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									    iPhone Application Development

                    The Secret Revealed

SynapseIndia is a leading mobile applications development company with a client base
spread wide across the world.

Through this ebook, we share the secret of our clients’ success that they have enjoyed by
delegating us their iPhone application development needs.

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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

  I. iPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT ....................................................3
  1. All you need to Know About iPhone Website Development ................................................4
  2. iPhone Application Development – Ushering Mobile Software Development to New Era of
  Opportunities ............................................................................................................5
  3. iPhone Mobile Application Development: Capturing Your Imagination .................................6
  4. iPhone Application Development: Catch Hold of An Expert! ..............................................7
  5. iPhone Mobile Application Development: The New & Promising Area in Software Development .8
  6. The iPhone Touch Concept: Taking Mobile Technology to the Next Level ..............................9

  II. BEST iPHONE APPLICATIONS ................................................................10
  1. iPhone Applications: Redefining the World of Mobile Entertainment ..................................11
  2. Best iPhone Applications that Add an Edge to your Performance .......................................12
  3. Best Apple Applications: Redefining the Meaning of Fun .................................................13
  4. Best iPhone Applications for Fun on the Move ..............................................................14

  III. OUTSOURCING FOR iPHONE DEVELOPMENT .......................................15
  1. Why Outsource iPhone Application Development .........................................................16
  2. iPhone Applications Development Outsourcing: Benefits Aplenty ......................................17
  3. Outsourcing: The Best Way to Make Profit in iPhone Application Development Business ........18
  4. How an iPhone Web Development Company Puts you in Advantage? .................................19
  5. Outsource iPhone Application Development: Easy & Cost-Effective! ..................................20

  1. iPhone Mobile Application Development in India ...........................................................22
  2. iPhone Applications Development in India: The Future is Bright ........................................23
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iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                  Page | 4

       All you need to Know About iPhone Website
                                                       well thought out assemblage of awesome
                                                       applications, which have pleased millions of fans
                                                       worldwide. Now if you want to have a slice of the
                                                       iPhone pie in the virtual arena, here are ways to
                                                       do that. With the running success of web
                                                       applications for the iPhone there has been a
                                                       steady progress in Offshore iphone development
                                                       across various parts of the world. This has given
                                                       the much needed mileage to iPhone web
                                                       development with several platforms to help build
                                                       the   website    that    can   assure  seamless
                                                       synchronization with the phone.
   There       are websites; and then there are
   websites that can achieve feats by being            But these things can be a bit too hot for you to
   simple and yet technologically robust and           handle, especially when there are so many fixes
   ready to meet latest challenges. Now if you         involved and you don’t want to make any
   want your website to fall under the latter          mistakes.          So        approaching         an
   category here are a few things that you should      iPhone web development company would be a
   know.                                               safer option. Some of the tools that are more or
                                                       less better options to build your iPhone website
   In today’s world, wielding the latest               are Joomla, Pligg, Custom Static and Custom
   technology is almost like wielding power. So        Dynamic. With a great CMS aboard, Joomla
   keeping abreast with the latest trends will         happens to be a good choice as you get to
   surely bring you greater gains. Like having an      experience some high quality templates through
   iPhone-friendly website, for instance, can do       it. Pligg, on the other hand, is an open source PHP
   you a lot of good, especially when iPhone           tool that isn’t much strong in the template factor
   website development is quite a thriving area        as there is no in-built template switching. Your
   today. So what is it that you must know when        best bet would be either Custom Static or Custom
   you think of having a website that’s                Dynamic depending on your preferences for the
   compatible with the iPhone?                         site.

   The iPhone is Apple’s latest offer that has
   everyone talking about the most amazing and
   chic mobile phone in the market today. But
   what contributes majorly to its popularity is a
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                Page | 5

iPhone Application Development – Ushering Mobile
  Software Development to New Era of Opportunities
   iPhone, a multimedia smart phone was designed
   and developed by Apple and was launched in June
   2007. Till date, Apple has sold over 7.5 million
   iPhones and this product has brought about a
   revolution in the mobile handset market. iPhone is
   a sophisticated, stylish, classy and highly
   functional gadget. It is more than just a phone.
   iPhone is a combination of three devices put
   together: a revolutionary mobile phone, a
   breakthrough internet device and a wide screen
   iPod. All this and more makes it the best phone
   you will ever use.

