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									Jo Stoyanov
Hauptstrasse 30
D-77652 Offenburg
Tel: +49 781 22273


I was born in Stuttgart, Germany, on the 8th of August 1946 and passed my first two
years there. From 1948 on I lived in Offenburg, Germany. From this very young age
on I used to draw and paint passionately. After primary school I attended grammar
school for some years. In the year 1964 I attended the master class of the County of
Baden School of Arts in Lahr, Germany, organised by the lecturers Willi
Henselmann and Walter Auer, to be instructed in the craft basics of arts. Thanks to
this I was able to obtain a scholarship for the gifted in 1965 at the “Mannheim State
Academy of Arts, Graphic Arts and Design” in Germany, with Wolf Magin as
lecturer. In 1968 I finished my studies successfully with the state certificate as the
very best of the year and worked for some years as a graphic designer. During this
period of time I dicovered that my true talents where in free painting and less in
graphic and design. 1972 I emigrated to Sofia/Bulgaria and married in the same year.
At this time my artistic production covered oil painting, aquarelles and drawings. I
moved in 1975 to Lörrach, Germany, and in 1990, after my divorce, to Offenburg,
Germany. During this period I was always active as a free-lance artist. From 1993 on
I started creating sculptures. Without neglecting painting, sculpture-making became
my mainstream creation.

My paintings cover fantastic and real landscapes, persons and actions, but even my
realistic paintings are inspired by my fantasy.

My sculptures represent people, animals and fantastic figures in a different context.
The small sculptures of the years 2001 – 2002 pass into comic scenery. This is one of
the real aims of my artistic development.

My exhibitions up to this day :

1976 Teamexhibition at Vienna, Austria /SCS
1992 Teamexhibition on the occasion of the feminist week, Villa BAUER,
     Offenburg, Germany
1993 Teamexhibition Spitalspeicher Offenburg, Germany
1993 Teamexhibition on the occasion of the psychiatry week, Spitalspeicher
     Offenburg, Germany
1993 Individual exhibition, German Bank Offenburg, Germany
1994 First award in the competition „Violence against women“, Freiburg, Germany
1994 Individual exhibition, Freiburg University, Germany
1994 Teamexhibition, Bayrischer Hof Munich, Germany
1994 Teamexhibition, Oberschleissheim near Munich, Germany
1994 Teamexhibition „Christmas cribs from Ortenau“ Spitalspeicher Offenburg,
1995 Teamexhibition „Sexual abuse“, Freiburg, Germany
1996 Individual exhibition „Sculptures and oil paintings“, Ritterhausmuseum
    Offenburg, Germany
1998 Teamexhibition „Soul images“, Lahr, Germany
1998 Teamexhibition Caritas Diakonie AWO, Offenburg, Germany
1998 Todtnau Teamexhibition Galerie im Knotenburg, Todtnau
1999 Individual exhibition Zurmühlen, Freiburg, Germany
1999 Individual exhibition, Baden-Baden, Germany
1999 Teamexhibition Public Health Office Offenburg, Germany
2000 Teamexhibition Trade Academy Offenburg, Germany
2000 Individual exhibition Popular Bank Offenburg, Germany
2001 Individual exhibition Fairy-tale Congress, Bühl, Germany
2002 Individual exhibition Caritas Offenburg, Germany
2002 Individual exhibition Josefskrankenhaus Offenburg, Germany

                                              Offenburg, the 24th of october 2002

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