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									Conference generates vertical and horizontal synergies

Automotive experts meet up at forum

(29/10/2008) More than 150 international manufacturing and development experts
from the automobile industry met at Fronius in Sattledt on October 1st and 2nd
2008 to compare notes and exchange ideas. Despite each of the leading car
manufacturers having their own interests, common interests were very much the
order of the day. The open presentations and discussions of joining and material
technology trends in automotive engineering resulted in the desire to continue
and intensify the exchange of intellectual information. Dr. Klaus Koglin,
director of technological development at Audi, proposed setting up a joint
working party to pursue this aim. The working party will include representatives
from the relevant fields, e.g. scientific institutes, steel and aluminium
manufacturers, system builders, system suppliers and the car manufacturers

In his welcome address Klaus Fronius stressed the importance of overcoming
whatever restrictions existed in order to find new, intelligent solutions, an
example of which is the thermal joining of aluminium and steel. This opens up
interesting possibilities for lightweight construction in the automotive
industry, reductions in fuel consumption and consequently reductions in CO2
emissions. The knowledge-transfer platform offered by the leading Austrian
company in the field of arc welding attracted more interest than the limited
number of places allowed. Speakers representing leading brands - Audi, BMW, Ford,
Mercedes Benz, Hyundai and VW - reported on their experiences in the
implementation and mastering of robust and reproducible joining processes,
particularly on the positive results achieved using LaserHybrid and CMT (cold
metal transfer).
Researchers and developers at the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research and the
Mining University of Loeben see the key areas of latest developments as the
joining of dissimilar materials, e.g. aluminium and steel, and the potential of
titanium and magnesium. In the case of the latter, however, within still
existing constraints in the form of efficient production processes or recycling
activities. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Boyoung Lee from Korea Aerospace University talked
about his experiences with Hyundai in the Far East and its innovative CMT
process for CO2 welding and MIG brazing. Representatives of Magna and BMW
provided participants with a surprise by offering practical insights into the
quality planning and quality assurance processes in their companies. Klaus
Fronius discussed with the moderators, Dr. Klaus Koglin and Hans Hornig
(director of joining processes at BMW's research and information centre), about
when this conference should be followed up. They agreed that the follow-up
conference should be held in two years' time. Klaus Koglin from Audi will act as
the contact person for interested parties until such time as the working party
"conceived" in Sattledt comes officially into being.

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Fronius develops, produces and distributes battery chargers, welding technology
and inverters for photovoltaic systems worldwide. The group has four production
sites in Austria, the Czech Republic and Ukraine plus more than twelve sales
subsidiaries in Europe and America. The company employs 2,221 employees
worldwide, 1,661 of whom are based in Austria.

Fronius's key figures for 2007 are as follows: sales of €298.5 million, 88.2 %
of products exported and twelve international sales organisations around the
world - including three new ones in Mexico, Canada and Italy, plus more than 130
international representatives. 16.8% of turnover is re-invested with a further
6.8% going to R&D. Fronius owns 469 patents. One third of all products sold are
less than three years old.

1: At the beginning of the first international automobile conference, Klaus
Fronius encouraged delegates to overcome restrictions in their thinking, and at
the end of the conference he lent his support to a follow-up conference in two
years' time. On the podium, from left to right: Karl Lammer (Magna Engineering
Center), Guido Müller (Ford), Alois Lang (BMW), Hans Hornig (BMW), Dr. Klaus
Koglin (Audi), Stefan Halvax, Klaus Fronius (Fronius).

2: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Boyoung Lee from Korea Aerospace University reported at the
first international automobile conference on the progress achieved by Hyundai in
bodywork construction using CMT technology. On the podium, from left to right:
Guido Müller (Ford), Hans Hornig (BMW), Dr. Klaus Koglin (Audi), Stefan Halvax,
Boyoung Lee.

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