U1195 23rd May 2004 The U1195 was sunk on 6th April 1945 Of her by asafwewe


									U1195 23rd May 2004

The U1195 was sunk on 6th April 1945. Of her 49 Man crew only 18 Survived. She was captained by
Ernst Cordes, and was also responsible for sinking the James Egan Layne which many of us have dived
out of Plymouth. On the night the U1195 was sunk she had earlier crept into the Solent where she had
torpedoed the liner The Cuba who in sinking became the largets U Boat victim of 1945. The Cubas six
escort vessels searched the 30 metre deep water as Cordes tried to slip away. An hour after sinking the
Cuba, she was discovered by HMS Watchman. Hedgehogs (A type of depth charge) were fired and
diesel oil and bubbles were seen. A buoy was dropped, but the search for the U1195 continued as these
were thought to come from a wreck. A short while later a French ship saw men clingin to the buoy.
Eight men had escaped through the conning tower hatch, and the rest through the aft torpedo hatch.

Now she lies in approx. 30 metres, South of the Isle of Wight. She is almost blown in 2 just aft of the
Conning tower which lies to the starboard. She is quite broken and in some places well covered with
sand. . Tim and I boked this dive on Eclipse out of Selsey. The boat was leaving at 06:00 so we decided
to utilise my parents house the night before meaning we only had to get up at 04:50 !
The sea was calm and the sun was out. The boat was also full . It took about 45 minutes to get to the
site and we arrived in plenty of time to shot the wreck well before slack water. We had planned a 50
minute bottom time at 30 metres using 30% Nitrox. This gave us stops of
1 minute at 18 metres
1 minute at 15 metres
1 minute at 12 metres
1 minute at 9 metres
10 minutes at 6 metres
Then 5 minutes to the surface
Giving us a total dive time of 70 minutes. If we had done this on air then we would have had to have
done an extra 4 minutes at 9 metres and an extra 17 minutes at 6 metres which would also have
required a lot more gas.

As we were doing the longest dive by a considerable margin we went in first. The tide was still running
slightly, but we soon got to the shot and quickly descended the line. The water was clearer than the
previous weeks trip to the War Helmet, and we hit the wreck at around 26 metres. The shot had been
placed just forward of the coning tower. We swam to the bows and circumnavigated the wreck, I had
my camera so was pointing and clicking like a madman. Once we had done a complete
circumnavigation we swam across the top of it the full length and back. We had a good investigation of
the conning tower. The propellor was still in place which always makes Tim happy.
Ads the wreck is broken the inside was visible and I was amaxed at just how small it was. The
conditions for the 49 men on it must have been hellish. As it is a war grave we treated it with respect.
The ballast tanks at the bow were still in place althought much of the structure there is now missing.
As we had plenty of gas we stayed down for the full 50 minutes and then started our ascent. Tim
launched the blob. When we got to 6 metres, the dolphin came out and the time quickly passed. We
then got back on to the boat and quickly headed back to Selsey wher it was then time to go home
thoroughly satisfied with the dive we had done.
The profile we dived is below. As the water was 12c I did not get hold even though my Pee Valve
leaked (Sea Water)
I would thorougly recommend this dive to everyone as it is not too deep the vis is normally quite good
and because it is broken up it does give you the opportunity to see inside it.

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