   With          popularity         of        iPhone,
   iPhone mobile application development          has
   become a major segment of the mobile software        developing iPhone applications, one needs
   development industry. Web interactive iPhone         Mac OS X on a computer, along with Visual
   application, basically known as apps, are            Studio Developer and Xcode tools. Apple has
   developed on a SDK-software development kit and      named its suit of development tools as Xcode,
   can be sold in Apple stores on a profit-sharing      which provides a range of support for code
   basis between individual developers or companies     editing, source-code repository management,
   involved in iPhone open application development.     source-level debugging, performance tuning
                                                        etc. to name a few. Thus developers having
   iPhone has created a separate niche, prompting       experience in developing Mac solutions are
   developer to create a range of iPhone application.   comfortably placed to work on iPhone
   Some of the prominent applications offered are of    applications.
   the following types:
                                                        A lot of iPhone application development work
   ● Document management and processing                 is getting outsourced to India, given India’s
   ● Finance                                            strong track record in software applications
   ● Games and entertainment                            and cost effectiveness. Hence, iphone
   ● Social networking and web interaction              applications development India is the latest
   ● Weather forecast etc and many more                 buzzword in mobile application developments.
                                                        There, developers are working on certain
   As iPhone is from Apple, the development             industry specific iPhone applications to further
   environment is based on Mac platform. For            leverage its strength and enhance its usage.
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                    Page | 6

              iPhone Mobile Application Development:
                                Capturing your Imagination
                                                       The manufacturers have facilitated the amateur
                                                       engineers by releasing a released its SDK
                                                       (software development kit) guidelines, which is a
                                                       kind of a rule book that needs to be followed
                                                       while designing the software application of the
                                                       iPhone.                                        The
                                                       iPhone open application development has left
                                                       many technology freaks harnessing all of their
                                                       creativity in order to devise the most amazing
                                                       technology for this gadget. Perhaps this feature
                                                       of iPhone has made this gadget all the more
                                                       popular amongst the technology lovers cross the
                                                       globe. After the application has been designed,
                                                       you can submit it on any online Apple store. So
                                                       your creativity can touch new heights with the
                                                       iPhone application design. However you must

   iPhone       has captured the eye of all the
                                                       understand that the usage of SDK kit should be
                                                       done rightfully in order to get the desired results.
   mobile phone users ever since its inception.        And if you still have the slightest of the doubts
   This gadget is one of the most unique and           regarding the kit, you can always do an online
   path breaking gadget of its kind that has           research and know its pros and cons before
   everything from style to technology. For the        setting your foot in this direction.
   first time, touch screen mobile user saw a
   mobile phone that was a touch screen device         If you want to try out your hands in designing
   sans a stylus. And those who have used the          one of these applications, they are readily
   stylus know the disadvantages of this               available on the internet. Besides iPhone
   accessory. As it gets lost every now and then,      applications development India is making waves
   and without this mobile phone usage can be a        in the technology circles. This is because there
   nightmare. So the popularity that this phone        are so many options that one can find while
   commands is commendable and with the                designing the desired iPhone applications that
   world is going gaga over the iPhone, we have        there is a lot of room for experimentation and
   seen a lot of innovations in iPhone mobile          you can ooze out all of your creativity.
   application development.
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                       Page | 7

            iPhone Application Development: Catch hold
                                                       of an Expert!
   The arrival of the Apple iPhone has brought a
   drastic change in the entire communication
   scene. It’s one gem of a product that has helped
   confluence of communication and entertainment
   under one single device. The device is highly
   sophisticated and it just looks perfect from all
   angles. Be it its looks or features, it scores ten
   out of ten. A Perfect delight to use, the Apple
   iPhone has got some awe-inspiring features like
   integrated camera (2 megapixels), built-in music
   player, enhanced memory room, over countries
   maps, Bluetooth, 3G, WLAN, and GPRS etc. For
   those sports enthusiasts, the Apple iPhone
   carries various embedded Java games. It’s a               of applications. As a result of that, both parties
   third party software supporting gadget, so one            (developers and users) enjoy profits. If you
   can easily install other games as well. That’s not        search the web for iPhone application
   the end of the story. You can also install                development outsource firms, you would find a
   additional software applications onto the device          long list of development agencies that offer
   thus increasing the list of your performance with         affordable iPhone application development
   the device.       Full   credit goes to        the        programs. By choosing one that offers you the
   iPhone application development companies that             best apps, you can also go onto enjoying the
   have brought various software apps for the                advantages that speaks of ‘edge’ for you.
   device. Outsourcing of application development
   has contributed a lot in the massive success of           For all types of iPhone application programming
   these companies. At the present date, you would           solutions, you can completely rely on such a
   find a number of outsource iPhone application             development firm. But for that, a through
   development companies that can offer you all              research about its credibility would do the trick
   sorts of apps for your favorite gadget.                   for you. It’s important to run the research as
                                                             you would be investing your trust and money on
   Outsourcing of application development for this           it.
   Apple baby helps iPhone software development
   firms develop the most intelligent apps at just
   affordable rates. Utilizing the local manpower to
   its optimum level, these firms churn out the best
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                        Page | 8

