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TSD JanFeb 65


									                        A Weekend
                        In History

                        NEARLY 300 members and               visitors’ scheme.               Above: Diver on the remains of the Elizabethan
                        non-members attended the               This year’s winner              wreck at Horsea Island; & below: David Carter
                        Nautical Archaeological              of the Adopt a Wreck        celebrates his award with Time Team’s Phil Harding
                        Society’s 2005 Annual Confer-        Scheme was David
                        ence. Due to the popularity of       Carter and the
                        last year’s conference the venue     LUNAR Society for
                        was moved to a larger audito-        their work on the
                        rium in Portsmouth’s historic        wreck of the East
                        dock. The NAS committee has          Indiaman Earl of
                        also broadened the event; this       Abergavenny, which
                        year it included a photographic      was wrecked in
                        competition, an Elizabethan          Weymouth Bay in
                        banquet, a dive on an Eliza-         1805. Work on
                        bethan wreck, a guided tour of       researching and
                        the historic dock as well as the     excavating this wreck
                        annual Adopt a Wreck award.          started in 1979, and
                           Topics covered by the 11          has resulted in the
                        speakers were diverse,               recovery of over
                        informative and represented all      50,000 items. The
                        parts of the world. Connie           award was presented
                        Kelleher reported on further         to David and some of
                        finds located by a local dive club   his team by Phil Harding from         cargo vessel, or merchantman,
                        from the wreck of the La             Channel 4’s Time Team.                found in the Thames during
                        Trinidad Valencera off the coast       The photographic competition        dredging operations.
                        of County Donegal.                   proved extremely popular, with          The recovered timbers have
                           Camels, scrub and landmines       an excellent variety of entries in    been laid in 6m of water,
                        were the major hazards               all the classes. Prizes were          complete with an anchor and
                        encountered by Lucy Blue and         supplied by Cameras Underwa-          part of her cargo of iron bars.
                        her team as she tried to locate      ter and were awarded to the           The vessel, which would have
                        ancient harbours along the           best novice, amateur and              probably been lightly armed with
                        coast of the Red Sea. The            professional photograph,              about 10 small cannon, is
                        effect of the Boxing Day tsunami     depicting underwater or               thought to have sunk around
                        on the work, buildings and           foreshore archaeology.                1574.
                        people of Sri Lanka’s newly            The conference was followed           Jen Auer of Wessex Archaeol-
                        formed Archaeological Diving         in the evening by an Eliza-           ogy, the wreck’s adoptee,
                        Unit in Galle was described by       bethan banquet held in the            provided a shore side display
                        Robert Parthesius. And closer        Mary Rose Museum. On                  and briefing prior to the dive.
                        to home the current licence          Sunday there was the chance to        The site will now be used as a
                        holder for the wreck site of the     dive in Horsea Island inland site     training area for NAS students
                        Warship Hazardous, Iain Grant,       which is now the new home of          to learn underwater survey
                        reported on the success of the       the remains of an Elizabethan         techniques.

                        Extra NAS News
                        THERE WILL be changes to             through his company which           from the Shetland Isles, South
                        NAS Scotland in the New Year.        specialises within this sector      Uist in the Hebrides, Dunoon in
                        As from April 1, 2006 Peter          commercially. Access to             the central belt and Fort William
                        Pritchard of Pritchard Diving        information on courses and          in the Highlands. Anyone
                        Services (PDS) will start as the     projects can be made through        interested in getting involved
                        NAS Scotland training coordina-      either:       with underwater or foreshore
                        tor. Peter, who has been closely     or the PDS website:                 archaeology should contact
                        linked with NAS Scotland                     Peter for further details.
                        Training over the last five years,     Venues for training over the
                        has a wealth of experience           next twelve months will vary

