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                          CONTACT DETAILS
Ocean Beach SLSC                                     Phone: 0243442800
PO Box 156 WOY WOY NSW 2256

Surf Life Saving Central Coast                       Phone: 0243530299
Headquarters: 4/7 Teamster Close Tuggerah            Fax: 0243530298
Business Park
PO Box 5029 Chittaway Bay 2261

Surf Life Saving New South Wales                     Phone: 0299837188
Wakehurst Parkway, Sydney Academy of Sport           Fax: 0299847199
PO Box 430 Narrabeen NSW 2101

Surf Life Saving Australia                           Phone: 0293004000
Level 1/1 Notts Avenue Bondi Beach NSW 2026          Fax: 0291308312
Locked Bag 2 Bondi Beach NSW 2026

                          OFFICE BEARERS
                                         Home       Mobile             Email

President                 David Unger    43682849   0408682849

Finance Director          Elaine Unger   43682849   0448903753

Administration Director   Belinda        43431043   0409819959

Competition Director      Nigel          43413456   0437036657

JAC Director              Robyn Carr                0409152248

Functions Director         Kevin Manning     4344652      0408071120

Director of Marketing      Liane Mandy       43082127     0403224740 lsmandy@virginbroadband.
and Public Relations                                       

Club Captain               Dean Slattery     43447335     0424750182

   Member Protection          Elaine Unger             Registrar          Denice Daniel

                                                       YSL Coordinator    Liane Mandy

   Vice Club Captain          Vicki Swain

   Chief Instructor           Nigel Fitzgibbon         JAC Secretary      Robyn Gasparotto

   Club Booking Officer       Lynn Smith               JAC Treasurer      Megan Anderson

   Communications             Douglas Lees             JAC Recorder       Barbara Barnett

   Youth Liasion Officer      Bryce Sainty &           JAC Ass Recorder   Lorraine Scott
   (14-25yrs)                 Jessica Allan

   First Aid Officer          Katie Dixon              JAC Touring Team   Robyn Carr

   DOE Coordinator            Richard Grimmond         Rookie Co-         Natasha Swain

   Lifesaving Gear            Graham Tangye            JAC Coaching       Brett Hurst
   Steward                                             Coordinator

                                                       JAC Water Coach    Brett Hurst

   Beach Manager              vacant                   JAC R&R Coach      Dennis Fitzroy

   Ski Manager                Terry Prest              Age Managers       Bernie O‟Keefe
                                                                          Sharron Okeefe

   Boat Manager               Mark Van Aalderen        Michelle Stone     Grant Hayes
                                                       Mark Arahill       Simon Mandy

   Swim Manager               Nigel Fitzgibbon         Gerry McGlone      Dennis Gasparotto

   IRB Captain                Rob Sainty                                  John Moate

   R&R Managers               Drew Hayes and
                              Grant Hayes

        March Past Manager        vacant                JAC Manager           Scott Hannell

        Board Manager             Brett Hurst           U6 & U7 Age           TBA

        Lifesaving Competition    Katie Dixon

        U/17 Manager              Vacant                Website               Richard Grimmond

        U/15 Manager              Vacant                Newsletter            Lynn Smith

        U/19 Manager              Vacant

        Open Manager              vacant                Funtion Area          Jane Davis
                                                        Booking Officer

        Handicap Events –         vacant                Function Area         Graham Lees
        Sunday AM                                       Treasurer

          CLUB HISTORY
Surf Life Saving at Ocean Beach
          From 1919 until 1921 the club was known under three names. Those being Ocean Beach
           Woy Woy, Ocean Beach Ettalong and Ocean Beach all which were corresponding with Head
           Centre, the then controlling body of surf life saving in Australia.
          In 1922 the club was officially established as Ocean Beach Woy Woy Surf Life Saving Club.
          In 1938-39 it was decided to drop Woy Woy from the title and thus the Club became Ocean
           Beach SLSC. Because of confusion with an "Ocean Beach" at Manly, the club became known
           as Ocean Beach- Broken Bay SLSC from 1939-1940, such name being adopted until the mid
           1970's, when by common usage it reverted to Ocean Beach SLSC.
          By 1995 the Constitution was changed to reflect the need to have the club administered by a
           Board of Directors to which the club now operates. Thus the club is now known as Ocean
           Beach SLSC Inc.

Membership is open to everyone from the age of six upwards. Members aged 6 to 13 are known as
Junior Activities members or "nippers" and learn surf survival skills with an emphasis on fun. Surf
Lifesavers aged 13 and 14 learn basic skill rescue skills. At 15 surf lifesavers begin training for the
Bronze Medallion, which qualifies them for surf patrol duties.

Club Activities include surf competitions, patrols, fun and social functions. Membership is available for
those specialising in patrol support functions, or for associate members and parents.


Life Member                            $25 donation (not compulsory)
U/15 – Active                          $60
Active Reserve                         $60
Long Service                           $60

U/6 & U/7                              $50 (includes rash vest)
U/8 – U/14                             $75
Family 4 members                      $190            Family Membership must include 1 JAC
Family 5 members                      $215            member and all other children must be
Family 6 and above members            $240            a financial dependant
Associate                              $70

Membership fees include Ducks for Bucks Certificate, which is a fundraising venture for Surf Life
Saving Central Coast. All clubs are required to participate. A Ducks for Bucks Certificate will be
given out upon registration. 1 per member and 2 per family membership.

All senior competitors must pay an annual competition fee of $100.00 per member to be able to

All outstanding competition fees from previous seasons must be paid in full before competing in any

No member will be able to compete unless they have paid their competition fees.

Fees must be paid at the start of the season before entry into any carnival.

If you only intend to compete at one or two carnivals for the season, you can pay the nominated fees
to the Finance Director or Competition Director with your carnival entry forms before you are entered
into the carnival.

This fee includes:
    All local Branch run carnivals
    Peters Boat Series
      All local Branch run Lifesaving competitions
      Branch, State Championship & Australian Championship.
      Manly & Freshwater Carnivals only.

This fee does not include:
    Any privately run carnival eg: Battle of the Boats etc
    No carnival that is over the standard Branch fee.
    No Premier Series
    No Board or Craft Series
    No carnival outside the Branch unless stated above.

Club Uniforms are available by contacting the Clothing Pool Co-ordinator. The Club uniform can be
seen on the Club‟s website,

There is an abundance of old stock available for sale, eg costumes, shirts, spray jackets etc.

New Members in Training
Membership fee, training manual booklet and award fees (Bronze Medallion/Surf Rescue Certificate)
are to be paid before training starts. Please pay these fees to your designated Trainer, the Chief
Instructor, the Finance Director or Administration Director.

New members who are not financial or who have not gained the appropriate award are NOT
permitted to take part in any surf sports training sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: The Club does not pay for the Bronze Medallion and Senior First Aid Course

                               GETTING INVOLVED
Our surf life saving club is a volunteer organisation and we need all the help we can get. There are
plenty of ways you can help out.

