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					2nd Annual
Team Summit Pays it Forward
Earn money towards 2009/2010 tuition and a
Visa Gift Card.

For over 25 years Summit County   has been home to Team
Summit. Summit County has given   the team a home, a name,
and some of the best terrain on   the planet to raise awesome
athletes. Here is Team Summit’s   chance to say thank you and
support it’s local community.

In this program athletes will volunteer a minimum of four
hours a year in his or her community and “pay forward” what
the community has given Team Summit.

The athletes who accumulate the most volunteer hours will
earn their name on our Pay-It-Forward Plaque at the Club
House and win the following:

1st Place
$100.00 off next year’s tuition and $50.00 Gift
$75.00 off next year’s tuition and $25.00 Gift Card
3rd Place
$25.00 off next year’s tuition and$25.00 Gift Card

All current year Team Summit athletes.

What Counts:
Any volunteerism which supports local communities and
organizations. Minimum of four hours required. Additional
hours in which an athlete is already involved count, as
long as they are in addition to other commitments. The
hours donated through this program cannot be counted toward
VSF hours. Likewise hours donated to the team and team
functions do not count. This program is directed outwards
towards the community.
Click on the Pay it Forward Volunteer Log. Download and
fill out log completely. Logs must be turned into the Team
Summit office by Saturday April 4. Prizes to be awarded
April 11, 2009 at the End of Season Banquet.

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