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					               EARN MONEY WHILE YOU SHOP

 Did you know that in less than 10 minutes, you can sign up to help earn money
            for CFS? After that, CFS benefits every time you shop!

In the last year, we have earned over $2,000 through these various Community Partner
programs. We need your help to continue this program this year. Even if you have signed up for
some of these in the past, we need you to sign up again this year. Many of these programs
require families to re-register each year.

We do not have a parent in charge of coordinating this program yet. If you are interested in
helping to get people registered, please contact Amber in the office.

Please leave your name, phone number, AND your Albertson’s Preferred Card number (different
than your phone number) in one of the office in-boxes (there is a form you can fill out on the
back of this flyer) or email it to office@clarkforkschool.org. If you do not know your card number,
you can call 1-877-932-7948 or simply look on a receipt you’ve received lately. If you used your
phone number to receive Albertsons savings, then your preferred customer number should be
located near the top of the receipt.

Please leave your name, phone number, AND Safeway card # in one of the office in-boxes
(there is a form you can fill out on the back of this flyer) or email us at office@clarkforkschool.org
and we will sign you up.

If you have a Target REDcard, you can enroll online at www.Target.com/tcoe. If you do not
have a REDcard (Target credit card), you can sign up for one by visiting a Target store. This can
really earn a lot for CFS when families participate.

Good Food Store
If you have signed up for this program in the past, you can continue participating by applying
money to your Scrip Account. Your account does not expire; simply purchase more credit as
your balance approaches zero. Please see the back of this flyer to understand more about the
Good Food Store program and how to sign up.

If you would like to sign up for the Albertsons, Safeway, or Good Food Store programs, feel free
to use the form on the back of this flyer.
                 More Info About the Good Food Store Scrip Program
* Sign-up for an account number. These are not processed directly with the Good Food Store (GFS) but with the CFS
office. See directions below on getting your family account number.

* When shopping at GFS, simply tell the cashier before ringing up your groceries that you would like to put money in
your “scrip account” and then pay for the groceries through that account. You can use any method of payment, just
like paying directly for your groceries. But if you pay through the scrip account rather than directly, CFS gets 3%! This
extra step adds almost no time to your payment process.

* To save time, you can put as much money as you like on your scrip account and draw from that in future transactions,
rather than paying each time you shop. It cuts out that extra step and is very handy if you forget your wallet!

Upon registration, you will be contacted within a few days with your scrip number. You cannot use the program
until you have received your number.

To register in the program either:

1. E-mail your name, the names of all family members authorized to use your account, street address, and phone number
to office@clarkforkschool.org or put it in one of the office in-boxes.

programs, please fill out the form below and return it to one of the
office in-boxes.


Phone Number:_________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________


Albertsons Card Number:__________________________________________

Safeway Card Number:____________________________________________

For Good Food Store Use Only-
Names of Family Members Authorized to Use Your Account: ___________________________


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