       iPhone Mobile Application Development: The
 New and Promising Area in Software Development

                              Modern         science has
                                                           Music is the iPhone’s highlight and hence sound
                                                           quality is exceptional. There is a 2 MP integrated
                              stuffed the gadgetry
                                                           camera that works real smart under any light
                              scene with a slew of
                                                           condition. Be it light or in shadow or under the
                              advanced         products
                                                           cloud sky, the Apple iPhone captures lifelike
                              capable                 of
                                                           images fro all occasions. Being a 3G phone, the
                              accomplishing various
                                                           iPhone supports third party software and therefore
                              activities in style. Apple
                                                           it allows you to install additional software and thus
                              is one of the biggest
                                                           enlarge your scope of possibilities using it. Thanks
                              names in the segment
                                                           to     the  iPhone mobile application development
                              and boasts of featuring
                                                           companies that are now doing a great job for
                                                           Apple by developing and releasing intelligent apps
   some mind-boggling gadgets under its belly.
                                                           for the device.
   The Apple iPod, the iMac and now the iPhone
   complete this league of gadgetry wonders –
                                                           iPhone open application development is now a
   all proving to be a winner in its class.
                                                           rage for the software developers. Most of the
   Coming to the feature range of the Apple
                                                           software development companies worldwide have
   iPhone, we will find that it’s one of the magic
                                                           adopted the trend of iPhone application
   contraptions where Apple has shown its best.
                                                           development and all have started gaining
   Working both as a mobile phone and a music
                                                           popularity. iPhone applications development India
   player, the iPhone can be your perfect
                                                           firms have also shown great signs of promises.
   companion on the move or in the play.
                                                           They have already done a tremendous job in the
                                                           segment by brining          apps for business,
   What makes it different and extraordinary
                                                           entertainment, gaming, weather and email
   from the other gadgets is that it houses some
                                                           updates etc.
   of the most unique and brilliant features
   which can be easily accessed and used. The
   iPhone is equipped with a large touchscreen
   that works as a virtual keypad. Just with a
   touch of a finger or with the stylus, you can
   have access to all the functions like music,
   movie, video, connectivity, settings, alarm,
   calculator etc.
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                 Page | 9

            The iphone Touch Concept: Taking Mobile
                                Technology to the Next Level

   Apple created quite a sort of history when it
   launched its next generation iPhone. Once again it
   demonstrated its insatiable quest for innovation
   and creativity. This smart phone has transformed
   the fundamentals of mobile technology. It is not
   only a talking device but a pocket computing device
   and a game console. No wonder, it took the mobile
   technology to the next level.

   This wonderful device comes with many out-of-the-
   box applications such as web searching, e-mails,
   web messaging, multimedia games, health care
   devices and much more offering something for            assist you in many ways. It projects many
   everyone. Different people use them in different        areas of business usage in media and sales.
   ways. For businessmen, it has become a companion        Some of the best looking application designs
   enabling them to keep in touch with colleagues and      are available on Apple Store. You can look out
   clients virtually from anywhere. With this phone in     on this store for a range of innovative iPhone
   your pocket, conducting business will never be the      applications    from    different   categories
   same again. Some others use its web technology to       including business, fun and recreation, health
   download music, chat with friends, browse the web,      care etc. One of the best designed iPhone
   and much more. With Internet technology available       apps on App Store is iBowl, which available
   on your phone, the activities you can do are many.      for free download. This application enhances
   However, the best iPhone application design is its      the bowling experience with the use of
   touch concept. Though smart phones existed before       accelerometer technology.
   Apple launched them, the touch screen is what
   makes the iPhone really a smart phone. The
   creative browser along with the touch concept
   makes the iPhone a seductive piece of art.

