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                                 Silvicultural Pollution Abatement Advisory Committee 2005

                                   Committee Recommendations
Silvicultural Complaint Response & Resolution

Identified Concern            Recommended Action                      Responsible Party       Rec.      Anticipated
                                                                                              Timeframe Outcome
District response to          ODNR-DSWC should tailor the             ODNR-DSWC Resource      12-31-05        Revisions to SOP
silvicultural complaints is   Standard Operating Procedures           Management Section                      including expectation of
often inconsistent            (SOP) to better meet silvicultural                                              responding to all
statewide. Some               needs. All complaints (verbal as                                                silvicultural complaints.
Districts do not respond      well as written) should be              SWCDs
to verbal complaints.         responded to.

Many SWCD staff lack          Periodic training should be offered     ODNR-DSWC Resource      50 % of         Improved complaint
adequate training on          to SWCD personnel on silvicultural      Management Section w/   SWCDs           response, higher quality
silvicultural BMPs and        complaint response and use of           support of partner      with a          service by SWCD staff.
complaint response and        BMPs with the goal of having at         agencies and            trained staff
resolution.                   least one fully trained SWCD staff      organizations           member by
                              member per county.                                              12-31-05

                                                                                              85% by

                                                                                              100% by

There is confusion as to      Inform and educate landowners and       ODNR-DSWC               Initiate by     Better understanding
whether the landowner,        loggers that they both have legal       Logger Standards        1-30-06         among all parties of their
logger or both are            responsibilities under the                Council               (On-going)      legal responsibilities.
responsible for resolving     agricultural pollution abatement law.   ODNR-DOF

silvicultural pollution                                             OFA
problems.                                                           OSU Extension

There is insufficient       ODNR-DSWC should approach the           ODNR-DSWC and             Initiate By   Master Loggers
interaction between         Logger Standards Council about          Logger Standards          1-30-06       assisting SWCD staff in
Logger Chapters and         entering into a Memorandum of           Council should initiate                 complaint resolution and
SWCDs.                      Understanding (MOU) between             the process and develop                 recommendations on an
                            Logger Chapters and the respective      a draft MOU w/                          as-needed and as-
                            SWCDs.                                  cooperation from:                       available basis.
                                                                                                            Improved silvicultural
                            A MOU could provide a framework         OFA                                     expertise among SWCD
                            for cooperation on complaint            SWCDs                                   staff.
                            resolution and logger education         Logger Chapters
                            opportunities (see Logger Education     Logger Standards
                            section below).                          Council

ODNR-DSWC Silvicultural Pollution Abatement Staffing

Identified Concern          Recommended Action                      Responsible Party         Rec.      Anticipated
                                                                                              Timeframe Outcome
ODNR-DSWC has legal         ODNR-DSWC should establish a            ODNR-DSWC                 7-1-06        Consistent, effective
authority and               new position that would spearhead                                               silvicultural complaint
responsibility to enforce   the Division’s efforts in                                         w/ interim    response and resolution.
Ohio’s Agricultural         implementing the silvicultural                                    dates for
Pollution Abatement         provisions of the Agricultural                                    steps         More frequent statewide
Law. Historically,          Pollution Abatement Law. This                                     needed to     silvicultural training
however, the Pollution      position would assist SWCDs with                                  meet this     opportunities for SWCD
Abatement Program has       site investigations; provide training                             goal          staff.
focused heavily on the      to District staff; and assist in
livestock and cropland      developing silvicultural education
provisions of the law. A    programs associated with the
stronger emphasis           Pollution Abatement Rules and
needs to be placed on       related BMPs.
silvicultural pollution

SWCD Workload Prioritization and Staffing Needs

Identified Concern          Recommended Action                     Responsible Party       Rec.      Anticipated
                                                                                           Timeframe Outcome
Silviculture is the         All SWCDs should evaluate and          SWCDs                   Within the    Readily available
predominant land use in     prioritize the needs of woodland                               next annual   technical expertise and
many counties in Ohio.      landowners and loggers within their    With assistance from:   planning      assistance to woodland
However, only a few         respective counties. Strategic plans                           cycle         landowners.
SWCDs emphasize or          and Annual Plans of Work should        ODNR-DSWC Program
adequately address the      reflect these priorities.              Specialists                           District programs that
needs of woodland                                                                                        better address the
landowners and loggers                                                                                   predominant land use
in their overall District                                                                                and resource concerns
programs or staffing                                                                                     of the individual
plans.                                                                                                   counties.

