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            Legislator Wolfe Introduces Local Law to
     Ban Sale of Potentially Dangerous Drop-Side Infant Cribs
                     Within Rockland County
 New City, NY (November 2, 2009)– Rockland County Legislator Alden H. Wolfe has introduced a
 local law, which would prohibit the sale of drop-side infant cribs by any person or establishment
 within Rockland County. Drop-side cribs are designed and manufactured with three stationary
 sides and one side able to slide up and down to allow for access to infants inside the crib. The
 drop-side can derail from its tracks due to faulty hardware, poor design, wear or improper
 assembly. These malfunctions have been blamed for deaths and injuries to infants who have
 become trapped in the space created between the drop-side and mattress, or who have fallen
 through the space to the floor. The Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has
 issued at least thirteen recalls since 2002, affecting more than three million cribs.

 Legislator Wolfe said, “ASTM International, an industry standards organization, has recommended
 that these cribs no longer be manufactured, however, states and the federal government have
 been slow to act in this area.”

 Wolfe added, “Until such time as there is a state or national ban on the sale of these cribs, a local
 law in Rockland County can protect our children and bring public awareness to the dangers of this
 design.” He suggested that available alternatives to the drop-side design are cribs with four
 stationary sides or cribs with a drop-gate, where the top five to six inches of one side can fold
 down to allow easier access and protect the infant from entrapment or falls. “Diligent, loving
 parents may be unaware of the dangers associated with the drop-side design,” Wolfe said. “A
 missing or worn part places at risk the safety of infants and toddlers that are put to rest in these

 Legislator Wolfe said parents should always research infant and children’s products before
 purchase and complete and submit the manufacturer’s registration form for all purchased nursery
 products, toys and accessories to ensure that notices of recall or product retrofit are received.
 Furthermore, Wolfe recommends against purchasing used products or accepting hand-me-down
 items as they may be subject to product recall or in a compromised condition due to long-term

 Wolfe’s proposal will be forwarded to the Legislature’s Multi Service Committee for consideration and
 if approved, will then be sent to a meeting of the full Legislature, where a date will be set for a public


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