   The GPS feature is also a very useful application. It
   enables you to keep track while driving in an
   unfamiliar area. It can also be used to track
   shipments. The instant recording feature can also
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed   Page | 10

iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                  Page | 11

        iPhone Applications: Redefining the world of
                                       mobile entertainment
   One name that has wooed all gadget lovers who
   had always been thinking of getting a niche
   wireless gadget with superb entertainment
   features is none other than the majestic Apple
   iPhone. It’s a device that everyone who has an eye
   for the best features will like, everyone who
   knows what real performance means will prefer.
   Because of its multiple functionalities, this Apple
   iPhone baby has turned into a contraption of the
   new age. There are really much more in it, and
   you will surely love exploring all of these. Be it the
   integrated 2MP camera or the powerful and
                                                            deserve using it. Best looking application
   highly impressive music player, the various
                                                            designs are available for easy downloads.
   connectivity options (Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G, WLAN)
                                                            These designs are also being fully utilized by
   or that massive memory space, in every field, the
                                                            those firms which mainly deal with the best
   Apple iPhone is the undisputed king for sure. The
                                                            applications making activities.
   device is also equipped with a really big 3.5
   inches touchscreen that also turns into a virtual
                                                            Best designed iphone apps can really make
   keypad at the touch of a finger. So, if you are
                                                            your mobile experience an event of a lifetime.
   really serious about that real fun, then this Apple
                                                            Using    these    applications  after     easy
   product must be in your pocket, or say in your
                                                            downloads and installations, you would not
                                                            only be able enjoy the best in wireless
                                                            communication, toy would also be able to
   Another reason why you should keep this Apple
                                                            understand the real fun of exploring those
   magic with you is that now it supports 3G. Being a
                                                            business and entertainment functions. So, be
   3G phone it also offers you advanced face-to-face
                                                            smart and go for these apps.
   video calling facility. The Apple iPhone is a third
   party software supporting device, so you can also
   get more with it out of the initiative taken by the
   best iPhone application design and development
   companies. These companies now offer all types of
   smart, intelligent and advanced iPhone apps for
   your device which can really give you what you
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                   Page | 12

         Best iPhone Applications that Add Edge to
                                            your Performance

                                                       The iPhone boasts of featuring some of the most
                                                       finest and advanced features that anyone and
                                                       everyone will be thrilled to explore. One such
                                                       feature is its awe-inspiring music capability. It
                                                       has inherited the music prowess from the iPod
                                                       and produces scintillating sound effect for the
                                                       years. Imaging, 3G, big data storage capacity,
                                                       multiple connectivity are some of the other
                                                       noticeable features in the iPhone. But the most
                                                       exciting point about the iPhone is that it supports
                                                       3rd party applications. By installing any of the
                                                       3rd party applications like of business, gaming,
                                                       entertainment or anything else, you can make the
                                                       device perform even more for your senses. Best
                                                       iphone application design and development
                                                       companies can be of great help for you to get
  This is the time of smartness. Smart people,         some of the most powerful applications
  smart gadgets, and smart ideas – all making it       downloaded onto your device without any hassles.
  possible for today’s world get everything at an
  instant and everything with full satisfaction.       Best looking application designs are now being
  What if your communication gadget fails to           asked for development by most of the clients who
  operate during any moment of the day? What if        offer iPhone applications to the end users. These
  your music player stops playing those Fred           applications can be downloaded from the internet
  Durst and Hoobastank numbers? Isn’t it tough         just at fingertips. Applications for the iPhone in
  to imagine such a situation? Well, be assured        different categories are distributed as per iPhone
  with the Apple iPhone, it’s a device that            versions. You just need to open the site, select the
  doesn’t know how to cease; performance is its        application that matches your device version and
  second name. If you have already been an             download it for performance. Best designed
  Apple iPhone user, you will easily understand        iphone apps don’t cost you much. At nominal
  why it does have an edge over the rest of the        fees, you can download your favorite applications
  gadgets in the market, despite their labels and      today.
  price tags. One reason for the massive
  popularity of the iPhone is its features.
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                            Page | 13

  Best Apple Applications: Redefining the Meaning
                                                              of Fun

