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									                                        specialty checklist

                                             {organic baby}
Of course you want your baby’s nursery to be as healthy as possible–but where do you start? Not everything you
buy has a healthier option (ever heard of an organic car seat?), but there are lots of choices you can make that will
cut down on the chemicals your child is exposed to.

This checklist is designed to supplement any of our more general checklists. Start with a checklist that has
everything you need, then use this one to understand your choices when there are organic options available. The
best part is that most of these choices are not only good for your baby, but also the world we live in. Still have
questions? Contact a personal shopper at any of our stores, anytime.

  Cribs, Changing Tables, Dressers, Shelves, & Other
  When choosing healthy furnishings and décor for your nursery, look for:
         • environmentally responsible and healthy materials, like sustainably harvested wood and composites
           or laminate with minimal toxicity levels; and
         • non-toxic finishes, like water-based finishes, natural finishes like beechnut oil, and low to no-VOC
           (volatile organic compounds) paints.
  As a bonus, some furnishings take an extra step and even incorporate recycled materials. Multi-stage furnishings
  and décor–such as changing tables that convert to desks–help minimize the contribution of baby products to our

   brands & products                                            key eco attributes

   Cariboo                                                       sustainably harvested wood, water-based and
   bassinet                                                      biodegradable finishes, 100% unbleached
                                                                 natural cotton

   NettoCollection                                               sustainably harvested wood, non-toxic, non-VOC
   armoires, cribs, changing tables, dressers, shelves           emitting finishes, E1 toxicity standards for
                                                                 composites, multi-stage pieces that convert as
                                                                 your baby grows

   Oeuf Collection                                               solid birch components, ennvironmentally friendly
   cribs, changing tables, beds, dressers, shelves               MDF made of recovered wood fibers, non-toxic,
                                                                 lacquered finish

   OMI                                                           certified organic cotton, pure-grow wool
   crib mattresses

  Q Collection Junior                                            constructed with Forest Stewardship Council
  cribs, changing tables/dressers                                certified wood that is locally sourced from
                                                                 responsibly-managed forests, low-VOC paints and
                                                                 stain finishes, formaldehyde-free glues, designed for
                                                                 superior indoor air quality

 brands & products                                           key eco attributes

 Stokke Collection                                            sustainably harvested wood, non-toxic, beechnut oil
 armoires, cribs, changing tables, highchairs                 finishes, recycled metals for hardware, multi-stage
                                                              pieces that convert as your baby grows

 Blankets, Burp Cloths, Crib Bedding, Diapers, Clothing, Towels, & More
 When looking for healthy clothing, blankets, and linens, choose fabrics grown and finished without the use of
 pesticides, formaldehyde or other allergenic, toxic or harmful chemicals. A simple guide is to look for Oeko-Tex
 and/or IVN-compliant materials, natural fibers like pure-grow wool or hemp, and certified organic cottons.
 Certified organic fabrics focus as much on the production process as the healthy interface for your baby. And,
 just like with furnishings, be on the lookout for manufacturers who go the extra mile and use recycled products,
 such as fleece made from soda pop bottles.

 brands & products                                           key eco attributes

 giggle Better Basics                                         certified organic cotton
 basic clothing: t-shirts, footies, gowns, caps, mitts,
 booties, burp cloths, cloth diapers, hooded
 towels, wash cloths, cotton jersey sheets, receiving
 & swaddle blankets

 George                                                       certified organic cotton, pure-grow wool bumper
 fitted crib sheets & crib bedding sets                       insert

 giggle Fleece                                                recycled soda pop bottles, formaldehyde-free dyes
 stroller blankets

 Kee-Ka                                                       certified organic cotton
 bibs & burp cloths

 Sage Creek                                                   certified organic cotton
 hooded towels & wash cloths

 SwaddleMe                                                    certified organic cotton
 receiving blankets

 Under the Nile                                               certified organic cotton
 basic clothing: loungewear, footies, gowns, caps &
 cloth diapers
There are lots of utility items made from plastic or surface-wipe materials, such as teething toys for baby’s aching
gums or quick-clean bibs for toddler messes. How do you make any of these eco-friendly? Look for Oeko-Tex
certified (formaldehyde-free), PVC-free (polyvinyl chloride-free) and phthalate-free surface-wipe items (like in bibs,
splash mats, toys, & diaper bags) and Bisphenol A-free plastics (like in bottles). As a bonus, choose recycled
materials when offered.

brands & products                                             key eco attributes

Born Free Bottles                                              bisphenol-a free
bottles, binkies & cups

Elegant Baby                                                   phthalate-free
bath squirters

Fleurville                                                     PVC-free, recycled materials (recycled plastic bottles
backpacks, diaper bags & lunch bags                            used to make the fabric), green-LAM™ laminate
                                                               (environmentally friendly polyurethane laminate)

Mimi the Sardine                                               Oeko-Tex certified
bibs & splash mats

Streamline                                                     phthalate-free
bath squirters

Thinkbaby                                                      bisphenol-a free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, lead-free,
bottles, trainer cups & nipples                                nitrosamines-free

Keep personal care pure. Less is more, and sometimes a little warm water and a wash cloth will do the trick. For
the other times, look for mild soaps, fragrance-free shampoos, hypoallergenic ingredients, and natural or organic
solutions. As a general rule, look to ointments with simple ingredients when it comes to baby.

brands & products                                             key eco attributes

California Baby                                                natural, contains organic & sustainably grown
full baby & toddler personal care products                     ingredients

Erbaviva                                                       100% certified organic
full prenatal & baby personal care products

Maclaren Beginnings                                            natural and organic ingredients
prenatal & baby personal care set

Mustela                                                        alcohol-free and hypoallergenic
full prenatal & baby personal care products

Propoline/Apitiva                                             natural, contains organic & sustainably grown
toddler personal care products                                ingredients
What makes a baby’s nursery healthy and safe? Among other things, fresh air! Here are some recommendations:
      • open the window to make sure your baby’s room is well ventilated;
      • clean with non-toxic cleaners: no chemicals, ammonia, or fragrances, all of which can be irritants to a
        baby’s developing immune system;
      • add a low-energy air purifier to help minimize dust and other irritants; and
      • consider crib mattress encasements to reduce the likelihood of dust-mite allergens (they’ll never be
        easier to manage than on a crib sized mattress)
Remember biodegradability standards for cleaning supplies–make your choice as good for the planet as it is for
your baby!

brands & products                                             key eco attributes

BlueAir                                                        energy efficiency approved
air purifier

giggle Allergy Encasements                                     anti-allergen (dust mite barrier bedding)
crib mattress encasement

Sweet Pea                                                      no harsh chemicals, non-toxic, biodegradable,
cleaning supplies                                              plant-derived ingredients, & essential oils

Stock up on simple toys. Certain plastics contain harmful chemicals known as phthalates and many contain
polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Stock your nursery with toys made of naturally finished wood, PVC-free, Bisphenol A-
free toys and washable fabrics.

brands & products                                             key eco attributes
giggle Better Basics                                           certified organic cotton

miYim                                                          certified organic cotton
rattles, plush & stackers

Nest Toys                                                      non-toxic, sustainably harvested maple wood,
wood toys                                                      lead-free paint

Pastel Toys                                                    non-toxic, water-based paints, handmade in local
wood toys                                                      communities

Plan Toys                                                      recycled rubber wood
wood toys

Under the Nile                                                 certified organic cotton
soft toys


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