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                    SELLING AVON PRODUCTS?

Avon Fundraisers are the simplest way to earn money for your organization. There is something
in the Avon brochure that everyone you know can use, even if it is just a bottle of roll-on

I will furnish each participant a current Avon brochure, an order book and a collection envelope.
Those participating will show the brochure to all their friends, relatives and co-workers. Then,
they write up the order, collect the money for the product and turn the orders and money in to
me. From that point, I place the order with Avon. When the order comes back to me, I sort it
and bag it by your individual member‟s sales. When it is all bagged up, I will deliver the
products and the check for your organization to the head of your organization for distribution to
your members. The members then deliver the products to their customers. I do all the work and
your organization reaps the benefits.

Why should my organization have an Avon fundraiser?
Avon fundraisers offer minimal effort from your members. It offers products to family and
friends that they can use and are possibly already purchasing on a regular basis. Avon
fundraisers do not mean that you have to go out and purchase items to use for the fundraiser,
such as food to prepare for a fundraiser dinner or lunch. Avon fundraisers require minimal effort
from your members . . . no standing over a hot stove or washing cars in the hot sun.

What will your organization make off an Avon fundraiser?
The answer to that is really up to the members of your organization. How much you make will
be totally up to you and your members. The more products you sell the more your organization
will earn! If your organization sells $1000 of products, the organization will earn 40% on most
of the products. If your total sales are less than $1000, you will only earn 30%. However, there
are certain products in the brochures that I do not make full earnings on. These products are
marked in the brochure by a special symbol that looks like this: .. Any item with this symbol,
will only earn 20% for your organization, regardless of what your total sales are.

Example of possible earnings:
You have 50 people in the organization selling for the fundraiser. They each get orders for $100
of the regular earnings items. (An average customer order is usually about $20-25, so that is just
selling to 5 or 6 people each.) Your total group sales would total $5000. At 40%, your earnings
would be $2000. The amount that the group earns is totally based on how much they sell and
how much effort they each put into getting orders. (I know of a 10 year old local girl that did a
“year „round” Avon fundraiser to earn money for her expenses to the National Final Competition
for Pre-Teen America last July. In a couple of hours, she had already sold over $125 of Avon
products! Some of the high school students that participated in their fundraiser sold $600 to
$800 during one fundraiser.) It all sums up to be that the more the group sells the more that they
earn. If a member of the group can recruit other family members to help them by getting orders
from their friends, the sales can really soar!

How often can your organization have Avon fundraisers?
That is up to your organization. They can do one every 2 weeks, every month, every quarter. It
depends on what they want to do. There is one organization in a local high school that has 2 to 3
Avon fundraisers per year. During a 8-year period from 1998-2005, this organization earned a
total of $34,457.70 just by getting Avon orders.

Which products do we offer for Avon fundraisers?
There are several options for Avon fundraisers. We have a single page brochure that has
selected items (such as seasonal items, ornaments, gift items, etc.), there can be a SSS
Fundraiser featuring only Skin-So-Soft products, a Bug-Guard fundraiser that only features SSS
Bug-guard or a FULL Brochure fundraiser. The full brochure fundraiser is a little more work for
me but it offers much more fundraiser earnings. This is because there are generally many items
from $1.00 to $5.00 so that a customer that probably would not otherwise order will place some
kind of an order, even if it is only a couple of dollars. This will offer much more earnings
potential to your organization.

When do you need to let me know that you want to do an Avon Fundraiser?
It is best if you let me know about 3 or 4 weeks before you plan to start an Avon fundraiser.
This will give me enough time to order the brochures and prepare the packets for each member
of your organization.

What is in it for your members?
Most important, they have the satisfaction of selling a product that their friends and family can
use vs. selling a “high-dollar” product that falls apart the first time they use it!
Some of the organizations choose to offer incentives or prizes to the members raising the most
money for the organization. The money for the incentives or prizes comes out of your profit and
you purchase and award these yourself. (I am already giving you all my profit from the sales and
furnishing the supplies, therefore, I cannot afford to furnish incentive prizes. If I did so, I would
have to decrease the percentage that you earn from sales.)

Do you or any members of your organization have any questions about Avon fundraisers
that I did not cover?
If so, please do not hesitate to give me a call and I will be glad to answer any questions you may
have. If necessary, I will be more than glad to meet with your organization and explain Avon
fundraisers to you members and answer any questions that they may have. I may be reached at
_______________ . If I am not there, be sure to leave a message so that I might return your call.

Thank you for considering fundraising opportunities with me through an Avon Fundraiser. I will
look forward to hearing from you soon in order that we may schedule your event.

                       Independent Sales Representative of Avon Products

                                            (Phone Number)

                                               (E-mail Address)


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