   We        have     been     experimenting           with   a   applications are those applications which are easy
   number of mobile phones over the last few                      to use and have many advantages in store for you.
   years. But those who have held the iPhone by                   They also work fine with all the iPhone versions
   Apple can easily tell what real communication                  and just give you the optimum out of your
   means. Apple, the name itself says it all. Being               investment. Best applications for iPhone are now
   one of the most trusted names the world over,                  readily available for download just at reasonable
   this California based gadget and software                      prices.
   product makers now brings the revolutionary
   iPhone for you. The device has been launched                   If you are thinking of widening your gadgetry
   a couple of years ago, but recently its 3G                     power, then there are no alternatives to getting
   version has hit the market. Like the earlier                   those smart Best Apple application. Best Apple
   version, the 3G version comes loaded with a 2                  iPhone applications of business, entertainment,
   megapixel camera, an integrated music                          weather and email updates, themes and wallpaper
   player, superior connectivity options, big                     creations, games and melody composers are now
   memory room, business functions, Java games                    being sold like hot cakes everywhere. iPhone
   and many more features that anyone and                         application developers are also working on other
   everyone would love to explore. The device                     platforms, so you can always expect more power
   also supports 3rd party software, so one can                   to unleash using your device in the coming in the
   easily do more with it. All he/she needs to do                 coming months. Just imagine a scene when you
   is to download applications for the device and                 would be able to do everything just by using one
   install them just by following a few simple                    single device. The preparation for the action has
   steps. Rest will be all power.                                 already started. It’s now just a matter of few
                                                                  months to experience the real game, a game that
   Among the Apple iPhone users, best Apple                       vents only charm!
   applications have become a rage today. Best
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                Page | 14

     Best iPhone Applications for Fun on the Move
   Those who own an Apple iPhone
   they can easily tell one about its
   many advantages. The Apple iPhone
   is a gadget that has entirely changed
   the face of the communication world.
   It’s one such kind of a gadget that
   has     blended    on     the     move
   entertainment         with        solid
   communication prowess. Besides
   talking the most delightful talk using
   this Apple baby, you can also access emails,        Apple iPhone supports some of the finest and
   MS Office, take breathtaking music, listen to       best applications which are now being designed
   awe-inspiring music, play lifelike games and        and          developed         by         several
   much more. The Apple iPhone is endowed with         best iPhone application design and development
   a brilliant 3.5 inches touchscreen that’s just      companies.      Several     existing    software
   perfect for any type of viewing. Coverflow          development firms have also started working in
   feature reminds anyone of the revolutionary         the iPhone application development segment and
   Apple iPod that sold millions of units. There is    all of them have kissed success – more or less.
   a 2 megapixel camera attached in the device
   for taking clear and bright images under any        Best looking application designs are in huge
   light condition. The Apple iPhone comes             demand today. As the number of Apple iPhone
   equipped with over hundred countries maps’          users are growing rapidly, users are also looking
   feature, so you will never feel lost again while    for the ways to enhance the performance of their
   on the move.                                        devices. And what can be better than the best
                                                       designed iPhone apps which are available for
   Connectivity features are many – thanks to 3G,      easy downloads. After downloading, you can
   WLAN, Bluetooth and GPRS. The device comes          install them at just a few simple steps. It just
   in a beautiful casing and with its virtual          needs your gadget freak will to initiate the
   keypad you can have access to its functions         ignition.
   just at the touch of a finger. There are also
   quick access keys for fast access to specific
   functions. One can also create short cut keys
   for his/her convenience. But the most
   appealing part about the device is its third
   party software supporting capability. Yes, the
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed     Page | 15

iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                  Page | 16

 Why Outsource iPhone Application Development
                                                       investment, for them the Apple iPhone is just a
                                                       nice way to bring that appealing smile.
                                                       outsource iphone application development has
                                                       made it possible for iPhone development
                                                       companies to offer iPhone users the most
                                                       advanced and easy-to-use iPhone applications at
                                                       the most attractive rates. If you are also thinking
                                                       about getting some cool iPhone applications
                                                       installed onto your iPhone, then don’t think
                                                       much. iPhone applications are available for
                                                       download out there without any effort on your