                                                                                                         In some instances,
                                                                                                         additional staff may be
                                                                                                         needed while in other
                                                                                                         instances, employee
                                                                                                         work priorities may need
                                                                                                         to be shifted to provide
                                                                                                         better outreach to
                                                                                                         woodland landowners
                                                                                                         and loggers.
                            SWCDs should continue to work          SWCDs                   On-going      Landowners will be
                            closely with the ODNR-DOF Service      ODNR-DOF Service                      made aware of the
                            Foresters and direct landowners to      Foresters                            forest management and
                            the services they provide.                                                   other technical
                                                                                                         assistance available to

Operation & Management Plans

Identified Concern          Recommended Action                     Responsible Party           Rec.      Anticipated Outcome
Statewide, voluntary        It is recommended that a “Notice of    ODNR-DSWC RMS                          Increased contact
submission of O & M         Intent” (NOI) form be developed for    Section:                               between loggers and
plans for logging jobs is   submission by individuals wishing to   - Development of NOI        10-31-05   SWCDs. Increased
very low. Many loggers      conduct a timber harvest. The NOI        form                                 awareness of logging
perceive little or no       would contain basic information        - Program promotion         12-31-05   activity in each county.
benefit to filing these     about the proposed logging               & rollout                            SWCDs will be in a
plans. Many also find it    operation including the names of the                                          position to offer
difficult to develop a      parties involved, dates of harvest,                                           technical assistance as
detailed map of haul        acreage to be harvested and the                                               needed and achieve
roads and skid trails       physical location of the property.     Promotional support                    more timely complaint
because these locations     Unlike the O & M plans, this NOI       from:                                  resolution if the need
often can change due to     form would not require SWCD            - OFA                                  arises.
unforeseen or changing      Board approval nor would it provide    - Loggers Stds. Council
site conditions. SWCD       an affirmative defense as described    - ODNR-DOF
Boards are often            in the Agricultural Pollution          - OSU Extension
hesitant to approve the     Abatement Law.                         - Ohio Chapter of
plans because of limited                                             Association of
knowledge of the site or                                             Consulting Foresters of
limited silvicultural                                                America
expertise. When                                                    - Private industry
submitted, SWCDs do
find the plans to be a
useful notification tool.
                            It is recommended that the current     ODNR-DSWC                   3-30-06
                            Operation and Management Plan
                            form be replaced with a more           With input of other
                            extensive “Timber Harvest Plan”.       partners and industry
                            This would more accurately
                            describe the intent of the form.

                              It is recommended that ODNR-           ODNR-DSWC           3-30-06
                              DSWC pursue changes to the
                              language in Section 1501 of the
                              Ohio Administrative Code to extend
                              affirmative defense in cases where
                              a “Timber Harvest Plan” is

Certified Master Logger Program

Identified Concern            Recommended Action                     Responsible Party   Rec.      Anticipated
                                                                                         Timeframe Outcome
Under the current             It is recommended that the policy of   OFA                 1-1-06     Well-trained loggers
Certified Master Logger       the Master Logger Program be           Logger Standards               actively involved with
program, individuals          modified to require Master Logging      Council                       day-to-day operations.
attend certification          Companies to have at least one
trainings, but the            individual on the job site who is                                     More effective BMP
certification is granted to   certified in BMPs through the                                         installation and fewer
the logging company           Master Logger Program.                                                valid complaints.
and not the individual.                                                                             Increased number of
As a result, logging is                                                                             Certified Master
often conducted in the                                                                              Loggers.
name of the logging
company without the                                                                                 Increased likelihood of a
direct, on-site                                                                                     Master Logger being on
involvement of the                                                                                  site during logging
individual who attended                                                                             operations.

