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					            tourist destinations in Goa
The Goa beaches enjoy an unrivaled stature as prime tourist destinations in
Goa. So much so that the beaches in Goa have come to symbolize the tourism
potential of the state. Miles of unspoiled golden sand, swaying palm trees and
the azure waters of the Arabian sea blend to present a breathtaking spectacle
in the Goa beaches. In addition to the scenic landscape, the beaches in Goa
are also known as shopping hubs, packed as they are with souvenir shops
selling momentos and indigenous handicrafts. Moreover there are excellent
facilities for a multitude of water sports ranging from parasailing to
windsurfing. All these add to the alluring charm of the Goa beaches.
Following are some of the most popular beaches in Goa:Agonda
BeachSprawling over a stretch of three kilometers of golden sand, the
Agonda beach is a haven for the loners, the ones always carving for solitude.
Virtually deserted all the time, one can enjoy complete seclusion in the
Agonda beach.Anjuna BeachLocated 18 km from state capital Panaji, the
Anjuna beach enjoys an iconic status for its notorious trance parties and the
exotic Wednesday flea market. Throbbing with a multitude of activities, this
palm-fringed beach draws tourists and backpackers from all over the world.
Arambol BeachLocated about 50 km from Panaji, the long and lonely
ambience of the Arambol beach provides a soothing contrast to the hustle and
bustle of other Northern Goa beaches. If you are yearning for some solitude
and tranquility, the Arambol beach with its serene surroundings fits the bill
Calangute BeachCalangute is Goa's flagship beach and it plays an
irreplaceable role in the state's tourism sweepstakes. Stretching over an
expanse of seven kilometers, Calangute beach is known by the sobriquet the
'Queen of Beaches' for its pre-eminence among the scenic beaches that dot
the Goan landscape.Colva BeachIf you want to escape from the din of city
life and yearn for a tranquil vacation that would soothe your soul and mind,
then head straight for the Colva beach in Goa. Sprawling over an expanse of
20 km, Colva beach is the longest beach in Goa.Dona Paula BeachOne of the
most well-known among Goa beaches, the Dona Paula beach attracts tourists
with its scenic landscape dotted with palm trees and casuarina groves. Locals
say that the beach derives its name from Dona Paula de Menzes, who was the
daughter of a viceroy during the colonial yoke. Miramar BeachLocated 3 km
from Panaji,
 the Miramar beach is a bustling tourist hub due to its close proximity to the
town. Miramar in Portuguese translates to 'viewing the sea,' an apt sobriquet
considering the azure waters of the mighty Arabian Sea that expand into the
horizon.Palolem Beach One of the prominent beaches in the South Goa beach
circuit, the crescent-shaped Palolem beach is well-known for its sweeping
expanse of silvery sand and idyllic surroundings. The scenic beauty of the
beach fetched it an appearance in the film 'The Bourne Supremacy' (2004)
where it is shown as the Indian residence of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon).
Vagator BeachLocated 22 km from state capital Panaji, the Vagator beach is
a popular beach in Goa. The Vagator beach is part of a 30 km stretch of
beach coastline along the west coast of Goa that is home to some of the
top-notch Goan beaches such as the Calangute beach and the Anjuna
beach.Bogmalo BeachBeing situated close to the airport of Goa, Bogmalo
Beach can be easily reached from any part of the state. It lies at a distance of
approximately 8 km from Vasco-da-Gama town.
 Spread over a vast expanse of land, the beach is not much visited by tourists
and because of this, it retains much of its virgin charm. Baga BeachBaga
Beach, situated at a distance of approximately 10 km from Mapusa, is one of
the most magnificent beaches of Goa. It is considered to be just an extension
of the famous Calangute Beach, but is much less crowded than the latter.
Chapora BeachChapora Beach is counted amongst the most popular as well
as the most visited beaches of Goa. It is situated at a distance of
approximately 10 km from Mapusa. One of the major attractions of the beach
is its boat building and fishing legacy, which seems to be perfectly merged
with its booming tourism industry.Benaulim BeachAs you move 2 km further
from the Colva Beach, you will come across the magnificent Benaulim
Beach. As per Hindu mythology, it was here that the arrow of Lord
Parasurama landed on earth, when he was creating Goa. The Portuguese
corrupted the original name 'Banali', in Sanskrit, and named the beach as
Cavelossim BeachOne of the most popular beaches of Goa, the Cavelossim
Beach lies at a distance of approximately 12 km from Benaulim. Not only
does it enjoy huge popularity, it is also counted amongst the most beautiful
beaches of India.Majorda BeachThe soft sands and aquamarine waters of the
Majorda Beach lure tourists from various parts of India as well as abroad. It
lies at a distance of approximately 5 km from the Colva Beach and claims as
much popularity as the latter. Varca BeachVarca Beach of Goa is situated at a
distance of approximately 2 km to the south of the Benaulim Beach. Though
the beach is not as popular as the other commercialized beaches in the state, it
is not less than any of them in terms of beauty or magnificence. Velsao
BeachVelsao Beach of Goa is gaining more and more popularity amongst
tourists every year. The beach is situated on the southern coast of the state, at
a distance of approximately 25 km from Panjim, its capital city. Candolim
BeachCandolim Beach is situated in the northern side of Goa. It is the perfect
place for those who have come on a vacation to forget the tensions of their
life and intend to spend their time relaxing and rejuvenating

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