                                                       iPhone application development outsource firms
                                                       have now their facilities spread over various
                                                       global destinations. These firms utilize the local

    iPhone      applications are a rage today. In      resources to its optimum level and offer you the
                                                       best sort of iphone application programming
    every corner of the world, you would now find
                                                       solutions. Applications are released over the web
    software developers, a few of whom are also
                                                       for the end users. Users can select their required
    into application development for the niche
                                                       applications that match to their iPod models
    Apple gadget called the iPhone. The iPhone
                                                       also. The most popular iPhone applications those
    itself is an outstanding device and boasts of
                                                       have been heavily downloaded the world over
    performing as two gadgets in one casing – a
                                                       are    business     applications,   entertainment
    mobile phone and a music machine. As a
                                                       applications, gaming apps, email and weather
    music player, the iPhone carries some
    sensational music functions that it has
    inherited from another revolutionary Apple
                                                       Developers are also working on other application
    product called the iPod. As a mobile phone,
                                                       segments and most are all set for release. You
    the iPhone comes loaded with functions like
                                                       can research a bit to find out in detail about the
    3G, multiple connectivity, 2MP integrated
                                                       various kinds of iPhone applications. With the
    camera, complete touchscreen user interface,
                                                       number of iPhone developers increasing
    big memory space and so on.
                                                       regularly, there are enough chances for you
                                                       getting cheaper rates for applications in the near
    The casing of the device is elegantly built and
                                                       future! Just wait and watch!
    accompanies you well for all occasions. Those
    who always demand a more out of their
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                  Page | 17

    iPhone Applications Development Outsourcing:
                                             Benefits Aplenty
                                                          Development Kit) to create what you want. All
                                                          those companies,       which create iPhone
                                                          applications, use the common platforms like Dot
                                                          Net, AJAX, J2EE, C/C++, MAC and Cocoa
                                                          among others. There is always a need to create
                                                          iPhone applications and this not only gives an
                                                          opportunity to developers but also bring forth a
                                                          challenge before them to create something
                                                          better – by going for iphone application
                                                          development outsource. Users want innovative,
                                                          secure and highly advanced features – and
                                                          developers are up for the task.
   When          it was released, many technology
                                                          It is not easier to provide iphone application
   experts hailed it as “Forbidden Apple” because of
                                                          programming solutions. Users and companies,
   the hefty price tag attached with it. Yes, initially
                                                          which outsource these applications, always look
   iPhone was one of the most expensive handsets in
                                                          for those expert and creative individuals, who
   the market, but within a span of two years, it
                                                          can make the most of SDK while adhering to the
   opened the floodgates for the development of
                                                          guidelines provided with the kit. This has been a
   applications and now it has been proving
                                                          consistent progress. Hence, leading iphone
   instrumental in earning great revenues for small-
                                                          application developers and programmers keep
   time organizations. Actually, there is always a
                                                          an eye on the changing market trends and
   great demand for new and innovative iPhone
                                                          software solutions. Its SDK works as a perfect
   applications. At the same time, there is also a
                                                          open resource and you do not need any license
   substantial   demand      for   iPhone     website
                                                          to use it. Hence, anyone who can create iphone
   development. This is really a great time to
                                                          applications can buy it. This is a sort of quest,
   outsource iphone application development, as
                                                          where developers want to create new and
   there are many companies around the world,
                                                          customized applications, which can be used to
   which offer reliable services – at a reasonable
                                                          create web content as well as to use on iPhone
   price tag. Hence, anyone who is interested can
                                                          Operating System based devices. No matter
   make the most of this trend.
                                                          how many applications are already there, you
                                                          would always need more – as there is a huge
   Modern users want tailored and personalized
                                                          scope for that.
   applications and iPhone give them a great
   opportunity, as you can avail its SDK (Software
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                 Page | 18

