The Future of Energy Advice Conference Wednesday 6th February 2008 by mirit35


									       The Future of Energy Advice Conference
            Wednesday 6th February 2008

               “A Heating Engineer’s Tale”

       Managing Director - Green Heat Ltd &
President - Institute of Domestic Heating & Environmental Engineers
    Chairman - Heating Strategy Group of the Energy Efficiency
                         Partnership for Homes
      Board member of Heating & Hotwater Industry Council
                          - Environmentalist!
    Been there, done that – got the t-shirt!
                        Déjà vu
•   Energy Efficiency Advice
•   Green Home Energy Audits (before SAP)
•   Thermal imaging (all of Luton)
•   Condensing boilers
•   Advanced heating controls
•   Insulation
•   Water efficiency
    Our primary objectives and focus has been to raise
    awareness of energy efficiency, condensing
    boilers and home energy audits
         IDHE Conference 9th May 1997
      “Don’t get caught with your SAP’s down”
                The Vision for 2007!
        Where would we be in 10 years time?
•   All existing homes with a SAP of 65+?
•   All new homes with a SAP of 80+?
•   Fuel poverty eradicated?
•   No unfit dwellings?
•   No deaths through carbon monoxide poisoning?
•   Only super efficient condensing boilers available?
•   Open flue gas boilers no longer available?
•   All homes have mandatory MOT style safety and
    efficiency checks?
What the papers said?
                  The Challenge of Climate Change
                                 “Human actions primary factor
                                 in climate change”
                                 New York Times          “The Stern Review”

                                           “Rate of global warming accelerates”
                                                                     The Times
                                “Maldives paradise soon to be lost”
                                BBC News Online

                             METRO January 27, 2005

“Climate model predicts even hotter summers”
Physics Web

    “Climate change is really bugging our forests”
                                  Financial Times
   “World to warm by 8oC”                                 Severn Valley underwater
   The Guardian
                     “Polar sea ice could be gone by the end of the century”
                     The Independent

     This training course and assessment was developed
       with the support of the following organisations:

• Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes
• Energy Saving Trust
• Energy Efficiency Best Practice in Housing
• Heating and Hotwater Information Council
• Institute of Domestic Heating and Environmental
• SummitSkills
• Skills for Business
• CORGI (Council for Registered Gas Installers)
          Training and Installers
  The one day training course which is fuel neutral
• An introduction to Climate Change and the Energy White Paper and
  other legislation influencing the heating industry
• Changes to Building Regulations
• The elements of high efficiency system specification
        Hot water provision
• Commissioning & hand-over
• + VAT, SEDBUK, SAP and heat loss calculations!
    A Success Story for our Industry
      “Changing Hearts & Minds”
  + Installers now keen to learn more!
Over 62,000 installers trained and accredited in Energy

Installers now undertaking further training and accreditation on:
• Solar thermal design and installation
• Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps
• Heating design including under-floor heating
• Energy Performance Certificates
          Compliance is the key
1. Listen and respond to Customers Needs
2. Provide System Solutions – integrate
   renewables/micro-generation where possible &
3. Provide Better Advice and Options including EPC’s
   and “Article 8” Energy Efficiency Checks
4. Ensure Systems are Installed and Commissioned
5. And Fully Explained to Customer/end user
      Renewable technologies/micro-generation

TECHNOLOGY                 COST    GRANT       SAVING

Solar Thermal              £3K     £400        £60 -120 P/A

Wind/Micro Hydro           £5K/kW £1K/kW       Free Electricity

Ground source heat pumps   £6-10K £1.2K        None! 10% higher
                                               than gas cond boiler
Auto wood pellet stove     £2.5K   £600        No saving against Nat gas
                                               or oil
Wood fuelled boilers       £4.5K   £1500       Depends on source of fuel

                   HIGH CARBON SAVINGS - HARD TO SELL!
      Renewable technologies/micro-generation

TECHNOLOGY            COST        GRANT        SAVING

Photovoltaic panels   £7K/kW      £3K/kW       £50/£100 P/A

Micro CHP             £2K ?       CERT ?       <£150 (Elec)?

Fuel Cells            ???         ???          ???

        Further details:
Now much higher on the political agenda!
• Energy Review
• Climate Change Programme
• Building Regulations
• Energy White Paper
• Housing Act
• Home Information Packs
• Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
• Schemes: CERT - Warm Front – Low Carbon Buildings Programme
• Code for Sustainable Homes
• CLG led review of existing homes
• Energy End-Use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive
• Smart Meters
• Climate Change Bill & New Office of Climate Change
• The Eco-design of Energy-using Products Directive (EuP)
• Too many mixed and misleading messages
• Renewables not always a suitable option
• Missing the low hanging carbon fruit
     - 4 million very old boilers (55% efficient)
     - Millions of ineffective heating controls
     - 8 million cavity walls to fill
• HIPs and EPCs could be a solution
     - Poorly introduced and marketed adding to
       even more confusion!
Correct use of A-G Ratings?
     More confusion?

                      A sensible way forward
• 62,000 heating installers qualified in Energy Efficiency
       - At a cost of over £8million
• A growing army of Domestic Energy Assessors
       - Over 8,000 qualified, a further 8,000 training
       - At a cost of over £48million
Could we marry all these expert groups together with home owners?
 - Explain what an EPC is and how a poor one might effect the value of the home
 - Direct them to qualified DEAs to get an EPC
 - Then to make it really easy direct them to qualified and competent installers to carry
   out improvements who are registered with trusted Trade and Professional bodies.

        - Is this too logical? Can it be done?
     What is the future of Energy Advice?
 The public are confused!
 Who provides the most accurate advice and who delivers?
       The Energy Advisor, The DEA or The Installer?
 Are Advice Centres now needed?
 Would the money (£100m+) be better spent elsewhere?
  Should the focus be on EPC’s and encouraging improvements?
 Should non accredited energy calculations be permitted? Are they
  misleading? Do they comply with EPBD and European/UK
 Three Partnership Industry Groups are behind this initiative
 We need your help to support and promote this
initiative which is a free service to householders
           and at no cost to the tax payer

                      Peter Thom
             Green Heat Ltd, PO Box 2001
                 Cambridge, CB3 0SD
                   Tel: 01223 277278
                  Fax: 01223 577278

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