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									Google Buzz: the new buzzword in the
social media circles
Google has finally launched a social media tool „Google Buzz‟ on Tuesday, February
9th. In fact by embedding Buzz to Gmail, Google seems to have struck the right chord
with the global masses what with Google Buzz receiving over 160,000 posts and
comments per hour.

The launch of Buzz could significantly change social media as a tool. With each passing
of day, it is becoming more and clearer that Google buzz is just not a simple addition to
Gmail, in fact it might probably have enormous impact on the social media circuit.

As the year unfolds it will be really interesting to see what Google Buzz means for
Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the social media world?

Google Buzz’s increasing Usage

Though it is too early to predict, however, going by the initial indications people have
given a thumbs-up to Google Buzz.

Google has made public only two numbers so far: over 9 million posts and comments in
almost 56 hours. The numbers are considered impressive, considering the fact most users
started using the Buzz only somewhere around February 11.

The reason for Google Buzz gaining traction so quickly

• It‟s wired directly into Gmail.

• The Buzz tab is just under “Inbox,”

• Ease of use and simple interface

• Zero effort setup and the making of connections easy

• It‟s fixed into Gmail, and therefore connecting to people and subjects that are not
readily visible in the other networks.

• Connects people from all across the world immediately

• Instant connection with Gmail‟s already established user base.

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