       Outsourcing: The Best Way to Make Profit in
             iPhone Application Development Business
   iPhone      application development has turned
   into a specialized software application
   development exploits for most of the software
   development firms out there. The massive
   popularity of the iPhone from Apple has helped
   the software development firms eat big profits
   by venturing into the lucrative world of iPhone
   application development for various functions –
   business, entertainment, music, gaming, web
   access etc. The iPhone itself is a powerful
   product. By installing additional applications
   onto it, you can make it perform even more for
   you. Those who have already used some of the
   downloadable applications, they will easily
   understand their advantages. And those not, for
                                                          firms has helped them big time in scripting
   them it’s just the right time to explore the world
                                                         profit saga everywhere they have ventured into.
   riding on the wings of one of the most advanced
   gadgets of the century. The Apple iPhone with
                                                         The Apple iPhone is undoubtedly a trend-setting
   its 2 MP camera, integrated music player,
                                                         device. It’s known worldwide not only for its
   Bluetooth, 3G, GPRS and WLAN connectivity
                                                         new-age and advanced functions, it also scores
   help you enjoy the best of everything using a
                                                         the maximum in its design. The device is
   single device. And by getting those high-on-
                                                         studded with a 3.5 inch complete touchscreen
   performance additional apps, you can make you
                                                         display that can be used as the virtual keypad.
   device bring more for you, that too, in style.
                                                         There are fast access program keys which can
                                                         also be assigned to special functions as per
   Outsource         iPhone application development
                                                         users’ choice. And by installing additional
   companies have shown an escalating graph in
                                                         programs, you can make the display part even
   their regional base establishment at the present
                                                         more exciting. There are also applications of
   date. As outsourcing always endow the parent
                                                         themes, wallpapers and screensavers creation
   firm with more profitability, most of the Apple
                                                         that are sufficient to give an improved look to
   iPhone application development firms have now
                                                         your device. iPhone application programming
   taken the same route for making their presence
                                                         solutions companies also offer email access apps
   felt in the offshore destinations. This effort from
                                                         for the device at affordable prices as well.
   the iPhone application development outsource
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  How an iPhone Web Development Company Puts
                                          you in Advantage?
                                                       and develop some of the finest iPhone apps
                                                       exclusively for you. Since the launch of this
                                                       contraption,    several    iPhone    application
                                                       development firms have been showing a keen
                                                       interest in developing the best apps at the best

                                                       Earlier iPhone applications were expensive
                                                       enough. But today, with the emergence of new
                                                       and key players into the scene, these have
                                                       become really affordable. Offshore iphone
                                                       development has also played a big role in
                                                       helping the receivers get the best of rates for

    Technology has come a long way offering            their application purchasing. An offshore iPhone
                                                       application development company can offer
    mankind the ultimate freedom to experience         application at very cost-effective prices because
    their imagination using the most sophisticated     they utilize the local manpower thus saving
    gadgets. One such gadget that has really made      thousands of dollars in investment.
    it easy and exciting for those adventurous at
    heart is none other than the iPhone 3G, the        An iPhone web development company that
    latest offering from the world renowned Apple      offers complete iPhone application solutions can
    Inc. It’s a device that has given a new meaning    be easily found using the internet. There are big
    to the entire communication environment. The       names in the application development scene at
    device also features some of the most advanced     the present date, all you need to do is to resort
    entertainment features, so this time when you      to the most reputed and reliable firm. A firm
    communicate through it you wouldn’t have to        that has already catered its services to global
    compromise on fun. There is a built-in 2           clients can be the best option for you because
    megapixel camera and a music player that can       such a firm could also give custom web
    easily take care of your entertainment needs       application development programs. And of
    all easily. Also, you can take full advantage of   course it’s needless to say about the advantage
    the embedded Java games in the phone. That’s       of using custom iPhone web apps onto your
    not all. The third party software support          device!
    capability of the phone has inspired many
    iPhone website development companies design
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         Outsource iPhone Application Development:
                                         Easy & Cost-Effective!

   The seeds of outsource iPhone
   application development were
   sown the moment the iPhone
   from the Apple stable hit the
   world     market.    Application
   development companies in the
   form of those existing software
   firms brought a magical touch to
   the world of gadget-freaks by
   developing those iPhone
   applications which are easy to download,            programming solutions outsourcing is that it
   install and high on performance. After the          helps developers reach to the global clients more
   massive success track founded by these              easily. From the perspective of users also,
   software development firms, a large number of       outsourced applications enable them enjoy
   independent iPhone application development          quality stuffs besides helping them take full
   firms has also come to the scene. These firms       advantage of customer care services specially
   have brought along them newer, innovative           being setup for that specific region. So, if you
   and sophisticated application development           reside in the Philippines, it’s wise on your part to
   strategies for the iPhone. All types of iPhone      get apps for your device from a native
   applications are now available with such a          application developer or from one who has an
   firm. The trend of outsourcing of the               outsourced base there from the parent
   application development services has proved to      organization that’s located here in the USA or in
   be a very lucrative business for the developers     the UK.
   as the effort cost them very less compared to
   application development for same projects at        The Apple iPhone is a smart and new-age
   mainland development facilities. It is because      gadget. It comes loaded with several state-of-the-
   outsourcing utilizes the local workforce to its     art functions. By installing more applications
   max, that too, at low expenses. That’s the          onto it, you can make it perform even more for
   reason for the massive popularity of the iPhone     you. And all these need just a few minutes.
   application development outsource activities.       Applications are available for download on the
                                                       web and you can find a huge list of applications.
   Another plus point of outsourcing of iPhone         You can install these apps onto your device
   application development or iPhone application       yourself without having to know any technical
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                          FUTURE OF
                                   IN INDIA
iPhone Application Development - The Secret Revealed                                                 Page | 22