Maybe you would like to become one of the following;

       Patrolling Lifesaver
       Patrol Captain
       Training Officer
       Examiner
       Surf Coach
       Carnival Official

Other important ways you can contribute;

       Join a committee/attend meetings
       Organise or assist in fundraising or social activities
       Lend a hand setting up/packing up for carnivals
       Help out on club clean up days

       Social organiser. Maybe there is a member/parent out there that is a good social organiser
        that would be interested in giving up some time to organise activities, barbecues, etc.
      Barbeques/Raffle Rosters – Volunteer or lend a hand at weekly fundraising raffles to be
       advised or the Sunday barbeques.

      Help out the U/6 to U/14’s – with weekly beach set-up, water safety or by becoming an age
       manager (refer to U/6 to U/14‟s section of this handbook)

If you are interested in any of the above or can help in some other way, please contact any Executive
Member of Ocean Beach SLSC

         U/14 to U/25 MEMBER DEVELOPMENT
Bryce Sainty & Jessica Allan, the Youth Liaison Officers will be organising regular activities to keep
youth members involved in surf life saving and develop them into leaders of the future. We are trying
to offer more social opportunities, incentives and give them a voice. Any ideas or comments would be
appreciated, please contact Bryce on 4342 3597 or Jessica on 4342 2358.

                         MEMBER PROTECTION
Signing the „Prohibited Employment Declaration‟ form is mandatory for all club members under the
Commission for Children and Young Peoples Act 1998. All SLSNSW members and volunteers
over the age of 18 and those members under the age of 18 who work with children (eg 16 yr
olds who help train the U8 Nippers, provide water safety for Nippers etc) need to sign the
Prohibited Employment Declaration (Attachment 4). This is legislated by NSW law and failure to
comply may result in suspension or termination of your life saving membership.

Ocean Beach SLSC is committed to the health, safety and well-being of all its members and is
dedicated to providing a safe environment for participating in surf lifesaving activities. This Member
Protection Policy conveys a message to all SLSA members, and prospective members, responsible
for surf lifesaving activities, particularly those involving members under 18 years of age, about
minimising risk exposure of these members.

All SLSA members, particularly age managers, coaches, officials, leaders, trainers and management
personnel, have a responsibility to provide safeguards dedicated to the well-being of other members.
The abuse of youth members, by other members or external source, is not acceptable and SLSA
encourages all incidents of such abuse as described above to be reported immediately to the
appropriate authorities.

Where such a protective procedure does not exist SLSA encourages the use of the SLSA Regulation
6.1 - Grievances; and SLSA Regulation 6.2 – Judicial Procedures; for addressing reports, notification
or accusations of improper behaviour by an SLSA member. The SLSA Equity Policy also should be
referred to when addressing issues relating to harassment of a member by another member or
outside source.

Abuse is defined as anything, which individuals or organisations do, or fail to do, that directly or
indirectly harms people or damages their prospects of a safe and healthy development. This includes
physical abuse, emotional abuse, inappropriate training, inappropriate touching, sexual abuse and
neglect. (National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, 2000)

                               CODE OF CONDUCT

Ocean Beach SLSC endorses the following Code of Conduct for SLSA members. As a SLSA
member you should meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any SLSA
sanctioned activity.

 i.      Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
 ii.     Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others.
 iii.    Be professional in, and accept responsibility for, your actions.
 iv.     Make a commitment to providing quality service.
 v.      Use facilities and equipment for their proper purpose, and care for and maintain these
         facilities and equipment correctly.
 vi.     Refrain from anything that may abuse, intimidate or harass others.
 vii.    Preserve and protect the standing and reputation of the association.
 viii.   Be aware of, and maintain an uncompromising adhesion to, SLSA standards, rules,
         regulations and policies.
 ix.     Operate within the rules of surf lifesaving including national and international guidelines that
         govern SLSA.

Ocean Beach SLSC expects all members, supporters, advisors and associates of SLSA to abide by a
Code of Conduct which upholds the principles and values of the organisation and this Member
Protection Policy. Members should recognise that at all times they have a responsibility to a duty of
care to all members of SLSA. Specifically:-

 i.      Understand the possible consequences if you breach SLSA‟s Member Protection Policy or
         Code of Conduct.
 ii.     Immediately report any breaches of the SLSA Member Protection Policy or Code of Conduct
         to the appropriate authority.
 iii.    Refrain from any form of abuse towards others.
 iv.     Refrain from any form of harassment towards others.
 v.      Provide a safe environment for the conduct of the activity in accordance with relevant SLSA
 vi.     Show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured.
 vii.    Be a positive role model.

Risk Minimisation Measures:
Do not engage, or allow others to engage, in any of the following:
   i. abusive initiation ceremonies
   ii. inappropriate undressing/dressing in front of youths
   iii. invading the privacy of youths while showering or toileting
   iv. photographing youths while undressing/dressing, showering or toileting
   v. sleeping in closed quarters with youths without a second adult representative, parent etc.
   vi. aggressive, physically distressing or sexually provocative activities
   vii. sexually suggestive comments about or to a youth
   viii. inappropriate or intrusive touching of a youth
   ix. joking, ridiculing, rejecting, isolating, or taking the „mickey‟ out of a youth.
While many of the above points may not be legally actionable, they are against the principles and
value of SLSA and guarded against in the Code of Conduct.

Ocean Beach SLSC aims to foster teamwork and group cohesion between leaders allowing for the
ability to point out inappropriate attitudes and behaviour by members of the team. Ocean Beach
SLSC does not tolerate abusive or inappropriate behaviour. In the event that you witness, hear about,
or are the victim of abuse you are bound by the Code of Conduct to report the incident the Member
Protection Officer immediately.

NB: For complete and updated copies of all of SLSA‟s policies visit;
The 2007/2008 Membership Protection Officer is: Elaine Unger (Alternatively contact another
member of the executive)

                                FAIR PLAY CODES
Parent's Code

I.       Do not make an unwilling child participate in a sport
II.      Children are involved in sport for their enjoyment, not yours
III.     Encourage children to play by the rules
IV.      Encourage the effort being as important as the result
V.       Work towards improving skills and sportsmanship
VI.      Do not yell or abuse a child for making a mistake. They are trying as hard as they can.
VII.     Recognize & encourage good play or efforts
VIII.    Do not publicly question an official's decision
IX.      Recognize efforts of volunteer coaches

Participant's or Player's Code

X.       Play to enjoy the sport
XI.      Follow the rules
XII.     Do not argue with the referee‟s decisions. The team captain or manager can ask necessary
XIII.    Control your temper and be a good sport
XIV.     Treat other players, as you like to be treated
XV.      Remember it is your aim to have fun and improve your ability
XVI.     Listen to your coach, team and mates

Spectator's Code

XVII.    Children play for fun not your entertainment or satisfaction
XVIII.   Do not use bad language or yell at the participants, coaches or officials
XIX.     Encourage and reward good performances by all participants
XX.      Do not yell at participants for making mistakes
XXI.     Do not encourage violence
XXII.    Do not criticize officials and their decisions

                              SUNDAY BOTTLES

The upstairs area is open for the enjoyment of our members and their guests on Sunday‟s between
4.30 pm and 8.30 pm with a full range of refreshments. Food is also available at a minimal charge
as is food for children. Dress rules apply and will be enforced – no costumes allowed, footwear must
be worn at all times– neat and tidy is the norm.

