code map
Quick reference for looking up codes. This flow chart shows the major benthic groups and
their component lifeforms.

NB. The definition and description of each code can be found in the Visual Index.
Lifeform Codes
ACB Acropora branching
ACE Acropora encrusting
ACS Acropora submassive.
ACD Acropora digitate
ACT Acropora tabulate
CB   Coral Branching.
CE Coral Encrusting
CF Coral Foliose
CM Coral Massive
CS Coral Submassive
CMR Mushroom coral
DC Dead Coral
DCA Turf algae on dead coral.
CME. Millepora
CML Blue Coral
CTU Tubipora musica
SC Soft Coral
ZO Zooanthid,
SP Sponge
OT Others
AA Algal assemblage.
MA Macro algae
TA Turf Algae
HA Halimeda
CA Coralline Algae
RCK Reefal substrate with no macroscopic biotic cover
R Rubble.
S Sand
DDD Used for non-data points – Out of focus or otherwise too hard to see.
WA Water When the data point is more than 50cm from the tape or camera.
ALG Is a composite code for the module ANALYSE which combines AA, TA, CA, MA

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