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					The Earlham
College Campus
1    Admissions Office
2    Stanley Hall (Natural Sciences)
3    Noyes Hall (Wildman Science Library;
     Natural Sciences)                          21   Carpenter Hall (Administration)
4    Dennis Hall (Joseph Moore Museum;          22   Lilly Library (Information Services)
     Natural Sciences)                          23   Stout Meetinghouse
5    Tyler Hall                                 24   Observatory
6    Hoerner Hall (Residence)                   25   Suzanne Hoerner Equestrian Center
7    Bundy Hall (Residence)                          and Indoor Riding Arena
8    Service Building (Maintenance)             26   Campus Village Apartments
                                                                                            39   Gurney House
9    Athletics and Wellness Center              27   President’s House
     (Trueblood Fieldhouse and Weber Pool)      28   Fry House
                                                                                            40   Teetor House                                                                               Athletic Fields
10   Kiln Building                                                                          41   Hole House
                                                29   Whittier House                                                                                                                         A   Darrell Beane Stadium/
11   Warren Hall (Residence)                                                                42   Doan House                                                             56   Penn House         M.O. Ross Field
                                                30   Kelley House
                                                                                            43   Marshall House                                                                                 (Football/Track)
12   Mills Hall (Residence)                                                                                                                                             57   Reece House
                                                31   Cutter House                                                                                                                           B   Athletic Field
13   Wilson Hall (Residence)                                                                44   Woodman House                                                          58   Wilbur House
                                                32   Joseph Moore House                                                                                                                     C   Campus Baseball Diamond
14   Barrett Hall (Residence)                        (Public Affairs Office)                45   Brown House                                                            59   Bright House
                                                                                                                                    50   Earlham School of Religion
                                                                                                 (Graduate Programs in Education)                                                           D   Comstock Field (Field Hockey)
15   The Heart                                  33   Cunningham Cultural Center                                                                                         60   Foster House
                                                                                                                                    51   Jay House
                                                                                            46   Newlin Center for Quaker Thought                                                           E   Matlack Field (Soccer)
16   Earlham Hall (Dining Hall and Residence)   34   Wildman House                                                                                                      61   Fell House
                                                                                                 and Practice (Virginia Cottage)    52   Hicks House                                        F   Challenge Education
17   Runyan Center (Student Center)             35   Hobbs House                                                                                                        62   Furnas House
                                                                                            47   Teague Library                     53   Rowntree House                                         Low Ropes Course
18   Olvey-Andis Hall (Residence)               36   Edwards House                                                                                                      63   Marmon House
                                                                                            48   Barclay Center                     54   Cadbury House                                      G   Challenge Education
19   Landrum Bolling Center                     37   Thornburg House                             (Earlham School of Religion)            (Earlham School of Religion)   64   Mott House         High Ropes Course
20   The Old Observatory                        38   Grant House                            49   Bethany Seminary                   55   Russell House                  65   Darby House    H   Tennis Courts

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