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									                                                   Section 1
                                                   Section 1                 General Information (To be completed by the student. Please print.)
                                                   Last Name                                                                   First                                  Middle Initial            Social Security Number             –       –

                                                   High School                                                                                               City                                       State          ZIP

                                                   Section 2
                                                   Section 2                 College Preparatory Curriculum (To be completed by the Guidance Counselor or Principal)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           it’s all uc
                                                   INSTRUCTIONS: Please use the tally form below to indicate the courses successfully completed or in progress by the student.

                                                   College Preparatory Subject Areas                        Coursework         Coursework          College Preparatory Subject Areas                               Coursework          Coursework

College Prep                                       and Typical Examples                                     Completed          In Progress         and Typical Examples                                            Completed           In Progress

                                                                                                            Enter the          If currently a                                                                      Enter the           If currently a
                                                                                                            number of units    senior, enter the                                                                   number of units     senior, enter the
For the Four-Year State-Assisted                                                                            completed as of    number of units                                                                     completed as of     number of units
Universities in Ohio                                                                                        the end of the     taken during                                                                        the end of the      taken during
University of Akron, Bowling Green State                                                                    junior or senior   the senior year.                                                                    junior or senior    the senior year.
                                                                                                            year.                                                                                                  year.
University, Central State University, University
                                                                                                            1 year = 1 unit.                                                                                       1 year = 1 unit.
of Cincinnati, Cleveland State University, Kent
State University, Miami University, Ohio State     English                                                                                         Social Studies
University, Ohio University, Shawnee State         English 9, 10, 11, 12; American                                                                 World History, American History, American
University, University of Toledo, Wright State     Literature; English I, II, III, IV; English                                                     Government, Principles of Democracy, etc.
University, Youngstown State University            Literature; etc.

                                                   Math                                      Algebra 1                                             Foreign Languages
Instructions for the Student:                                                                                                                      (Two units must be in the same language.
                                                                                             Algebra 2
Complete Section 1 and submit the                                                                                                                  High school-level foreign language counts
form to your guidance counselor                                            Analytic Geometry/Trig.
                                                                                                                                                   when taken in the eighth grade.) Spanish,
                                                                                                                                                   French, German, Russian, Latin, etc.
to complete the remaining sections.                                Math Analysis/Advanced Math
Freshman applicants: This form                                                                   Calculus
must be submitted with your                                                               Other Math

application and high school                        Science                   Earth/Physical Science                                                The Arts
transcript.                                                                                      Biology                                           Art/Studio Art, Visual Arts, Photography,
                                                                                            Chemistry                                              Cinema, Music, Dance, Theatre, Drama,
                                                                                                                                                   Oral Interpretation, etc.
Transfer applicants: This form                                                                    Physics
                                                                                       Other Science
must be submitted with your high
school transcript if a transcript                  Section 3
                                                   Section 3                 Verification of Student Data (to be completed by guidance counselor or principal)
is required for your application.                  For Ohio Counselors only. Non-Ohio Counselors, please continue.                                 To be completed by all Counselors.

                                                   This student is exempt from passing or has passed all sections of the Ohio                      ____________ / ____________ based on ___________ __________ based on ____________
                                                                                                                                                     Cumulative         Class Size              Semester(s)     Cumulative                Semester(s)
Instructions for the Counselor:                    Graduation Test and is eligible to receive a high school diploma.                                 Class Rank                                                   GPA
Complete Sections 2, 3 and 4.                                                                                                                      The GPA scale is     4.0                      other, please specify _______________________
Since this form is accepted by the                                                           Yes       No                                             This is a weighted GPA.                     This is a weighted class rank.
13 state-assisted universities in                                                                                                                     The student will have completed college credit while in high school.
Ohio, a copy may be filed for future

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           UC | college prep
use (Section 4, however, must be                                                                                                                   Previous High School(s)                                      City                       State

completed each time the form is                    Section 4
                                                   Section 4                 Official Validation of Correct Information (Guidance Counselor or Principal)
submitted). After completion,
                                                   The high school official identified below certifies that the information contained on this form is accurate and complete.
sign and return with a high school
                                                   Signature of Counselor or Principal (original signature)                    High School Telephone Number                  High School ACT/CEEB code:            Date Completed
transcript and application materials
(include a high school profile,
                                                   X                                                                           (              )                                                                               /           /
if applicable).

                                                       College Preparatory Subject Areas                                                                                                                             Note: As an accommodation for a document-
                                                       The following are brief descriptions of the                                                                                                                   ed disability, the university may be willing to
                                                       recommended areas of college preparatory                                                                                                                      accept appropriate course substitutions in lieu
                                                       course work as endorsed by the council                                                                                                                        of the required courses for admission. For
                                                       of admission officers of the state-assisted                                                                                                                    more information, you may contact the Office
                                                       universities in Ohio.                                                                                                                                         of Admissions at (513) 556-1100.
it’s all uc

