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					       The Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI) is
      committed to ensuring our organisation complies with                                Some examples                       of
     relevant privacy, confidentiality and security legislation.                          Breaches
      As part of this, individuals are required to understand
      their obligations and responsibilities including what it                            Accessing information that you do not      Sharing, copying or changing information
                                                                                          need to know to do your job:               without proper authorisation:
                   means to sign this agreement.                                             Unauthorised reading of a client’s        Making unauthorised changes to a
                                                                                              medical file or an employee file.          research file, a client’s medical file or
                                                                                             Random searching of research               database information.
All persons, including MCRI employees, non-MCRI employees, contractors,                       client databases for familiar             Making unauthorised changes to an
visitors, volunteers, observers and students who come into contact with, or                   names.                                     employee file.
have access to, our confidential information have a responsibility to maintain the           Accessing information on family,          Copying and forwarding research-
privacy, confidentiality and security of that information.                                    friends or co-workers.                     related, client or staff information to a
Confidential information may include information relating, but not limited, to:                                                          third party without having verbal or
   RESEARCH AND RESEARCH-RELATED FINDINGS                                                Divulging information without the
                                                                                                                                         written consent.
    Such as logbooks, databases, journal drafts, grant submissions, animal experiment
    information or reports                                                                individual’s consent:
                                                                                             Conducting a conversation
    BUSINESS INFORMATION                                                                                                                Using unauthorised shared
    Such as financial records, reports, memos, contracts, computer programs, technology        relating to a research subject,
   THIRD PARTIES                                                                              client or staff information in a
                                                                                                                                        Unauthorised use of a password to
    Such as vendor contracts, computer programs, technology                                    public place.
                                                                                                                                         access employee files or client
   OPERATIONS IMPROVEMENT, QUALITY ASSURANCE, PEER REVIEW                                    Telling a relative or friend
    Such as reports, presentations, survey results
                                                                                               information about a research
   EMPLOYEES, CONTRACTORS, VOLUNTEERS, STUDENTS                                                                                        Using a co-worker’s application for
                                                                                               subject, client or staff member
                                                                                                                                         which you do not have rights after
    Such as salaries, employment records, disciplinary actions                                Discussing confidential
   CLIENTS AND/OR FAMILY MEMBERS                                                                                                        he/she is logged in.
                                                                                               information in a public area such
    Such as a client’s medical files, laboratory results, conversations and financial          as a waiting room or elevator.
    information                                                                                                                      Leaving a secure information system (ie.
                                                                                              Incidental disclosure about a
To assist the MCRI in complying with legislation a range of policies and procedures            family member other than the          system that is password protected)
have been developed and implemented. Staff are encouraged to make themselves                   research subject or client.           unattended while logged on:
aware of the content of these documents and the impact they have on their role.               Responding to emails directed to         Being away from your desk while you
These policies and procedures will be available on the MCRI intranet or by                     others without their permission or        are logged into a secure system.
contacting MCRI Human Resources.                                                               revealing to the recipient             Allowing a co-worker to use a secure
                                                                                               information without clarifying that       system for which he/she does not
                                                                                               you were the actual sender.               have access after you have logged in.
Further information                                                                           Signing of or impersonating
If you have any questions or concerns relating to privacy, confidentiality or security         another person’s initials or
of information contact                                                                         signature
Kathryn Bellion, Human Resources
Phone: 8341 6350

                                                                                               NOTE: These are examples only. They do not include all possible
                                                                                               breaches of privacy, confidentiality or security covered by this
                                                                                               agreement. Staff should read and understand relevant MCRI policies
                                                                                               and procedures.
Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Agreement
As part of my position I am required to understand and agree to the following:
1. I WILL ONLY access information I need to do my job.
2. I WILL NOT disclose, copy, release, sell, alter or destroy any confidential
    information unless it is part of my job. If it is part of my job to do any of
    these tasks, I will follow the correct procedure.
3. I WILL NOT misuse or be careless with confidential information.
4. I WILL NOT disclose my personal computer passwords and will only use
    shared passwords in authorised situations.
5. I ACCEPT responsibility for all activities undertaken using my password.
6. I KNOW that my access to confidential information may be audited.
7. I WILL NOT remove confidential information (eg. research logbooks or
    other research-related information, client files, photocopied client forms or
                                                                                      & SECURITY
    electronic data) from my work place unless it is an authorised work
8. I WILL report any activities to my manager that I suspect may
    compromise the confidentiality of information. I understand these reports,
    made in good faith, will be held in confidence to the extent permitted by
    law.                                                                             (For all persons including staff, visitors, volunteers,
9. I WILL endeavour to wear my MCRI identification badge at all times                        observers, students and contractors)
    whilst on work premises.
10. I WILL protect the privacy of MCRI stakeholders, clients and employees.
11. I AM RESPONSIBLE for my use or misuse of confidential information.
12. I UNDERSTAND my obligations under this Agreement will continue after
                                                                                     MURDOCH CHILDRENS
    termination of my position.
I am aware that failure to comply with this agreement may result in the
                                                                                     RESEARCH INSTITUTE
termination of my position at MCRI and/or civil or criminal legal penalties. By
signing this, I agree that I have read, understand and will comply with this

  Signature:                                             Date:

                                            Research Group /
 Print Name:                                     Work Area:

COPY 1 – to be signed and held by employee
COPY 2 – to be signed and held in employee record within Human Resources

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Version 2 – March 2007

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