Children are most welcome, however they must be under parental control, and games are not
allowed other than a passive type. Likewise children coming up from beach must change and wear
footwear prior to entering the Function area.

Members can hire the area for that Special event – please contact Kevin Manning on 43444652 or

           Come along, relax and have a good time amongst friends.


Welcome to season 2007/2008 and thank you for your commitment to lifesaving and the protection of
the broader community at Ocean Beach. The following information is very important to every
patrolling member and we would ask that you read and familiarise yourself with this document. As an
active member of the Club we request that you comply with these patrol obligations and enjoy the
fraternity that is Surf Lifesaving.

Ocean Beach Surf Life Saving Club is committed to the prevention of drowning and injury in our
aquatic environment through the provision of lifesaving and education services.

To achieve this, our Club needs to have rules in place for all members ensuring patrol attendance
and providing a structure to perform rescues and supervise the public. These rules also need to
comply with those set down by Surf Life Saving Central Coast who supervise our Club and provide
our hours of duty.

Each affiliated Club shall be responsible for patrolling the beach(s) under its jurisdiction in accordance
with their Lifesaving Service Agreement, the SLSNSW Standard Operating Procedures and SLSA

SLSNSW has issued the 2007/2008 Patrol Service Agreement which Clubs and Branches will have
signed off on prior to the commencement of the season. It is a concise document and clubs and
branches are obliged to execute this agreement.

As an organisation whose core role is „Saving Lives at Beaches‟, it is imperative that we strive to
meet and exceed the communities needs and expectations in providing a world class lifesaving

In summing up, please enjoy your time at Ocean Beach and be proud to be part of the “Red and
Yellow Army” whose traditions and history are part of Australian folklore.

Yours In Surf

Dean Slattery & Vicki Swain.

1.0 Lifesaving Service Agreement 07/08
Club Name:              Ocean Beach SLSC                Branch: Central Coast

Beach/es:               Ocean Beach                     Beach Number/s (ABSAMP): nsw297A

1. Primary Patrolling Area:

From (southern landmark/street name):           Trafalgar Avenue, Umina Beach

To (northern landmark/street name etc):         Norman Street, Umina Beach

2. Secondary Patrolling Area (a second flagged area or roving patrol - if applicable)

From (southern landmark/street name):           South Street, Umina Beach

To (northern landmark/street name etc): Half Tide Rocks (Ettalong Point), Ettalong

Frequency of secondary area to be covered:      Roving hourly during patrol times

3. General Response Area (most northern and southern emergency response area)

From (southern landmark/street name):           Box Head

To (northern landmark/street name etc):         Ferry Road, Ettalong Beach

4. SLSNSW Minimum Patrol Season
Commencement:           29/09/07                Completion:              27/04/08
5. Club Amendments to Minimum Patrol Season (extension only)
Commencement (prior to 29/09/07):         /     /       Completion (post 27/04/08):        /          /

6. Patrol Times
(Any reduction in minimum hours from 06/07, must be endorsed by State Director of Lifesaving)

Club Minimum Patrol Times:

               Date                            Start Time                               Finish Time
       29/09/07 to 16/12/07                      9.00 am                                 5.00 pm
       22/12/07 to 27/01/08                      9.00 am                                 6.00 pm
       2/02/08 to 27/04/08                       9.00 am                                 5.00 pm


This season there are 12 Patrolling Teams and from time to time there are necessary changes made
to the Patrol Teams list during the season. Updated copies of the Patrol Teams list are always posted
on the wall of the First Aid Room and will also, this season be available on the clubs website,

              Patrol Team             Patrol Captain                Vice Captain
             1                   Rob Sainty                   Sharon Bryant
             2                   Richard Grimmond             Mary Grimmond
             3                   Bernie O‟Keefe               Brig Hamilton
             4                   Beau Daniel                  Rob Gassman
             5                   Peter Lambeth                Tegan Brocklehurst
             6                   Albert Falzon                Patricia Cox
             7                   Allan Moffitt                Aaron Walsh
             8                   Vicki Swain                  Lauren Swain
             9                   Katie Dixon                  Lachlan Morrow
             10                  Glen Cole                    Mark Davis
             11                  Dave Unger                   Ian Lindsay
             12                  Jeff O‟Loughlin              Ray Stone

Below are the minimum qualifications required for a patrol team in NSW.


            3 x Volunteer Patrol Members with a Bronze Medallion
            1 being Current ARC
            1 being Current IRB Driver

All patrolling members are required to attend patrols at least 15 minutes prior to their start time and
adhere to any directions given to him/her by his/her patrol captain.

Log Books are to be filled out correctly. The Patrol Log Book is only to be filled out by the Patrol
Captain or Vice Captain; however, patrolling members must still sign their name. If there are any
queries on how to correctly fill out a log book, please contact the Club Captain.


Facilities and Equipment

Lifesaving equipment is not to be taken and used for any other use than patrols, unless approved by
the Club Captain.

Cleanliness of the ATV, Club Containers and Tower are the responsibility of the rostered patrol.

Lifesaving equipment is vital to our patrolling duties. Please take care of the equipment and record
any damages in the Patrol Log Book, as well as to the Club Captain or Vice Captain.

Rostered Patrols

      1. All patrolling members must complete their rostered patrols.
      2. Applications for exemption from your rostered patrol should be made in writing to the Club
         Captain prior to any absence.
      3. If a member is rostered for patrol and cannot attend the patrol they must arrange a substitute,
         and inform their patrol captain.
         Note: It is your responsibility to arrange a substitute. Your substitute must be holding the
         same qualifications as you so that your patrol “duty” is covered. If you have any problems
         arranging a substitute, please contact your patrol captain for assistance. If you patrol captain
         is unable to help you arrange a substitute, contact the Club Vice Captain or the Club Captain.
      4. The Life Saving Committee shall be: Club Captain, Vice Captain and Chief Instructor, IRB
         Captain, First Aid Officer, Radio Officer.