And The Winners Are ...                                                                                            Fish
LAST YEAR’S underwater
success in The Wildlife
Photographer of the Year
competition didn’t
continue this year, with
the overall winning
images both featuring
  Manuel Presti of Italy
won the top prize with
‘Sky Chase’, his picture of
a swirling flock of starlings
evading a peregrine
falcon; the junior title was
taken by Jesse Ritonen
aged 10 of Finland for his
image ‘Inquisitive Joy’
which depicts a jay                                                 George Duffield’s Leopard Seal Pass
perched on a snowy pine
branch.                              Natural History Museum until          competition. Entry forms will be      THE SCOTTISH EXECUTIVE
  Both of these images together      April of next year before             available in the February edition     and Crown Estate Commission
with winners from all the other      embarking on a tour across the        of BBC Wildlife Magazine, from        have given the go ahead for a
categories, including the            country.                              the Natural History Museum            fish farm in Loch Broom near the
Underwater World winner by              If you feel inspired by what       (020 7942 5015) and through           wreck of the Fairweather V
George Duffield – ‘Leopard Seal      you see then maybe you would          the web:               (pictured above). The decision
Pass’, will be on display at the     like to enter next year’s             wildphoto.                            appears to have ignored views
                                                                                                                 of the local community and
                                                                                                                 Highland Council who have both
                                                                                                                 condemned the move. Mem-
                                                                                                                 bers of Ullapool Sub Aqua Club,
                                                                                                                 who campaigned against the fish

                                              Big Cross-
                                                                                                                 farm are critical of the decision.
                                                                                                                    Highland Green MSP, Eleanor
                                                                                                                 Scott said: "Highland Council

                                           Channel Event
                                                                                                                 itself were quite clear they had a
                                                                                                                 different vision for how this bit of
                                                                                                                 water and coastline should be
                                                                                                                 used … that they didn't want this

                                            Rescheduled                                                          development to go ahead.”
                                                                                                                    Fairweather V is one of the
                                                                                                                 best known and most dived
                                                                                                                 wrecks on the north west
                                                                                                                 mainland coast. The clear
                                                                                                                 waters and relatively sheltered
                                                                                                                 location in Annat Bay make the
THE FIRST EVER cross                 postponement of this event.             The organisers urge people          wreck a magnet for all kinds of
channel scuba relay, ‘10,000mm       The team and I would like to          not to forget them and to bear in     marine life. Effluent from the
Under the Sea’ has had to be         thank everyone who has helped         mind that the daring journey will     fish farm could have a potentially
postponed due to adverse             us get to where we are - all our      go ahead next year - so plenty        disastrous environmental impact
weather conditions. But fear         sponsors, the support team, the       of time for others to get             on the wreck and surrounding
not, the epic scuba adventure        dive boats, the press and             involved!                             area.
with its drive to raise both funds   everyone else. I cannot                 If you would like to learn more        A draft consultation of the
and awareness of male cancers,       emphasise enough the amount           about the challenge and how           Atlantic Coast (Wester Ross)
has now been rescheduled to          of work and training that has got     you can be involved in 2006           Project emphasises the
take place in August 2006.           us to this point when the ONLY        please call Colin Osbourne on:        significance of the Fairweather V
  Colin Osbourne, founder of         thing that could have stopped us      020 8501 3027 or email:               and scenic diving in Annat Bay
the Orchid Cancer Appeal said:       achieving this fantastic feat did -           and the negative impact that any
  "We are all saddened at the        the weather!"                                                               aquaculture would have on the
                                                                                                                 diving there.

Seasearch                              2005 has been another busy
                                       year for Seasearch Scotland,
                                       with 226 records returned,
                                                                             thank you to all who have sent in
                                                                             Seasearch forms and organised
                                                                             trips, to Marion Perutz and Owen

Scotland                               ranging from Bass Rock to St
                                       Kilda and in particular from our
                                       target area of North East
                                                                             Paisley for co-ordinating locally
                                                                             and to Sue Mitchell for help with
                                                                             entering the data into Marine

Update                                 Scotland.
                                         The total number of records
                                       submitted since 2000 for
                                                                             for details of Seasearch events
                                       Scotland is now over 860. A big       and training in 2006.

                                                                                                                                       SCOTTISH DIVER 7

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