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									                          Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging

Now that blogging seems to be in full swing, there’s a predominant question in every
blogger’s mind – how do I make MORE money blogging?

The blogging world is a gold mine for the person who knows what he is doing. Tips and
techniques can be shared and methods learned for making money with blogs , however,
you cannot make money Blogging until you start trying. So, the first thing to do is plunge
straight in and start trying to monetize your blog.

Ads ads and more ads:
If your blog is catering to a niche market and you are providing valuable content, there is
an easy way to make money blogging – sell ad space! Even large corporations are on the
lookout for ad space on blogs that have a good following. After all, Blogs are all about
public opinion. If you let others advertise on your blogs with banner ads, sponsor ads,
solo ads and classifieds, you can start earning money by blogging.

Google AdSense is another attractive option if you want to make money blogging.
Google’s Adsense program makes it easy to advertise on your Blog. You get paid for
every time someone click on an adword campaign located on your blog – not a bad way
to subsidize your blogging income!

Endorse, promote and link:
‘You rub my back, and I rub yours’. Joint venture marketing is a powerful marketing
strategy. By entering into joint venture, you basically promote or endorse certain
products. The profits from these sales are split. If you have a loyal following a joint
venture is easy because people want to JV with you.

Affiliate marketing is another way in which you can make money blogging. When you
come across a product that is related to your blog recommend the product to your readers
by linking to it. If they click the link and a sale takes place, you get a percentage of the
profit. Some products can really make you a lot of money.

The membership model:
If you own a blog that provides quality content, you can think of converting it into a
membership based blog. Once you have hooked your readers on your blog content, they
will find it difficult to stop reading your blog. If you make your blog a paying member’s
only blog they will pay to gain access. However, this can be done after you have
established your blog and convinced readers that your blog is worth paying for.

Convert Blog into E-Book:
Sell your blog content in more ways than one by converting them into e-books. If you
cater to a niche market, there usually is a great demand for an ebook on the topic.
Converting your blogs into content that can be sold will help you earn extra money
Ask for money:
You do not have to pound away at your keypad for free. If you have a blog that caters to
a need or fights for a cause, do not hesitate to ask for a little monetary appreciation.

Recently, one blogger was able to leave his day job for ‘uniterrupted Blogging’ by
cashing in on donations sent by his supportive readers.

If you have decided that you are blogging for money, do so whole heartedly. Place your
Ads where people can see them, not in some half-hidden corner. If you are asking for a
donation, ask loudly, don’t just leave an add or donation button sitting on your blog half-
heartedly. There is no need to feel apologetic or defensive about making money from
your blogs. After all, if you have started a blog that gives people something they want,
you have every right to get paid.

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