Patrolling Awards

         100% Patrol Attendance Award
           Minimum 75% of rostered patrol hours plus 25% substitutes, make-ups, voluntaries, water
           safety (must have obtained a substitute for any rostered patrol that they could not attend and
           then make up the hours)

         Top 5 Patrolling Hours Award
          Recognises the 5 highest accumulated hours patrolled by members (must have obtained a
          substitute for any rostered patrol that they could not attend and then make up the hours)

         Patrol Person of the Year
          Club Captain‟s responsibility in making this award based on the criteria (must have obtained
          a substitute for any rostered patrol that they could not attend and then make up the hours)

         Non rostered patrol person of the year
          Club Captain‟s responsibility in making this award.

      Patrol Judging Competition

Every year Ocean Beach SLSC conducts a patrol judging competition. The Patrol Judges this
season will be David Thompson, Douglas Lees and Eric Daniel. Thank you to these Patrol Judges
for giving up their time.

The Patrol Judges will conduct markings randomly during the patrolling season. Presentation of this
award is made at the Club‟s Presentation Night. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings
.Please note that the criteria to receive a prize in this competition is you must have completed 75% of
your hours on your rostered patrol.
Patrol markings will also be conducted by the Branch‟s Patrol Judges, also randomly throughout the
season. All club members are asked to strive towards efficient and pro active patrolling as the
Lifesaving Committee‟s aim this season is the SLSCC Patrol Competition, to do this we will be relying
on all patrolling members.

The judging criteria for Club and Branch can be found in the Patrol Folders, which are located in the
First Aid Room.

Training and Education

The Lifesaving Committee this season urges all members to consider up skilling their awards and
lifesaving experience, by training for new awards. There are plenty of exciting awards for you the
member and we would ask that you seriously consider the options available to you.

Surf Lifesaving offers a total of 35 awards for members (aged 7 upwards) to pursue in their education
career path. Awards range from the age appropriate awards for 7-12 year olds, Surf Rescue
Certificate, Bronze Medallion, various Resuscitation & First Aid awards, through to the more
specialized areas of Inflatable Rescue Boats, Jet Skis, Off Shore Rescue boats and Helicopters.

If you are not confident in the water skills that are required to gain your SRC and Bronze, we
encourage you to look at becoming an award holder. There are eight (8) awards that do not require
you to touch the water and you would still be qualified to become a patrolling member. Is this the
option which you‟ve been waiting for?

Members should see their Cert II as a basic award and try to gain further qualifications that help them
in the club. As members gain experience and knowledge, they should consider becoming training
officers, assessors, and becoming involved in the Club or even higher levels of the Association. If you
are already qualified with a Cert IV in Workplace Training & Assessment and would like to join the
education team, please let us know. Any assistance that you might be able to give would be greatly

At some time you will instruct, train or coach someone, whether it is in surf lifesaving or in some other
aspect of your professional or personal life. Whether you are an existing member of Surf Life Saving,
a potential member or a person from the community, your skill in instruction will influence the interest
and effectiveness of the candidate‟s ability to learn and develop skills.

With such a wide range of lifesaving awards and programs available within Surf Lifesaving, it is
essential that we have personnel highly skilled in training and instructing. All training is supervised by
qualified and experienced Training Officers from within the club who are under the direct supervision
of the Club‟s Chief Instructor. Ocean Beach‟s education team is very committed to producing a high
level of surf lifesaver and welcomes you to be a part of it.

All enquiries for awards and training can be directed to the Chief Instructor, Club Captain or Vice

To be proven competent and operationally fit for lifesaving duties in the relevant award, proficiency
tests are necessary to:

          Ensure ongoing competency of lifesaving personnel in their area of training and activities
         Maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of lifesaving personnel
         Satisfy legal and statutory requirements
         Reinforce and maintain our service and commitment to the community
All active lifesavers are required to complete a proficiency test to prove competency in the lifesaving
award/s they hold in which they wish to remain current. A member‟s proficiency is valid from 1st
January to 31st December each year, unless otherwise stated.

When a proficiency check is successfully completed (or a member gains a relevant award after 30 th
June, in a particular year) the proficiency or qualification is current until 31st December, in the
following season.

*      All Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators must be endorsed (proficient) by 1st September each

*      When an award is or has a CPR component, the award (by legislation) is valid for only 12
       months from the original date of assessment.

If you have not completed your proficiency by 31st December, 2007 you will not be permitted to patrol
or compete at carnivals, including the 2007/08 Branch, State or Australian Championships without
written consent off SLSNSW.

Ocean Beach SLSC Proficiencies

You are encouraged to take the opportunity to read through your manual before attending the

Proficiency requalification will take place on the first rotation of the patrol roster, However if you are
not rostered on a patrol 2 other dates have been provided for you to complete your requal.

The 2007/08 season sees the introduction of the new resuscitation techniques. All members will
need to be trained up in the techniques prior to taking part in their proficiency. The new resuscitation
guidelines can be obtained through a link from the OBSLSC website. ( –
Under the LINKS page, you should click on: “Lifesaving Education Resources” which will take you to
the SLSA website and then click on: “32nd Edition Training Manual - updated Units 6 & 7”)

                  DAY                   DATE                         TIME
             Sunday              28/10/07                 12 pm on the beach
             Saturday            25/11/07                 12 pm on the beach

If you are unable to make any of the above dates, please contact the Club Captain ASAP in order that
arrangements can be made to complete your proficiency.

Once again, thank you for your commitment to lifesaving at Ocean Beach and we hope you enjoy
your time on the beach and during patrols.

Competition is available to all members, in age groups up to 60+. Competition ranges from friendly
intra and inter club events to state, national and international competition in areas such as:

Iron man, iron woman, ski and board paddling, swimming, surf boat rowing, beach sprints and flags,
rescue and resuscitation, surf board riding, first aid, patrol, champion lifesaver and inflatable rescue

The information below is designed to assist both the competitor and the Club‟s administration to
ensure that there is a clear understanding under which Ocean Beach SLSC will endorse a member to
compete in the various events throughout the season.

The areas covered below are:-

1.     Competitor‟s obligations
2.     Carnival entries – Senior Members
3.     Club training
4.     Touring uniforms and clothing
5.     Craft and transportation of craft
6.     Accommodation
7.     Competition calendar (available on web site or contact Competition Director)

Competitor’s obligations

1.     All members must be fully paid financial members of Ocean Beach SLSC Inc as per the
2.     New members doing award training are not permitted to use any club craft, or be instructed in
       using club equipment (manikins – oxy viva etc) until a membership form is completed and
       handed to a member of the Committee, together with the relevant joining fee
3.     All members must complete the requalification for their award or complete the Bronze
       Medallion or SRC as required
4.     All competitors must fulfill his/her rostered patrol duties as per the Club‟s constitution
5.     No rostered patrolling member is allowed to compete in any event if this event prevents
       him/her attending his/her rostered patrol without arranging a substitution prior to the day of the
       patrol (refer to Lifesaving on page3). It is the competitor‟s responsibility to arrange a
       substitution and notify the Patrol Captain.
6.     It is against the State privacy laws to display a full list of members‟ phone numbers, without
       the member‟s consent. This information is available from your section head, Director of
       Lifesaving, Competition Director or any Committee member.

