BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA
                               TROOP# 444 COMMITTEE MEETING
                                         May 4, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009
Farragut Presbyterian Church, Farragut, TN

Anurag Agarwal                     Ken Embury                        Mark Misner
Tom Bosse                          Jan Farr                          David Royse
Michele Brandjes, Secretary        Robin Jenness                     Jeff Smith
Scott Buckman                      George Keough, Scoutmaster        Mike Taylor
Angel Burgess                      Paul Lear                         Evelyn Thally
Fred Carden                        Tim McCord                        Joe Wolfe, Chair

For the most current calendar of events, please visit the Troop’s website at:

Dates of interest are:

June 1    NYLT training (5 nights)
June 1    PLC / Committee Meeting
June 7    Summer Camp at Camp Buck Toms (5 nights)- Lew Stoner
June 16   No Meeting
June 23   Troop Meeting / Board of Review

July 4    March in Farragut Parade – David Royse
July 7    No Meeting
July 14   Troop Meeting
July 21   Troop Meeting
July 28   Troop Meeting / Board of Review

August 1 JLT – Agarwal
August 3 PLC/ Committee Meeting
August 15 Rafting Upper Pigeon River – Smith
August 18 Troop Meeting / Permission Form and $ Indian Boundary
August 21 Camping Indian Boundary (2 nights) – Taylor
August 25 Troop Meeting / Board of Review
Treasurer’s Report:
   Troop 444 liabilities and equity totals $13,002,13 as of May 1, 2009. Summer camp dues still in process
of being paid in full. Troop charter and registration are both paid for 2009.

Merit Badges:
  -   Buffalo (Farr) Cooking/ Paul Lear – Will follow with Swimming / Lew Stoner
  -   Phoenix (Smith) Family Life/ Evelyn Thally – Will follow with Electronics/ Buckman
  -   American Eagles (Thally)First Aid / Dr. Primka -Will follow with Citizenship of the Nation/ Tom Bosse
  -   Flaming Arrows/ Wolverines (Primka/ Buckman) Electronics –Will follow with Camping/ Ken Embury
  -   Roadrunners (Weil) Citizenship of the World / White and Richie
  -   Panthers/Moose/Vikings (Taylor/ Carden) Traffic Safety

New Business:

    1. Minutes from committee meeting at John Knox outing were submitted by Robin Jenness.
       Committee was formed to test camping stoves and inventory patrol boxes and vote on necessary
       expenditures to update equipment. New stove proved to boil 3x faster and committee approved
       needed funding to purchase additional camping stoves and update patrol box inventories.
   2. Court of Honor will be lead by Scoutmaster Keough. He will delegate to senior scout Dillon Misner
       to organize with Mr. Weil for speaker for each rank. LaQuita Misner will continue to be in charge of
       merit book sign offs.
   3. Paul Lear will reschedule troop carwash fundraiser with Gander Mountain for the 16 th of May. Evelyn
      Thally has recruited new parent, Cathy Cleveland, to help with hotdog stand if troop wants to still
      continue along with carwash. Mrs. Thally stated the stand usually nets around $200 additional
      proceeds. Committee discussed some conflicts with scouts desiring to work stand and not wash cars.
      Committee approved sales from hotdog stand with only adults working stand and leadership selecting
      individual scouts to work stand as needed or for hard work compensation.
   4. Committee reviewed transportation for OA ordeal and decided that transportation for ordeal will be up
      to individual parents as it has been in the past.
   5. Committee stated Tennessee flag currently misplaced. Mark Misner volunteered to locate flag
      and stated that it wasn’t pertinent to troop use until fall
   6. Scoutmaster, George Keough stated that there is a possibility of troop finding a good used troop
      trailer. The current trailer’s breaking system while still safe is sometimes difficult to handle. Troop will
      continue to use old safe trailer, but research other options.
   7. Mark Misner asked committee to review its refund policy for troop outings. Currently scouts loose all
      funds committed to any outing even in the case of family emergency or sickness. Discussion was
      presented with this policy being unfair to some families and yet necessary to maintain a “standard”
      of policy to protect troop funding. Ideas were reviewed and request was made to have committee
      consider policy, review some lenient amendments to help with some family emergencies, and was
      tabled by Mark Misner for next meeting.
   8. Paul Lear volunteered to lead council service project request for Smokies trail cleanup and
      maintenance if scouts want to work and can co-ordinate with his overnight backpacking trip. Council
      requested assistance from troops as a service project to celebrate Smokey Mountain Councils 100th
   9. Jan Farr asked committee policy on wearing troop’s “class B” uniform shirt. She stated scouts
      wearing B uniform shirt should always act like model scouts at all times especially when in activities
      not associated with troop. Scoutmaster, George Keough agreed and stated this will be reminded in
      an announcement in next Tuesday’s meeting.

Old Business:
   1. Chair, Joe Wolfe, announced to committee he has council approved merit badge counselor list. He
      will continue to update list as needed.
   2. Mark Misner stated he continues to get calls from scouts often for troop phone numbers. He stated
      that the web site should have hidden access phone and email list update once a quarter available for
      scouts. Anurag Agarwal stated he could have updated PDF if scouts would keep current.
   3. Chair, Joe Wolfe, stated that troop #1 in downtown Knoxville will be getting retiring camp stoves and
      utensils and pans. Paul Lear stated old pans should be cleaned during car wash intervals.
   4. Robin Jenness stated to committee scouts excitement over new stoves. She reviewed with
      committee that each patrol box is now color coded and has an inventory list that must be reviewed
      before closer at each outing with troop quartermaster. She stated that mid May was the date for the
      backordered Cuisinart pans sets ordered for patrol boxes. She also stated that new hoses were
      needed for stoves at a cost of $20 each for a total of $100. Expenditure was motioned for approval
      by Mike Taylor, 2nd by Angel Burgess and approved by committee.

Scoutmaster Report:
    Scoutmaster, George Keough, stated troop could start wearing “Class B” uniforms to meetings as long
As scouts were reminded shirts must be tucked in at all times.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Michele Brandjes, Secretary

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