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					                    OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS                                          FRIDAY
   WESTERN NEW YORK (including Ontario; Niagara Region)                           6:00 PM(*)    Cheektowaga, NY – Cleveland Heights Christian Church, 4775 Union Rd, (at
            MEETING SCHEDULE – January 2010                                                     Cleveland Dr) Cheektowaga Contact: Mary D. (716) 553-5530
   All OA Meetings are Closed except where labeled “Open”                         8:00 PM       Kenmore, NY – Kenmore Presbyterian Ch., Parkwood & Delaware Ave.,
Note: Closed meetings are for those who have a desire to stop eating                            Ring Doorbell (Speaker last Friday of month – Open) Contact: Annetta
compulsively; Open meetings are for anyone interested in learning about the OA                  (716) 873-3288
                                                                                  9:00 AM     St. Catharines, ON - Grantham United Ch., 415 Linwell Avenue Contact:
5:30 PM(*)   Cheektowaga, NY-Open 3 Sunday – Cleveland Heights Christian                      Step study. Contact: Marilyn (905) 563-5775
             Church, 4775 Union Rd (at Cleveland), Cheektowaga. Contact: Judy     10:00 AM    St. Catharines, ON - Grantham United Ch., 415 Linwell Avenue Contact:
             G 685-6876                                                                       Marilyn (905) 563-5775
                                                                                  10:00 AM    Batavia, NY – First Baptist Ch., 306 East Main Street Contacts: Anne
MONDAY                                                                                        (585) 762-8643, Marilyn B. (585) 343-9020, Margaret (585) 948-5743 Open
                                                                                  10:00 AM(*) Cheektowaga, NY – St. Stevens Church., 750 Wehrle Drive. Contact:
10:00 AM(*) Amherst, NY – Trinity Old Lutheran Church, 3445 Sheridan Drive                    Marilyn (585) 798-3325
            Contacts: Annetta (716) 873-3288, Marilyn (585) 798-3325
1:00 PM     Port Colburn, ON –Contacts: Hildi (905) 871-2287,
6:00 PM     Tonawanda, NY – St. Francis of Assisi, 144 Broad St., back entrance   Western New York Intergroup(*) – Every THIRD Saturday at 9:00 AM
            (Big Book study), Contact: Charyll (716) 692-3238                     St. Stevens Church.,750 Wehrle Drive, Cheektowaga, NY
6:30 PM     Buffalo, NY – Grace Church, 174 Cazenovia St. Contact: Darlyne S.
            (716) 674-8902b Open 1 Monday of month
                                                                                  Western New York OA website:

10:00 AM     Batavia, NY – First Baptist Church, 306 East Main Street Contact:    IMPORTANT NUMBERS / ADDRESSES
             Margaret (585) 948-5743 Open                                         OA Hotline: 716-694-4848
4:15 PM      Kenmore, NY – Pilgrim Lutheran Ch., 44 Chapel Rd. (at Delaware       Region 6 Website:
             Rd.) Contact: Bob A. (716) 868-7691 Open                             OA World Service Website:

WEDNESDAY                                                                         For changes to Meeting List or if you would like this list emailed to you please contact:
                                                                                  Mary D (716 )553-5530
10:30 AM     Welland, ON – Brethren in Christ Ch., 50 Lincoln St. W. Contact:
             Toni (905) 835-5789
6:00 PM      Kenmore, NY – Pilgrim Lutheran Ch, 44 Chapel Rd. (at Delaware        (*) Meeting is handicap accessible
             Rd) (Step study) Kathy F 308-2659
7:00 PM(*)   Cheektowaga, NY – Mid-Erie Counseling Ctr., 1526 Walden Ave.         NOTE: Some meetings do not have contact information. Please ask members of your
             Contact: Ray (716) 895-8281                                          meeting to perform this most important service.

                                                                                  Also, almost all meetings need Secretary’s who can receive WSO mailings containing
                                                                                  information about events, policy changes, and staying connected with other groups.
1:00 PM    Buffalo, NY – St Paul’s, Church & Pearl Sts. Step Meeting.
           Contact Donna T D, (716 )677-4581 Open Note change in time
                                                                                  Please contact Mary D using the email and/or phone number above to volunteer for
7:30 PM(*) Hamburg, NY – St. Matthew’s Ch., 5289 McKinley Parkway. Contact:
                                                                                  either of these most needed service positions.
           Sally H. (716) 646-0649

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