Carnival entries – Senior Members

Entries to ALL carnivals are the responsibility of individual competitors or their area
Manager/Coach/Captain. The competitor must contact his/her relevant Area Manager to enter the
carnivals, if no area Manager is appointed then contact Director of Competition.

Club Training - Seniors

Board Coach                              Brett Hurst
Swim Coach                               Nigel Fitzgibbon
R&R Manager                              Drew Hayes & Grant Hayes
First Aid & Patrol Competition           Katie Dixon
Beach                                    Vacant
Boat Manager                             Mark Van Aalderen
U/15                                     Vacant
U/17                                     Vacant
U/19                                     Vacant
Open                                     Vacant
Masters                                  Ben Smith

Please contact these Captains/Coaches/Managers with respect to training days and times.

Touring Uniforms and Clothing

1       Only the official Ocean Beach Surf Club logo is to be used on any clothing (unless permission
        to alter the logo has been obtained from the committee)
2       Any obligation or commitment offered to any potential sponsor or third party must be approved
        by the committee prior to such an agreement being confirmed with the sponsor.
3       Any equipment/clothing or advertising resulting from such a sponsorship must have the Ocean
        Beach emblem displayed
4       Where possible all members shall wear the Ocean Beach SLSC touring team uniform or
        issued apparel to all carnivals and functions

Club Uniforms are available by contacting the Clothing Pool Co-ordinator . The Club uniform can be
seen on the Club‟s website,

Private craft

No insurance is provided by the club for private craft either during transit or competition, or whilst
stored at the clubhouse. It is the responsibility of all members with private craft to insure against
damage or theft.

Transporting craft

No member shall be reimbursed for carrying boards, skis or reels on his/her own vehicle.

A member who tows a surf boat or the club gear trailer to the Australian Surf Life Saving
Championships shall be entitled to reimbursement for fuel costs at a rate to be decided between the
member and the Club prior to leaving for the event.


The Club will book accommodation at the State and Australian Championships. Members who
require accommodation will be issued with an itemised account prior to the departure date.

All moneys outstanding for accommodation must be paid prior to rooms being occupied.

The Club will not pay for any additional charges or costs that may be incurred by the occupants of
any accommodation booked.

                     SUNDAY MORNING EVENTS @ 9.00 am
Events to be contested each Sunday (time and weather permitting):

*       Swim (handicap)
*       Board
*       Run (sprint or distance)

Other events to be considered dependant on numbers/available equipment.

      CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS: 24 FEBRUARY 2007 @ 12.00 pm

Events/age groups/prizes to remain same as previous season.

             CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS - To Be Advised

Following events to be conducted:     Swim      Board    Ski     Sprint    Flags
                                      Tube      Ironperson

Category:    Open Male & Open Female
             (All competitors must hold a bronze medallion)
Prizes:      1st Place only for Male & Female Champions

                          COMPETITION CALENDER
A calendar has been prepared by Surf Life Saving Central Coast, A copy of this calendar
with events and activities conducted by Ocean Beach SLSC can be found on the club‟s web
site This calendar provides carnival dates, award dates,
meeting dates.

The calendar will continued to be updated. For any information regarding calendar dates
please contact the Competition Director. There are other various carnivals within NSW. To
obtain a full list visit

15 September 2007  Sydney Ocean Ski Series – Rnd 1 @ Avalon Beach SLSC
28 September 2007        Central Coast Pool Challenge @ Mingara Aquatic Centre
29 September 2007        SLSCC Raising Flags, Terrigal SLSC
                         Sydney Ocean Ski Series – Rnd 2 @ Manly SLSC
30 September 2007        Lower North Coast U9-Masters @ Forster SLSC
13-14 October 2007       NIB Coolangatta Gold @ Gold Coast
20 October 2007          Central Coast Open & Masters Carnival @ Nth Entrance SLSC
                         Sydney Ocean Ski Series – Rnd 3 @ Dee Why SLSC
21 October 2007          Peters Boat Series 1 @ Terrigal
                         Central Coast U11-U14 Carnival @ Wamberal
28 October 2007          Sydney Ocean Ski Series – Rd 4 @ Narrabeen SLSC
3 November 2007          Nutty Masters @ Wamberal SLSC
                         Newcastle Permanent Iron Person – Rd 1 @ TBC
4 November 2007          Central Coast U8-U10 Carnival @ Umina SLSC
11 November 2007         Peters Boat Series 2 @ Pacific Palms
17-18 November 2007      BSW Interbranch Championships @ Umina SLSC
24 November 2007         NP Ironperson 1 @ The Lakes

25 November 2007      Bennet Junior Iron Person @ Freshwater SLSC
29-30 November 2007   Year of the Surf Lifesaver International Challenge @ Bondi
1 December 2007       Year of the Surf Lifesaver Interstate Championships @ Bondi
2 December 2007       Year of the Surf Lifesaver Centenary Invitation @ Bondi
                      Peters Boat Series 3 @ Shelley Beach
9 December 2007       Warriors on Water @ Maroubra
15 December 2007      Central Coast Open & Masters Carnival @ Umina SLSC
16 December 2007      Central Coast First Aid Championships @ Ocean Beach SLSC
22 December 2007      Board and Ski Series 1 - @ Catherine Hill Bay
23 December 2007      Peters Boat Series 4 @ Nobbys Beach
26 December 2007      Terrigal SLSC Open Twilight Carnival @ Terrigal
29 December 2007      NP Ironperson 2 @ McMasters Beach
4 January 2008        U13-U15 Board Riding Champs @ Avoca Beach
6 January 2008        Gardner Iron Person @ Wamberal SLSC
                      Peters Boat Series 5 @ Stockton
                      Central Coast U17- Open Board Riding Championships @
12 January 2008       NP Ironperson 3 @ Terrigal
                      Board and Ski Series 2 @ Terrigal
13 January 2008       Central Coast Champion Lifesaver Competition @ Ocean
                      Peters Boat Series 6 @ Umina
18 January 2008       Central Coast Rookie Challenge @ Toowoon Bay
19 January 2008       Central Coast U15- Open Carnival @ MacMasters Beach
20 January 2008       Central Coast U8-14 Carnvial @ Toowoon Bay
26 January 2008       Annual Freshwater Carnival @ Freshwater SLSC
27 January 2008       Freshwater Boats Carnival @ Freshwater SLSC
2 February 2008       Central Coast Patrol Competition Championships @ Ocean
2 February 2008       NP Ironperson Final 4 @ Ocean Beach
                      Branch Surf Boat @ Ocean Beach
3 February 2008       Peters Boat Series 7 @ Caves
9 February 2008       Central Coast Masters Champs @ Ocean Beach
10 February 2008      Central Coast Traditional Events Championship @ Ocean
16 February 2008      Central Coast Open Champs @ Ocean Beach
17 February 2008      Central Coast Junior Champs @ Ocean Beach
23 February 2008      Board and Ski Series 3 @ Swansea Belmont

23-24 February 2008    2008 Battle of the Boats @ Pacific Palms SLSC
29 February 2008 – 1   NSW Age Championships @ Swansea Belmont
March 2008
6-9 March 2008         2008 NSW Surf Life Saving Championships @ Swansea
15 March 2008          Board and Ski Series 4 @ North Avoca

16 March 2008          Peters Boat Series 8 @ Ocean Beach
1-6 April 2008         2008 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships @
                       Scarborough Beach WA
26 April 2008          NSW IRB Premiership 1 @ TBC


             U/6 to U/14 CHAIRPERSON’S
As Chairperson of the Junior Activities Committee I would like to welcome back past
members and all those joining for the first time. This year we will be commencing the season
in our brand new surf club which will be a huge improvement on what we had to operate with
last year but seeing the new club it will be well worth the wait.