    iPhone Mobile Application Development in India
                                                       What makes iPhone applications a rage among
                                                       the users is the fact that they help them get more
                                                       out of their device. The iPhone comes loaded
                                                       with a plethora of fun, entertainment,
                                                       connectivity, gaming and business features. By
                                                       getting iPhone applications installed onto them,
                                                       users can further broaden their performance.
                                                       Software development firms are the fuels behind
                                                       all iPhone application development processes.
                                                       Existing software developers have also jumped
                                                       into the iPhone application development field.
                                                       Not to mention about the independent iPhone
   The arrival of the iPhone has not only given        open application developers those are coming
   new meanings to communication and                   out across the world. India has now turned into
   entertainment to the users, it has also opened      one of the major iPhone application development
   up new business avenues for the software            countries. Multinational software development
   development firms. Be it a mainland software        firms which are also in application development
   development firm or a firm that works on            for the iPhone, have opened R&D facilities in
   offshore facilities - both have started taking      different Indian cities where investment is
   several iPhone mobile application development       friendly and manpower is easy to utilize.
   projects and have already shown good results.
   A variety of software applications for the multi-   If you are looking for iPhone application
   purpose Apple device have already been              outsourcing, then India can be one of the most
   released. By simply browsing the internet, you      lucrative destinations for you. In fact, iPhone
   can get enough information about these              applications development India is now the
   applications. As of now, we have applications       biggest outsourcing facility worldwide for their
   on platforms like business, entertainment,          quality    development      work,   experienced
   gaming, wallpapers and screensavers etc.            developers and on time project delivery. Explore
   These applications are available for download       India, explore the new horizons of business
   on the web on the official sites of the iPhone      growth.
   open application development companies.
   Their applications can also be purchased from
   their tied-up firms and client organizations just
   at a few dollars. Complete satisfaction and full
   feature access can be enjoyed by buying these
   applications from the genuine sources.
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          iPhone Applications Development in India:
                                        The Future is Bright

    Whenever Apple does something, it does it
    in style! Earlier it was the MacBook and the
    iPod, now is the time for the iPhone, a
    communication device with solid music
    capability. The Apple iPhone not only looks
    brilliant with its 3.5 inches touchscreen, it
    also performs in an amazing manner through
    all its loaded functions. Be it imaging or
    connectivity, memory storage or navigation,
    the Apple iPhone is just the best gadget to
    lay your hands on. The device comes
    equipped with a plethora of games including        and effective for many in getting all your iPhone
    those lifelike Java games. What’s more, it’s a     applications developed at the most exciting rates
    third party software enabled phone, so you         ensuring complete satisfaction.
    can easily download all sorts of games onto
    it.    iPhone mobile application development       While most of the software development firms now
    companies programs now can also be availed         outsource their application development projects
    for other features such as entertainment,          to the developing nations, India leading the list of
    themes and wallpaper creation, email               their choicest destinations. In India, investment
    updates, weather reports on the move, utility      returns good results – thanks to the experienced
    and business and so on. If you search the          Indian software developers who have years of
    web for iPhone applications, you can now           experience in their field and a supportive
    easily find a variety of apps being offered at     infrastructural and administrative support. In the
    competitive rates which are now developed          arena of custom software development also, Indian
    by a large number of iPhone open application       firms    are    continuously    outscoring      their
    development companies.                             counterparts from other countries, why think so
                                                       deep? With Indian iPhone application development
    For getting the best iPhone applications, you      companies readily willing to offer you what you
    just need to browse the sites of the               want, you just need to choose your choice and go
    application development companies and find         ahead. And once you install the best application
    out if your requirement can be answered by         onto your device, you will experience a definite
    them. Specialists in     iPhone applications       edge over your friends and colleagues! Isn’t it easy
    development India have proved to be reliable       and very tempting?

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