                                                       College Preparatory Curriculum Common Definition
                                                       College Preparatory English                          found in the traditional sequence or the            fractional exponents, radicals, linear and quad-     writing, inquiry techniques, discussions skills,
                                                       English course work should allow the student         alternative curricula would be fully acceptable.    ratic inequalities, absolute value inequalities,     tolerance of conflicting viewpoints, notetaking,
                                                       to develop a basic command of language,              However, college-preparatory mathematics            arithmetic and geometric sequences, the bino-        and essay composition. In addition, courses
                                                       sentence, paragraph, and essay skills through        courses in “experimental,”“integrated,”“techni-     mial theorem, together with the analysis and         should also provide in-depth study, incorporate
                                                       reading and writing.                                 cal,” or “unified” curricula are not always          solution of word problems.                           significant library usage, and emphasize exten-
                                                         Any writing experience should allow for            recognized by admissions counselors. Therefore,        Fourth Year Recommendations                       sive report writing.
                                                       logical development and organization and             high schools must be willing to certify that        Some high schools also are able to offer a course
                                                       should be recursive in nature. Practice should       such courses include the necessary concepts,        in probability and statistics, or in computer pro-   Foreign Language
                                                       be stressed to achieve competency. Key writing       skills, and understandings among their educa-       gramming, or in precalculus or calculus.These        Foreign language course work should focus on
                                                       characteristics should be covered, including         tional goals. It is the responsibility of the       courses are valuable college preparatory courses     listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. A
                                                       language and diction, grammar and mechanics,         principal and/or guidance counselors of each        for students who can take them in addition to        fundamental grounding in grammar and syntax
                                                       sentence structure, paragraph structure, and         high school to confer with their mathematics        the courses described above.                         is desired. Conversational experience with a firm
                                                       writing organization.                                faculty and confirm which three-course mathe-                                                             understanding of such discourse is important.
                                                         Course work should provide students with           matics sequences meet the above criteria.           College Preparatory Science                          In addition, students should be able to express
                                                       substantial opportunity to develop strong            Alternative sequences that constitute a mini-       Science course work should stress an inquiry         their thoughts in written form in the chosen
                                                       communication skills in expository writing using     mum core of college preparatory mathematics         method of learning which will allow the student      foreign language.
UC | College Preparatory Curriculum Common Definition

                                                       Edited American English.                             should be indicated on a student’s transcripts.     to synthesize scientific ideas through problem           An acceptable alternative to foreign language
                                                         The development of reading skills is also             All college-intending students, regardless       solving. Utilization of facts is most important.     is American Sign Language.
                                                       important. Analysis of literature might encom-       of their perceived interests or prospective         Courses should strive for an analytical approach
                                                       pass thesis recognition, use of paraphrasing,        majors, should experience mathematics in their      which is objective and logical.                      The Arts
                                                       analyzing and evaluating ideas, and relating         senior year so that they may be ready for the          Course content should cover identifying and       Appropriate fine arts experiences for high
                                                       personal viewpoints through discussion. Any          competitive challenges that lie ahead. A fourth     defining scientific problems, suggesting               school students preparing for college should
                                                       study of literature would probably also involve      unit of college-preparatory mathematics is          hypotheses, interpreting data, doing quantita-       include essential content in the following:
                                                       the analysis of character, plot, image, symbolism,   recommended.                                        tive and symbolic reasoning, making compar-          (a) creating or performing works of art,
                                                       theme, point of view, and structure.                    Each institution of higher education will        isons, distinguishing facts from hypotheses and      (b) understanding the history of the arts,
                                                         In addition, students should study significant      determine appropriate procedures whereby            opinions, and applying scientific principles and      and/or (c) responding to the aesthetic
                                                       works of American and world literature, become       students admitted without the minimum core          laws. Significant student laboratory experiences      features of works of art.
                                                       proficient readers, and learn basic library           of mathematics described above can remove           should be part of each course to reinforce              All of the Ohio state-assisted institutions
                                                       research processes and strategies.                   their deficiencies. These procedures will be         concepts. Such exploratory and investigative         with an arts requirements will accept the
                                                                                                            described in the undergraduate bulletins of         activities should employ observation, measure-       following courses:
                                                       College Preparatory Mathematics                      the respective institutions.                        ment, quantification, and estimation skills.          • Visual arts, including drawing and painting,
                                                       The minimum core of mathematics, required               Algebra I Basic topics including linear             Finally, it is essential that course work allow     printmaking, sculpture and other three-dimen-
                                                       for general admission by state-assisted institu-     equations and systems of equations, integer         the student to become familiar with scientific          sional media, photography, cinema.
                                                       tions of higher education in Ohio and endorsed       exponents, polynomial products, factoring,          vocabulary through the reading of magazines          • Music, including vocal, instrumental, theory,
                                                       by the Ohio Section of the Mathematical              together with the analysis and solution of          and books in the field and through the writing          composition.
                                                       Association of America, essentially consists of      word problems.                                      of reports.                                          • Theatre and drama, including performance,
                                                       three units, based upon (a) the traditional             Geometry Basic properties of geometric fig-                                                              production.
                                                       sequence of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II,     ures in two and three dimensions, applications      College Preparatory Social Studies                   • Dance, including performance, choreography.
                                                       or (b) an alternative curriculum for college         of geometric formulas, right triangle, trigonome-   Social studies course work should enable stu-        • Multidisciplinary arts, including courses
                                                       intending students as recommended by the             try, basic postulates of Euclidean geometry,        dents to develop an idea of how their cultural         with two or more arts areas, aesthetic educa-
                                                       National Council of Teachers of Mathematics          and construction of proofs of geometric theo-       heritage evolved. It should provide a knowledge        tion, humanities, arts appreciation.
                                                       (NCTM) in its Curriculum and Evaluation              rems. Experience in visualizing and drawing in      of how they can participate in our democratic
                                                       Standards and interpreted by the Ohio                two and three dimensions is important.              process and how our democratic institutions
                                                       Department of Education in its Model                    Algebra II Extensions of Algebra I including     interact with our free enterprise system.
                                                       Competency Based Mathematics Program.                quadratic equations (and the method of com-           Such course work should facilitate the
                                                          Any combination of three units that develop       pleting the square), complex numbers, polyno-       development of problem-solving learning skills,      The University of Cincinnati is an affirmative
                                                       the same concepts, skills, and understandings        mials, rational expressions, graphs of functions,   objective analysis, historical research and          action/equal opportunity institution.


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