Changes have again been made to improve the activities of the children in making it more
interesting for them and to assist in developing their skills.

The following pages briefly explain how the various sections are run. I urge all parents and
children to read this information carefully. If you have any questions or concerns with any
thing from this booklet we ask that you approach a committee person that will do all they can
to help. We would also welcome any member who is interested in helping the committee or
would like to take a position. All new members are welcome.

As always our aim is to teach the children the basics of life saving skills to lead them into
future years as a life saver on our beaches. With this also we aim to make nippers an
enjoyable experience for not only the children but the parents as well.

Each training day the children will be trained and coached in surf life saving disciplines of surf
survival, award instruction and competition in areas of beach and water. There will be one
point score day only this year, now to be known as Club Championship day. There are also
surf carnivals to attend for all children from under 8‟s to under 14‟s in competition against
members from other Central Coast clubs. The emphasis at all times is for the children to
have FUN.

Please don‟t place too high of an expectation on your child. Encourage them to participate,
congratulate them on their efforts and note the improvement as the season progresses.

For each training day to run smoothly we need involvement from all the parents and
guardians. All our age managers and coaches are volunteers and the more help they have
the more fun they can put into your child‟s days on the beach. If these age managers and
coaches ask for some help please assist or just come forward on these days. Anyone will
make you feel welcome and gladly take your offers of assistance. We do ask that to assist
you must complete a prohibited person‟s declaration. These are available from the club

Regular newsletters are done for the whole club and will be available from the sign on desk
on training days. As these are for the whole club if you would like to contribute to them let us

In closing I would like to wish all members the very best for this very important season with
our club and look forward to seeing you all on the beach enjoying yourselves.
Yours Sincerely
Robyn Carr
Chairperson JAC


 New South Wales Surf Life Saving requires that all children from under 8 through to under 14
 must undertake the junior participation proficiency before they participate in any activity and
 the junior competition qualification be completed for those wanting to compete. Below are the
 requirements for each age group.

 The club is asking all children to attend the Peninsula Leisure Centre on the following days
 and times to complete a pool swim for evaluation of children‟s swimming capabilities and for
 those wishing to compete this season to complete their timed pool swim. Every child must
 attend one these days.

 Thursday 27 September               - Between 6.30pm and 8.00pm
 Tuesday 2 October                   - Between 7.00pm and 8.30pm

 If you cannot attend one of these days you must speak with either Robyn Carr or Brett Hurst.
 You will not be entered in any competition until this is completed.


Age Group            Swim            Float     Timed Pool Swim      Run-Swim-Run

 Under 8    25m swim (any stroke)    1 min     Not Required         Not Required

 Under 9    25m swim (any stroke)    1 min     200m within 6 mins   50m – 50m – 50m

Under 10    25m swim freestyle       1 ½ min   200m within 6 mins   50m – 50m – 50m

Under 11    50m swim freestyle       1 ½ min   200m within 5 mins   50m – 100m – 50m

Under 12    100m swim freestyle      2 min     200m within 5 mins   50m – 100m – 50m

Under 13    150m swim freestyle      3 min     200m within 5 mins   100m – 100m – 100m

Under 14    200m swim freestyle in   3 min     200m within 5 mins   100m – 100m – 100m
            less than 5 mins




                               SUNDAY TRAINING ACTIVITIES

The course of events for this year‟s activities will different from years past. The principles will
be the same, just taught in a different way. The children will be learning the disciplines listed
below in various ways to encourage the children to learn the skills whilst having fun. If you
have any concerns about the training activities please see either the age manager or any of
the committee.

                             Under 8’s – Under 14’s

Activity training days are held on Sunday morning at 9am or at 3pm on our beach. Please
check the calendar for start times. Children are to report to the attendance desks to have
their name marked off the attendance register, to start activities by either 9am or 3pm. The
attendance desks this year will be on the beach at the end of the walkway.

Note: If you are late arriving you must get your name marked off otherwise you will not
be counted as attending that day. Names must be marked off to cover children for
insurance purposes.

Each child will be required to wear a club nipper hat. These caps are to be worn to each training day
on the beach as you would, at carnivals. You must have a hat to participate on any training day.

No hat. No participation. Caps will not be available to be borrowed for club championship day.

Caps can be purchased from Elaine Unger or Megan Anderson.

This year there will be no training at our beach on carnival days. We will be encouraging all
members to attend carnivals for the enjoyment and of competing with your club mates.

Each age group on a training day will participate in the following activities;

1.     Surf Swim:     depending on water conditions on the day, the children are coached in surf
                      skills, and aim at completing a swim at these distances.

                      Under 8               50m wade
                      Under 9 to 10         80m-surf swim
                      Under 11 to 14        150m-surf swim

2.     Board :        Coaching in skills required for paddling a 'nipper' board in surf,
                      negotiating waves, catching waves and rounding buoys.

3.     Beach:         Sprint - the skills of running on sand are taught, as are the
                      starting and finishing techniques.
                      Relay running is also included.
                          Beach Flags - techniques used for starting quickly and
                          diving for the flags are taught.
4.    Awards:       Each year, all children must complete the age appropriate
                    Surf Education Program. Each child will be taken through a
                    booklet, which outlines what skills need to be achieved.

                                  Under 6’s and Under 7’s

Activities are held on the same days as the older age groups. Children are to report to the
age group managers who will be on the beach to the right of the patrol tower.

All parents of children in the under 6 and under 7 age groups are reminded that the Surf Life
Saving Movement promotes Sun safety. Each child will receive a rash vest on their first day
on the beach. This shirt must be worn to every training day. Also please ensure your child
has a hat and sunscreen on at all times.

Under 6‟s and Under 7‟s do not compete at carnivals. This year there will be no training at
our beach when there is a carnival.



Club Championship Day:

Club Championship day is as per the calendar. This day is for competition for children in
Under 8's to Under 14's. Children will compete in the following events.

