The Cuisinart Mini Prep Lets You Incorporate More Healthy

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					The Cuisinart Mini Prep Lets You Incorporate More Healthy Vegetables Into Your Diet!
With the increase in availability of green foods and increased statistics of obesity many of us are turning to fitter options for their meals. But making an
attempt to be more fit can be daunting if it means more time cooking recipes, higher grocery bills and unhappy diners.

Choosing more healthy food doesn't mean you have got to work more and spend more. With a Kenwood, like the Cuisinart Mini-Prep, you can
instantly add more healthy ingredients to your meals.

Do Food Processors actually Work? Yes. And, they aren't the great monster appliances they were forty years ago. I'm living in a tiny house where
appliances only stay if they're functional, useful and small. The Mini-Prep is great because it's just eight inches tall by 4 inches wide. That's smaller
than my toaster. And, it's a better machine than many of my appliances because it's quick, it's simple to clean and it speeds up my preparation time.

Can't I just use a Blender? Technically, yes. But, you wouldn't be able to process the foods as quickly and it would possibly be much harder to clean.
With the Mini Prep you can even grind coffee and clean it without any residue remaining. My blender couldn't do that.

How do you employ a Food Processor To Make fitter Meals? There are a wide selection of cooking books available with recipes that call for adding
purees. This is one of the most straightforward ways to start. By adding a squash puree to your spaghetti sauce ( yes, even the canned ones ), you
increase your vegetables by at least a serving without tasting it. By skyrocketing your plants, you are also increasing your fiber. Purees can be added
to a number of foods as a method to increase your daily vegetable intake without basically having to eat mounds of veggies.

Beyond adding purees, with the Mini-Prep you can make your own salsas, dips, icings and other foods with fresh natural ingredients. This lets you
evade the chemicals and additional sugars added to several fast foods to extend their shelf lives. The Cuisinart Mini-Prep is also great for slicing
onions, grating cheese or helping you quickly get your ingredients prepared for your recipes. And, with the simple clean up, you won't spend hours
washing little parts. If you have little kids just starting to eat solid foods, the Mini-Prep is a wonderful tool for making your own baby food. And, if you
make an extra crop of pureed crush or carrots, you can add it to your own meal.

The Mini-Prep is sufficiently little to slot in your kitchen and conscientious enough that you will want to use it all the time. It is made so that you can put
it in the dishwasher at night and pull it out in the morning to make your own special scrambled eggs with fresh home made salsa. Eating healthy wasn't
so much fun!

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Have fun cooking again with the Cuisinart Mini-Prep! Cut, grind and chop - the Cuisinart Mini Prep is fast, convenient and affordable!