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               Minutes of meeting for ECCNA 22 (4th meeting)
                         Held September 21st, 2004
        Salvation Army, York House, Longford Street Little, Dublin 2.

Present: Paschal P., (Chair), Paul O’ S., (Vice Chair), Dermot M., (Treasurer)
Willie C., (Secretary) Ned K., (Graphics Chair), Austin T., (Hospitality Chair),
Andy R., (Merchandising Chair), Miriam K., (Vice-Chair Treasury), Irene C.,
(Translation Chair), Conor H. (Regional Delegate).
Apologies: Eamon M., (Entertainment Chair), Rose R., (Registration Chair).

Meeting opened with the serenity prayer.

Paul O’S informed all present that the Rose R. has confirmed that the registration
committee is formed.

Paschal P asked was there an agenda from the previous meeting.

Willie C said that there were 3 action points from the previous meeting that
needed to be followed up on, these were from the following committees;
Graphics, Entertainment and Merchandising.

Graphics committee report: Ned K pointed out that he was given a tall order to
come up with a concept within a short period of time, however he had managed
to take the general feeling from the previous meeting that all present were in
favour of something simple and what he had heard mentioned throughout the
discussion was the word ‘WE’ and that from this they have developed the
following; ‘We never have to be alone again’.
Ned produced a draft copy of his committees proposed logo & theme.
All present agreed that this was a very good start.
Conor H asked if it is possible to get such a photographic logo transferred onto
mugs, t-shirts and other merchandise.
A long discussion took place with regards to the above. Ned said that this was
just the start of a building block and that he has not as of yet had time to transfer
it in mono-form and could not foresee any problems with doing this, as it is
possible to transfer such things onto any type of surface.
Ned also explained the concept of the theme/logo and its symbolism.

A discussion also took place with regards to the theme and how practical it would
be to get this translated in many other languages. Consensus was that we could
use the presented theme and only get the word ‘WE’ translated.

It was agreed by all present that the graphics committee should develop this
concept further and presents it to the steering committee next week. Ned said
that he would be away next week and that it could be possibly 2 weeks before he
could present more developed draft, and ideas for other applications of the
themes in the original concept that may be more suitable for T-shirts etc.

Andy R. asked if we could make a decision tonight on the logo as time was
pressing on and the pamphlet needed to be printed. It was decided by all present
that this did not need to be finalised tonight as we require further info from the
committees for the pamphlet.
Action: Graphics committee to present draft within next 2 weeks.

Merchandising committee report: Andy R was asked was there any feedback
from the WSO (Belgium) with regards to them wanting to have a stall to sell
literature. Irene C added that she had been in contact with the WSO chair of the
literature committee and that he had said that he was willing to travel to Ireland in
February of 2005 to discuss the above further.
Paul O S pressed the point that we need to have the pamphlet organised and
distributed as soon as possible as this was one of the three items that Peter H
(EDM) had expressed urgency upon. It was agreed that this should be finalised
at the next meeting and to do this we would need all the chairs of the sub-
committees present with info that they want included on the flyer. Willie C agreed
to contact sub-committees
Action: Andy R to stay in contact with WSO literature committee.
Andy R said that he needs the logo and theme to be confirmed before he starts
organising merchandise/ Willie C to contact sub-committees.
Andy asked if the bank account had been opened. Paschal confirmed that it has

Entertainment committee report: No report as of yet.

Hospitality committee report: Conor H said that he had noted from the
previous minutes that there was some concern over the price of the hotel rooms.
Conor confirmed that the prices we have secured for the hotel rooms were the
lowest they could get and that the price of the rooms is €50 cheaper than
originally quoted.
Austin T said that he would get a list of cheaper accommodation in the area and
have this circulated. It was suggested to Austin that he get a contact number for
hospitality this can be put on the website and also on the convention flyer. Conor
H said that it is important that members are encouraged to take up the rooms in

the hotel as if the numbers are low, the hotel will hammer us on the conference
room prices.

AOB: Irene C was voted in as chair of the translation committee.
Andy R asked if we could have some time deadlines for the sub-committees
action points.
All present felt that this would be a good idea.
It was explained that some committees would have deadlines that were more
pressing now and others deadlines would be more pressing nearer to the dates
of the convention. Miriam K does schedules as part of her work, so she will help
us come up with a workable schedule at the next meeting.

Andy R presented 2 copies of the NA Convention Guidelines and said that things
like deadlines are talked about in it and that it gives clear guidelines for each sub-
committee of the convention.

It was suggested that we have a clear agenda for the next meetings, all agreed.

                        The position of Sound/Vision is still available.

Next committee meeting will be held on:

                            Tuesday 28th September at 8.15 pm,

                        Venue:      Salvation Army Hostel,
                                    York House,
                                    Longford Street Little,
                                    Dublin 2.

                   All are welcome, please announce at meetings.


1.   Flyer/Pamphlet
2.   Entertainment report
3.   Deadlines/Schedules
4.   AOB

Pascal P., Chair           (contact number 087-8147265)
Paul O’S., Vice-Chair      (contact number 087-6809133)
Dermot M., Treasurer      (contact number 087-2509982)
Willie C., Secretary      (contact number 087 6662260)

Meeting closed with the serenity prayer.


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