Families Save IDA Program

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					       Cribs to College Applicant Checklist

Name                                                                        Date:
                  Last                     First                     M.

        Social Security card for child

____    Photo ID or Matricula of parent or legal guardian

____    Name and address of child

____    Name and address of parent or legal guardian

____    Social Security, photo ID or matricula card for all other members of household
        (Used to validate family size per Federal Poverty Level)

        3 most current pay-stubs for all persons employed in household
        (Used to validate current year’s income and family size for federal poverty level)

        Any additional income documentation i.e. Social Security Statement,
          Pension statement, 1099 Form (Social Security and Pension Statement are
           used in calculating household income – 1099 figure needs to be verified
           on the Schedule C of the tax return and the adjusted gross income from the tax
           return is used in calculating household income for federal poverty level)

        Copy of current checking(s) / saving(s) balance statements
        (Used to validate current net worth for federal poverty level)