Experience the Thrill of Outdoor Adventures in the Garhwal Himalayas by sck4784


									       Experience the Thrill of Outdoor Adventures in the Garhwal Himalayas

India has always been a perfect destination for all travel enthusiasts. It has not only managed to attract
the attention of vacationers since time immemorial, but has also been successful in adding a sense of
adventure to tourism; where the tourists can expect the unexpected. Therefore, if you are one of those
who are looking forward to adrenalin pumping adventure trip in the midst of breathtaking scenic beauty in
India there can be no comparison to the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. Amidst the grand Himalayas,
the Garhwal region, a serene paradise lies where every thrill seeker can engage in a plethora of outdoor
adventure activities like skiing, river rafting, trekking and cycling.

Nestled in the laps of the Himalayan range, the Garhwal region portrays an ideal adventure tourist spot
and a diverse milieu of flora and fauna delighting every kind of adventure seekers. There are unending
green plains, high mountain tops, white water rivers, gently flowing mountain streams, clear lakes and
beds of rich flower forests to enhance the picturesque landscape.

Due to the presence of such rich and diverse geographies, Garhwal turns out to be one of the best
adventure travel destinations of India. Though the possibilities are almost endless, nevertheless, the
following are the few outdoor activities which you should not miss at any cost:

Skiing - If you want to indulge in some glorious skiing, Auli, just 16 km from Joshimath will act as your
perfect skiing playground. It is a snow capped paradise housing an oak forest. The slopes and the
minimum wind conditions of the region provide you with the perfect opportunity for a superb skiing
experience in this pristine patch of Himalayan heaven.

White Water Rafting- Throughout the length and breadth of the Garhwal region, there are many white
water rafting routes. With rivers flowing through a mix of different colored rocky gorges, forests, flowers
and high mountain villages, and the Garhwal hills provide an ideal location for this exciting water
adventure sport. What is even better is the fact that depending on your physical fitness, water rafting
routes have been divided into 3 grades of difficulty so that experts as well as first timers can enjoy the
rafting experience with equal ease.

Trekking- Garhwal Himalayas are particularly suited for activities like trekking, mountaineering and rock
climbing. They offer breathtaking and adventurous trekking routes for all those who are fascinated by the
unexplored destinations. With trekking routes like Nanda Devi-Badrinath and Nagtibba-Kedarnath;
Garhwal is the best trekking destination of India. Also, since trekking is the best way to know more about
a country, its people, culture and traditions; many tourists can be seen leaving this place with memories
to be cherished lifelong. What’s even better is that if you plan your Himalayan trekking tour a little bit in
advance, you can even seek permission from the local government to take a ride through the reserved
forest and gamming areas like the Motichur & Rajaji National Parks.

Cycling- Though cycling around this valley region is highly strenuous, yet cycling in the Garhwal region
can give you a thoroughly rewarding experience. You will surely appreciate the awesomely beautiful
landscape and the vast flora and fauna while cycling through the region.
Your spirit of adventure will be tested to its limit while you are on a Garhwal tour. Your senses will be
blown away by the charming beauty of this place and may make you feel alive all over again!

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