Under 8 -           Sprint, Flags and Wade
Under 9 – 10        Sprint, Flags, Surf and Board
Under 11 – 14       Sprint, Flags, Surf, Board and Iron person

There will be a separate resuscitation championship event held for each age group from
under 11 through to under 14.

To be eligible to compete for points in events, a competitor must be:

      1.     A financial member
      2.     Have a minimum of 70% attendance of JAC Activities up to the day of club
             championships. (includes doing water safety for younger age groups)
      3.     Have participated in the Surf Education Program
      4.     Club Championship day rules will be as per the SLSA competition manual
             which states that you must have successfully completed a timed pool swim and
             the club cap must be worn.
      5.     Children who have not completed the timed pool swim in the allocated
             time will be given activities separate to those competing for club

All Carnivals are as per the calendar. These are for children in Under 8's to Under 14's. Children
must wear their club cap and costume to be able to compete. Our tent at Carnivals is white, and has
Ocean Beach written on it. For information on times, events etc please see your group coordinator
for details.

Please note the splitting of age groups for some carnivals.

The club may also be attending carnivals that are in the Hunter and Sydney Branches. We encourage
all children to attend these carnivals. The club will be organising a bus if enough interest is shown.


There is selection for the Central Coast Interbranch team for the age groups of Under 12 to Under 14.
The selection carnival this year will be held on Sunday the 21st of October at Wamberal Beach.
Please see Robyn Carr if you would like to nominate.

Junior Branch Championships Carnival:

This years Junior Branch Championships Carnival will be held on Sunday the 17th of February 2008
at Ocean Beach.

Junior State Championships Carnival:

The Junior State Championships Carnival will be held at Swansea Belmont from Friday February 29
to Sunday March 02 2008. If you are interested in attending, please contact your group coordinator
as nominations for this carnival close early.


Any medals won by children at Carnivals over the weekend will be handed out on the Sunday
evening at approximately 6:00pm. This will be in the upstairs part of the clubhouse. Please be aware
of dress regulations.

Competition Boards

All children in the under 9 and under 10 age groups who want to compete at carnivals on boards can
rent a board from the club for a nominal fee. Children who have rented a board have the sole use of
that board for the period of the rental agreement and are responsible for that board.

Please see a committee member for a rental application and fees applicable.

Those in the under 11 through to the under 14 age groups must have their own board for competition.
The club has various boards for sale.

Discipline Coaching

There will be coaching for Board, Swim, Beach Flags, Beach Sprints, March Past and R&R for those
children wishing to enter at carnivals. The times and venues will be posted on the website as well as in the newsletters.

                             GENERAL INFORMATION

Water Safety

We as a club have a duty of care to provide water safety personnel to protect our children
during all in-water and beach activities.

For in-water activities it is essential that water personnel are qualified and currently proficient
as per SRC regulations.

Parents wishing to help with water safety can obtain their Surf Rescue Certificate and be
qualified to assist. This also applies at carnivals where we are required to supply water safety
personnel. Water safety uniforms are supplied.

70% Attendance

Is required to be eligible for Point Score Trophies, Achievement Awards, Long Service
Awards, or any other awards presented at the JAC Presentation Day – not including Surf Ed

Service Awards (Under 14 only)

7 - 9 Years Long Service Award – when 70% attendance has been achieved for 5-7
                                 consecutive years.
4 - 6 Years Service Award      - when 70% attendance has been achieved for 4-6
                                 consecutive years.
1 - 3 Years Service Award      – when 70% attendance has been achieved for 1-3
                                 consecutive years.

The following MUST be achieved to obtain an award.

1) 70% attendance at Training Days - includes water safety for younger age groups
2) Obtaining Surf Rescue Certificate
3) Meeting all Rookie requirements including patrols

Rookie Life Savers

Introduction to the patrolling environment with senior Club members for the Under 13‟s &
Under 14‟s age groups. Rookies are also invited to attend a Rookie Challenge that will be
held at Toowoon Bay SLSC against Rookies from all other Central Coast Clubs. The club will
be holding selections for the Rookie team to compete


This season the juniors will be assisting in providing meals on a Sunday evening in
conjunction with the senior members as well as attending to raffles. A roster has been
created and each age group has been allocated one date to perform these activities. Please
support these much-needed fundraising events, as they are to benefit your children overall.
Group Coordinators will be asking for your help on these days.

We will be doing other fundraising for the club throughout the season; any help provided will
be greatly appreciated. The dates for these will be circulated through the newsletter as the
year progresses.

Annual Door Knock Appeal

This is a Fundraising event held in conjunction with the senior section of the Club. Under 11's
to Under 14's age groups are requested to support this much-needed fundraising venture. It
is held on the Peninsula with children being under adult supervision at all times. Parental
involvement would be greatly appreciated. Children and parents are asked to report to the
clubhouse before and after the event.

There will be no training on this day except for the under 6‟s to under 10 age groups.


This is held every Sunday afternoon starting at 4:30pm, and is for everybody involved in the
club, either as a full member, a parent or grandparent, or friends of members. This is a great
way to meet and socialise with other families and club members.

Come along and enjoy a great family atmosphere.

                              SELECTION POLICY


To outline requirements for Competition Selection 2007/08


The regulation and control of all matters in connection with the selection, management and
control of all teams representing Ocean Beach shall be under the sole jurisdiction of Ocean
Beach SLSC.


1.1 The objective of the Selection Policy is to ensure the best possible surf life saving
team(s) are selected to represent Ocean Beach in competition(s) as a recognition of their
abilities and qualities in Surf Life Saving Activities.

1.2 All members who are available for selection will be considered by the selectors for
selection in accordance with this Policy.

1.3 All competitors at carnivals will undergo selection process and will be bound by the
Club's Code of Conduct.


2.1 No particular selection criteria shall be weighted more or less significantly by reason only
of the order in which that criteria appears in this Policy.


3.1 All members wishing to be considered for selection must:

a) Must be a financial member of Ocean Beach SLSC Inc.
b) Must have completed the proficiency qualifications as per the competition rules laid out by


4.1 Selectors

4.1.1 Shall be appointed by Ocean Beach SLSC Junior Activities Director in accordance with
rules and regulations of the Club constitution.

4.1.2 Selectors to be the Director Junior Activities, Manager of Competition and the Coaching

4.1.3 Coaching coordinator will consult with discipline coaches prior to selections being

4.1.4 Recommendations are to be put to selection committee by age managers/ group

4.2 Selection Criteria

All carnival competition team selections will be made, taking into consideration,
a) The requirements and competencies needed for each event.
b) The abilities and speed of available and qualified individuals.
c) Team members will be selected for events in accordance with the competition program of
the relevant carnival.
d) Selection will take place at the training day preceding the carnival.
e) Demonstrated attitude and commitment to Ocean Beach SLSC
f) Any other factor considered relevant in the circumstances.
4.3 Selection Procedure

4.3.1 The Selectors shall have total discretion in competitor selection and may have regard to
any one or more of the Selection Criteria in any selection process.