Logger Education

Identified Concern         Recommended Action                      Responsible Party          Rec.      Anticipated Outcome
Training materials used    New teaching resources should be        ODNR-DOF                   1-1-06        Improved quality of
for the Logging BMP        developed that reflect current trends   Ohio Forestry                            training materials.
Training are dated in      in the industry, current regulations    Association                              Increased perception of
terms of format and        and the updated BMP manual. All         OSU Extension                            professionalism within
content.                   materials should be developed in                                                 the industry. Improved
                           modern formats such as                                                           ease of delivery of
                           PowerPoint, DVD, etc.                                                            training programs.
BMP training workshops     It is recommended that a “train-the     ODNR-DSWC                  1-1-06        Consistent, high quality
for loggers (both within   trainer” program be developed for       ODNR-DOF                                 presentations, well
and outside of the         SWCDs and other groups wishing to       OFA                                      prepared trainers and
Master Logger program)     organize BMP training workshops.        Industry Representatives                 well organized training
are not held as often as                                           OSU Extension                            sessions for loggers.
they once were. Many                                                                                        The number of BMP
SWCD staff feel                                                                                             training workshops will
unprepared to organize                                                                                      also increase making
and promote a training                                                                                      training more accessible
workshop.                                                                                                   to loggers
Certified Master Loggers   Training modules need to be             ODNR-DSWC:                 Initiate by   Improved knowledge of
are required to earn       developed and tailored to cover         - RMS                      1-1-06        conservation and water
Continuing Education       topics such as the Pollution            - Soil Scientists          (On-going)    quality issues among
Units. Little of the       Abatement Rules and Standards,          - Education Section                      loggers. Easier access
current CEU offerings      soils information, soil erosion                                                  to CEU credits for
deal with BMPs,            reduction techniques, stream            OFA                                      loggers. Improved
assistance available       protection and water quality            ODNR-DOF                                 relations between
through SWCDs and          indicators and impacts. These           OSU Extension                            SWCDs and the logging
Agricultural Pollution     modules could be made available                                                  community.
Abatement Rules.           for presentation at Loggers Chapter
                           meetings or regional meetings with
                           assistance from SWCD staff.

Landowner Education

Identified Concern            Recommended Action                        Responsible Party      Rec.      Anticipated Outcome
Several landowner             It is recommended that OSU                OSU Extension          8-30-05       Organized
education efforts are         Extension’s Woodland Stewards              - Woodland Stewards   (On-going)    clearinghouse of training
currently being               Program serve as a clearinghouse             Staff                             resources, less
conducted. However,           and promotional vehicle for                                                    confusion about training
these efforts have            silvicultural training programs. As                                            dates, resources
largely been                  agencies develop new training                                                  available, etc.
independent and               programs, OSUE should be made
segmented.                    aware of the materials and training
Statewide, we generally       If agencies or groups are interested
lack an organized effort      in putting on a forest landowner
to coordinate these           training, OSUE would be able to link
training resources and        them to the appropriate instructors,
reap full benefits.           courses, etc. The Woodland
                              Stewards website calendar should
                              also be used as a comprehensive
                              list of upcoming silvicultural training

Many land owners are          SWCDs, with assistance from               SWCDs                  Initiate by   More landowners aware
unaware of the                ODNR-DSWC and other partners,             ODNR-DSWC              11-30-05      of the requirements
Agriculture Pollution         should incorporate details of the                                (On-going)    found in the Ag.
Abatement Rules               Agricultural Pollution Abatement                                               Pollution Abatement
pertaining to silviculture.   Rules & BMPs for Erosion Control                                               Rules and Standards.
                              for Logging Practice in Ohio into
The discussion of             expanded woodland landowner                                                    Fewer valid complaints
“Rules” generally             trainings.                                                                     relating to silvicultural
creates very little                                                                                          operations.
interest among                Additionally, an overview of the Ag.      OSU Extension          Initiate by
landowners and typically      Pollution Abatement Rules should           -Woodland Stewards    11-30-05
results in low                be incorporated into programs of          ODNR-DOF               (On-going)

attendance.              other agencies and partners (ie.       OFBF
                         OSUE, OFBF, ODNR-DOF, etc) as          Others
                         appropriate. The interest created by
                         other topics at these meetings
                         generates good attendance. This
                         provides a “captive audience” that
                         can be made aware of the current
                         regulations and industry standards.
The management efforts   The current Woodland Stewardship       ODNR-DOF   1-1-06   Renewed awareness of
of woodland landowners   Awards program should be               SWCDs               the importance of
are often overlooked.    revitalized. SWCDs are                                     woodland stewardship.
                         encouraged to honor landowners
                         who have done an exceptional job                           Positive role models for
                         of stewardship on their woodlands.                         other landowners to

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