4.3.2 A majority decision of the Selectors is required. The decision of the Selectors shall be
final. Reasons shall not be given for any selection or other decision of the Selectors unless
requested by non-selected member(s). The Selectors may meet with non-selected athletes to
explain their decision. This shall not prevent, limit or restrict the Selectors changing the
selection of any team or individual at any time in their sole discretion, having regard to all the

4.4 Notification of Selection

4.4.1 Selections will be posted the Sunday evening of selections at the club function.

4.4.2 The Chairperson of Selectors shall be available to correspond or meet with any
member if required


5.1 In the event of a team selection dispute, appeals to the Selection Committee, will be

5.2 Such appeals must be submitted to the Director of Junior Activities in writing within 24
hours of the notification/posting of selections.

5.3 All appeals are to contain the grounds for the appeal.

Specific Selections

6.1. Youth Camp

6.1.1 Members of the Under 13 and Under 14 age group who have met the above criteria are
eligible to nominate.
6.1.2 Four children will be selected, one male, one female from each age group. If
nominations are insufficient from one age group members from the other age groups will be
selected to attend.
6.1.3 One reserve member from each age group will be selected in case of illness or other

Selection committee for youth camp will be the Director Junior Activities, Rookie Coordinator
and Age Managers of respective age groups. If a conflict of interest occurs with any of these
selectors a fourth committee member will be asked to sit on selection committee.

6.2 Junior Life Saver of the Year

6.2.1 Selection of a male and a female from the under 14 age group to represent our Club at
Branch level in the Junior Life Saver of the Year competition.

Selection Committee for the Junior Life Saver of the Year will be three members elected by
the Director of Junior Activities who have no connection with nominees.

6.3 Branch Signals Competition

One member from the Under 14 age group to compete in the Signals Competition at the
Junior Branch Carnival.

Selection Committee will be the Age Manager of the under 14‟s and the Rookie Coordinator.

6.4 Rookie Challenge Team

6.4.1 A team of six members and one reserve are to be selected to compete in the Central
Coast Branch Rookie Challenge.
6.4.2 Members of the Under 13 and Under 14 age group who have met the above criteria are
eligible to nominate.
6.4.3 A selection trial will be conducted by the Rookie Coordinator for selections to take

Selection Committee will be the Director of Junior Activities, respective age manager/s of the
under 13 and under 14 age groups and the Rookie Coordinator.


Development Camp, Life Saver of the Year & Branch Signals.

Criteria for the following activities, which allow Members to represent our club, will be
available at the beginning of the season.

Youth Camp – Will be held the 15th and 16th of December 2007 at Myuna Bay Sport and
Recreation Camp. It is available to members of the Under 13 and Under 14 age group.
Usually, 4 children are selected – 2 from each age group with 1 reserve member from each
age group in case of illness or other circumstance.

Life Saver of the Year – Selection of a male and a female to represent our Club at Branch
level, and a chance to represent the branch at State level – under 14‟s.

Branch Signals Competition – One member from the Under 14 age group to compete in
the Signals Competition at the Branch Carnival.

Calendar 2007/08
Date        Event                    Venue               Comments          BBQ/Raffle

September 2007

Thu 13/09   Pool Swims               Woy Woy Pool        6.30pm-8.30pm
Tue 18/09   Pool Swims               Woy Woy Pool        6.30pm-8.30pm
Fri 28/09   Pool Challenge           Mingara             6pm
Sat 29/09   Raising of Flags         Terrigal            8.30am

October 2007

Sun 07/10   Training Activities      Ocean Beach         9am–10.30am

Sun 14/10   Training Activities      Ocean Beach         9am–10.30am       Under 10

Sun 21/10   U‟11 – U‟14 Carnival     Wamberal            8am               Under 9
            No training activities

Sun 28/10   Training Activities      Ocean Beach         3pm – 4.30pm

November 2007

Sun 4/11    U‟8 – U‟10 Carnival      Umina Beach         8am               Under 11

Sat 10/11   Kracka Carnival          Swansea Belmont
Sun 11/11   U‟8 – U‟14 Carnival      Swansea Belmont

Sat 17/11   NSW Interbranch          Umina Beach
Sun 18/11   Training Activities      Ocean Beach         9am–10.30am       Under 8
            NSW Interbranch          Umina Beach

Sat 24/11   Newcastle Permanent      The Lakes           8.30am -12.30pm
Sun 25/11   Training Activities      Ocean Beach         3pm – 4.30pm
            Bennett Iron Person      Freshwater
            Opening of Surf Club

December 2007

Sun 2/12    Training Activities      Ocean Beach         9am–10.30am
            Ducks 4 Bucks (under 13/14)

Sun 9/12    Training Activities        Ocean Beach          9am–10.30am    Under 12
            Junior Life Saver of the Year Interviews - Branch

Sat 15/12   Development Camp         Myuna Bay
Sun 16/12    Training Activities       Ocean Beach       9am–10.30am
             Development Camp          Myuna Bay

Sat 22/12    Dolphin Camp              Ocean Beach
Sun 23/12    Training Activities       Ocean Beach       3pm – 4.30pm
             Dolphin Camp              Ocean Beach

Sat 29/12    Newcastle Permanent       McMasters Beach 8.30am-12.30pm
Sun 30/12    No activities

January 2008

Sun 6/01     Gardner Ironperson Wamberal                 9am

Sat 12/01    Newcastle Permanent       Terrigal          8.30am-12.30pm
Sun 13/01    Training Activities       Ocean Beach       9am–10.30am      Under 13

Fri 18/01    Rookie Challenge          Toowoon Bay       2pm
Sun 20/01    U‟8 – U‟14 Carnival       Toowoon Bay       8am

Fri 26/01    Nth Cronulla Ironperson   Nth Cronulla
Sun 27/01    Training Activities       Ocean Beach       3pm – 4.30pm
Mon 28/01    U‟13 - Open Carnival      Manly

February 2007

Sat 2/02     Newcastle Permanent      Ocean Beach        8.30am
Sun 3/02     Junior Club Championships                   9am

Sun 10/02    Training Activities       Ocean Beach       9am–10.30am      Under 14

Sun 17/02    Branch Championships      Ocean Beach       8am

Sun 24/02    Training Activities       Ocean Beach       9am–10.30am
             Last Day U‟6-U‟7          Ocean Beach       9am – 10am
             U‟6 – U‟7 Presentation    Clubhouse         11am– 1pm
             State Team Meeting        Clubhouse         4pm – 6pm

March 2007

Fri 29/02    NSW Junior State          Swansea Belmont
Sat 01/03    NSW Junior State          Swansea Belmont
Mon 02/03    NSW Junior State          Swansea Belmont


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